How to rank blog post on Google

Use this method to rank your article on google 

Sylvia Tribel

Alert! If you already have written article than also apply same method 

Find long tail keyword for your article 



Atleast write 1000+ word unique article

Step 2 

TIP: Don't do keyword stuffing, instead of that use relevant keywords 

Step 3 

You can use also asked tool to find all related keywords relevant to main keyword 

TIP: Come up with 10 relevant keywords and include it in your blog post naturally

Fill in some text

This way Rank for multiple keywords

Step 4

Add main keyword in url and title on your blog post 

Step 5 

Make your title attractive 

TIP; You can use portent title generator for creating attractive title for your blog post

break your article by giving proper tags 

Step 6 

Add all related keywords in your images 

Step 7

TIP: If possible, create a video on the same topic & add to article

Yellow Browser

Step 8 

Add keyword in meta description

Step 9

Build backlinks for your blog post by analyzing your competitors site 

TIP: You can use Ubersuggest tool to analyze backlink of your competitors article

Step 10 

Have patience, As it takes some time to rank  & also keep updating your post.

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