What is SEO??

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, it’s a way of increasing organic traffic on a website.

Is Seo worth it??

Seo is the most demanding skill of this digital era and this field has tremendous growth

How Seo works??

You type query on Google it display websites content that is relevant and has passed all Seo requirements.

Seo is for whom??

Anyone who has passion and are creative can learn Seo, there is not such restriction

Why to learn Seo??

This skill can help you to earn huge income and it has a bright future

Benefits of seo

>>You can increase your blog traffic >>You can get huge customers for your business >>You can generate a great revenue

how much time seo takes??

It can take time to see results but it is long lasting & effective

Types of Seo

>>on page Seo >>off page Seo >>Technical Seo

How to learn Seo??

You can opt for a paid course or can learn it free on YouTube

how much we can earn doing seo??

There is no limitation, it’s all depends on your effort, strategies & how you are going to charge per client.

Benefits of Seo for business

Doing Seo for businesses can help in generating huge profit.

disadvantage of Seo 

it’s a slow process and takes time to see the results


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