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100+ Interesting Blog Topics Ideas For Students

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Starting blogging at your age can benefit you in many aspects, You can develop multiple skills & even can earn a good source of income from it but finding the relevant ideas to blog on can be frustrating.

I know as a student you need to study hard but you may be thinking of starting your own blog & the only thing that is stopping you is not getting a clear idea on which topic to start a blog, AM’I Right?? that’s why I am here to share with you 100+ unique blog topics for students that will blow your mind.

It doesn’t matter Either you are starting a blog as a student or want to write for students these ideas will definitely make your day.

Alert!! I am not saying you to get fully involved in it, As it can also affect your studies, so starting it side-by-side will make more sense, and it’s your responsibility to make an equal balance between blogging and your studies.

Now You may be thinking What should I blog about as a student?? don’t worry I have covered the ideas on which you can easily start without worrying anymore.

Just think as a student what are the problems you are facing & why not talk about the solution by creating a blog on it, which will help lots of students just like you. Am ‘I right??

As a student, there are so many topics that revolve around you such as studies, career opportunities, college life, mental health issues, personality development, entertainment, etc.

Keynote: Make sure to include proper steps, instructions, and ideas whenever you sit to write an article on any topic.

So now let’s talk about some potential ideas around which you can start your blogging journey.

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1 unique blog ideas for students
1.3 #3 Time management-
1.3.10 #13 Write what you know-

unique blog ideas for students

blog ideas for students

#1 Travelling-

Why not start a travelling blog on which you can share your own travelling experience with wonderful images and videos.

Everyone out there like to travel nearby wonderful places to fresh their mind and blogging on such a topic is not a bad idea.

The number of searches around this topic on the internet is huge and hence this is a topic that can’t be neglected.

You can also explain the history of various places on your blog to attract huge visitors.

blog topics for students

Here are 5 blog topics ideas for students on traveling which you can write on

  • Best places to visit in India
  • how to travel on a low budget
  • Best places near me
  • Best garden near me
  • Best theater near me
  • How to backpack for travel
  • Adventure Park near me

Example of a travelling blog:

#2 Study-related blog –


If you are intelligent in studies then you can share various studies-related hacks and materials on your blog to help students across the world.

Not every student is good at studying and that’s the reason there are lots of searches around this topic on the internet & you can fill this gap by creating a blog on it.

As there is more demand for E-learning and students nowadays like to consume online content, this can be a good opportunity that you must not miss.

You can even share your own knowledge related to a particular subject, whether it may be math, English, history, etc

below are some blog post ideas on which you can instantly start writing.

  • Concentration Tips for students
  • Student study tips
  • Effective study habits
  • Useful apps for students
  • Skills for student success

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what are blog examples?? here is an example of a study blog:

#3 Time management-

Untitled design 3

Not every student out there is good at time management, As along with studies, there are lots of burdens on students and poor time management can lead to unbalance in student life & that’s why time management is the most important skill that every student is eager to learn, starting on such a topic can help you to drive massive traffic on your blog.

You can share tips & tricks related to time management, about how students can manage their time and can become more productive and that habit can even help them in the future.

Below are 5 Blog topics for college students on which you can start writing immediately

  • What is time management?
  • Time management skills for students
  • Student’s problems and solutions
  • Time management study skills
  • Students time management during pandemic

You can also watch my video on blog ideas for students

#4 Money saving-  

Saving money and further investing it in the right place is a great skill that every student will like to learn, AM’I right?? this is a unique idea that is talked about rarely on the internet, so starting ASAP on this topic can benefit you a lot.

Want to learn how to earn from Google web stories?? then click below on the image.

You can share tips on saving money & investing them in learning some skills online so that it can help students in the future.

  • Money-saving tips for students
  • how do I stop wasting money?
  • how can I save a lot of money fast
  • how can a student save money?

#5. Online earning tips :

online earning tips blog

You may have a question which topic is best for blog? we all are living in the digital era & why not talk about online earning that can add extra money to students’ pockets.

After the pandemic, there are massive searches on how to earn money online & this is the evergreen topic that is searched every time on the internet.

There are so many platforms through which students can earn extra money, just you need to do a little research and further can start writing on it in your own voice.

  • How to earn money online
  • How to earn money online in India         
  • How to earn money online without investment
  • How to earn money online for students
  • How to earn money from Instagram

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You can also watch my web stories to learn visually, just click on the below image

#6. Cooking ideas –

start a cooking blog

The situation that every student faces in their college life is not able to get hygienic food & creating a blog on such a topic can help lots of students who don’t know how to cook, AM’I Right??

