How to increase blog traffic 

With no traffic your blog is like an empty glass without water  

Starting a blog is easy but to get targeted traffic needs a right approach and strategies

6 Best way to get traffic on your blog 

#1 Youtube shorts 

Newest way to  reach broader audience & divert traffic on your blog posts 

One of the effective way to get organic traffic on your blog directly from google 

#2 SEO 

#3 Quora 

Easiest way to get initial  traffic on your blog by writing answers on quora and driving attention on your blog 

#4 Pinterest 

visual way to get traffic diverted on your articles, you can easily link back.

#5 Google ads 

Get fast ranking through ads by paying an little amount to google

#6 Instagram 

Best way to build loyal audience & brand

Bonus tip

First focus on any one platform to get more out of it 

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