Best tools for blogging 

Blogging involves multiple task along with writing.  

To make your work productive you need effective tool


10 best tools for blogging

If you have not yet started blogging then you  can take your first step toward blogging that is finding niche(topic) 

#1 Ahrefs keyword research tool

Accurate tool to find keywords for your blog post

#2 Canva tool

Use this tool to design and create visual images for your articles 

#3  portent tool

Create engaging title for your blog post

# 4 Google search console

Analyze and improve your article based  on suggestion using this tool

#5 Rank math Seo Plugin

Useful plugin to perform on page seo tasks for your blog posts

#6 Grammarly tool

Fill in some text

Fill in some text

Use this tool to proofread your writing 

#7  Small seo tool

Check whether  content is not plagiarized before you hit on publish

# 8 Google trends 

Find trending topics to write on using this tool

# 9 Wp rocket plugin 

Increase your website speed using this plugin 

# 10 Also asked tool

find Relevant keywords & rank for multiple keywords using this tool 

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