Creating a blog on various recipes will not only help students but also many people all around the globe & your blog traffic will boost like a rocket.

This means you will not only target students through your content but also all foodie lovers around the world.

  • Simple cooking ideas for students
  • Cooking ideas for college students
  • How to make Maggi in 2 minute
  • Easy recipe for students
  • How to cook in less time

#7 Gardening-

Untitled design 5

Tree plantations are very necessary nowadays to prevent our earth from global warming & this topic can also be a good idea to get started on.

You can share various gardening tips & can also share environmental, and climate-related information on the same blog to target audiences globally.

  • Gardening ideas for beginners
  • How to plant a flower garden
  • How to prevent from global warming
  • Plant pot ideas
  • How to plant a seed step-by-step

#8 Music collections-

Every student likes to hear music & songs, so why not create various collections of the latest & popular songs on your blog.

Music helps to relax student minds & which helps them a lot in their college life.

  • Best music apps for students
  • Best music for studying
  • Best music for relax
  • Best music for reading and studying
  • Best music for reels.

#9 Movies review-

Life is empty without entertainment and high searches are seen on “movie reviews” on the internet and that’s why writing content on a such topic will be highly profitable as a student.

Along with studies students like to watch movies for entertainment purposes & starting a blog on movie reviews can be like icing on the cake for you.

You can make your blog more visual by adding images & videos also.

  • Latest movie review
  • Best movies for students
  • Best movies of all time
  • Best movies to watch
  • Best movies to watch on Netflix

#10 Shopping ideas-

Girls like shopping so why not start a blog related to ideas on shopping, you can also share a review of a nearby shopping center on the same blog.

  • Best shopping apps
  • Best shopping center near me
  • Shopping list ideas
  • Online shopping sites
  • How to do shopping in less cost

#11 English improving ideas-

The English language is very important nowadays & if you have a good knowledge of grammar & English then you can start a blog on it also.

You can share your own knowledge, and tips on improving English.

  • How to improve English communication skills
  • How to improve English grammar
  • Tips to improve English
  • Best apps to improve English
  • How to speak English easily step-by-step

#12  Current news-

No one likes to be outdated & that’s why current news is the best medium through which people get various updates on what is happening all over the world & as well as locally in their area.

Starting a blog on current news & events can be a profitable idea.

#13 Write what you know-

The Simplest way to start a blog is to write what you know, Yes! You can start a blog on a topic in which you have good knowledge.

You can share your own knowledge & expertise on your blog which can help lots of students to learn new things & skills.

Examples are cooking blogs, motivational blogs, personal blogs, gaming blogs, reviews blogs, informational blogs, educational blogs, history blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, travelling blogs, image blogs, fitness blogs, etc.

Want to know the best topic for affiliate marketing in 2023?? click on the below image

#14 Birthday ideas-

We all find happiness in small celebrations & there are lots of decoration ideas that you can share with different students on your blog.

Different types of decorations, lighting, cake decoration; and birthday planning are good ideas to blog on.

  • How to decorate room with simple things
  • Surprise birthday party ideas for friends
  • Birthday party ideas
  • Birthday decoration items
  • How to decoration for birthday

#15 Lifestyle tips-

How to live a life, dressing style, lifestyle all things plays a major role in everyone’s life, So starting a blog on lifestyle tips will make more sense, AM’I right??

  • Healthy life style tips for students
  • How to look handsome
  • Life style tips & tricks
  • How to improve life style
  • Simple health tips for everyday living

#16 Books review-

People are curious to know about which books to read to enhance their knowledge and improve their productivity, many people out their eagers and love to read books, Starting a blog on book review is not a bad idea, you can review numerous books based on your experience.

Below I have sorted more best blog topics for students that can help you to get your blogging journey started ASAP.

#17 Fitness-

If your body is fit then you can achieve anything in your life & students are nowadays more conscious about their health

Starting a blog on fitness can solve many students’ problems & you can even drive more traffic to your blog in less time.

  • Fitness tips for students
  • Fitness tips for weight loss
  • How to gym workout
  • Best morning exercise for students
  • Exercise tips for beginners

#18 Personal Development-

  • Personal development tips
  • Personal development course
  • Personal development importance
  • Personal development ideas
  • How to succeed in life & career

#19 Products review-  

  • Best mobile under 10000 Rs
  • Best laptop for students
  • Power bank review
  • Soldering machine price in India
  • Laptop bag under 1000 Rs 

#20 Courses review-

You can review various courses that can be helpful for students, as now all things are becoming online & teaching online is also becoming popular.

