Hello Guys, My Name Is Jiten Patil, I Have started this blog to share my blogging knowledge with you. I am from India, in this blog, you will get to learn about blogging tips & tricks for free.

By profession, I am an engineer but blogger by heart, I love blogging & the blog is the best medium to share your expertise, knowledge & thoughts with the world.

I got to know about blogging in 2017 & from there my blogging journey started. First I created a free blog which completely failed. Then I faced a lot of ups & downs, I have developed more confidence & with time I learned lots of things & then this blog was born. My main motive to start this blog is to help you to start a profitable blog from scratch.

I like to write content & I love blogging; if you are a beginner or have already started blogging then this place is good to learn to blog, As I share actionable blogging tips & tricks that will help you to take your blog to the next level

I welcome you to my blog; I only share blogging tips & tricks that actually work.

Happy blogging…

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