#21 Tech-

Technology is on boom!  And creating a tech blog will be the best option to go with.

Here are some ideas for a tech blog

  • How to install software
  • Tutorials & guide
  • Tech news
  • Guides on programming languages
  • Artificial intelligence

#22.  Gaming-

Students play lots of games online & sharing reviews & guides on how to play games can help various students. this is also a great Blog idea for teens.

  • Latest games for android
  • Best games for college students
  • How to play games online
  • Latest games to earn money
  • Latest games to download
#23 Stories-

Stories are a great way to motivate, and entertain people & publishing them in sequence can be like suspense.

So starting a story blog is a great idea & it is profitable.

#24 Science-

You can talk about the universe and various theories that cover processes and reasons in your blog, even in science you can go more specific, for example: covering only solar ellipse or any specific topic on your blog.

#25 Entertainment-

It’s a broad niche but making it more specific and writing on the latest entertainment news only is going to be a profitable idea in the long run.

#26 MCQ-

You can start a series of questions in any subject and adding multiple options in it can make readers curious to learn from your blog, you may have seen many blogs on internet that uses such concept and its very unique.

#27 Motivation-

Every student out there has difficult phase that may be related to studies, passion, over-thinking, depression, personal issues and that need a special attention to solve, Great way is to motivate them by producing content around it and starting on such topic can give you a high return.

#28 Social media platform-

Social media has become a part of everyone life and it is popular among youth, building blog on how to make more out of social media as a student is best idea that you must not miss.

  • benefits of social media for students
  • how to use social media
  • how to play games on social media
  • how to make money from social media
  • disadvantages of social media
#29 Weight loss tips-

No one likes to be unfit nowadays and they keep searching on how to be healthy and various tips on weight loss, find some topics around it and start writing.

#30 Awareness-
#31 Affiliate blog-
#32 Service providing blog-

If you have any kind of services then you can also start an online service providing blog.

Examples: content writing service, app development, website designing, graphic designing, paid courses, logo-making service, on-demand t-shirt printing, etc.

#33 web designing
#34 coding
#35 Art and craft
#36 whats app status messages
#37 Essay writing tips
#38 A. I Tools review
#39 cryptocurrency
#40 Interviews
#41 relational ship
#42 job updates blog
# 43 how to guides
# 44 horror stories
#45 career guide
#46 Health
#47 cricket related content
#48 graphic designing
#49 daily life tips and tricks
#50 memes ideas
#51 career guidance
#52 E-learning
#53 pet animals
#54 Festivals content ideas
#55 Friendship tips
#56 Happiness
#57 Yoga
#58 Recycling
#59 Digital India
#60 History
#61 Life after school
#62 Addiction
#63 Letter writing tips
#64 productive apps
#65 coronavirus prevention tips
#67 Solar energy
#68 pollution
#69 Economy
#70 Diet
#71 Wildlife
#72 Generation gap
#73 Farming
#74 Self-improvement tips
#75 Natural disasters
#76 Hobby
#77 Scholarship
#78 communication tips
#79 Culture
#80 Poetry
#81 Global issues
#82 Animation
#83 movies review
#84 freedom fighters
#85 Public and stage fear
#86 home automation
#87 Smartphone reviews
#88 Innovation
#89 photo editing
#90 Exam fear tips
#91 Viva preparation tips
#92 how to use PowerPoint
#93 E-wallet guides
#94 facts
#95 Autobiographies
#96 case studies
#97 Assignment tips
#98 languages learning tips
#99 reading habit
#100 smart class
#101 government schemes

How do I find blog ideas?

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the above topics then don’t worry because you can first gain knowledge by reading various articles, watching videos, reading books related to specific topics & further can share content in your own unique voice.

Now it’s time to share with you my OMTSI technique, are you ready?? Ok, let’s talk about it.

OMTSI- stands for open your mind> think> search> implement.

Just look at your surroundings what are the problems students are facing & how you can solve them by producing your own unique content in your own voice, just think about it.

What students are searching more on Google & sorting it out, Create unique content around it.

You can Make use of free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Ahref to find search volume & competition of the topic.

how can I create a blog??

After deciding your niche the next step is to build your blog & for that you can use WordPress software, you can just start with a little investment from around 2000-3000 Rs if you are really serious about blogging but if you don’t have any investment then you can go with free blogging platform.

I Don’t recommend free blogging platforms due to their lack of support & very less functionality, starting with WordPress will help you to make your personal brand and unique identity on the internet & even you can earn a good source of income for a long time without losing your mind.

here is how you can start>> how to start a blog

Final thought-

Starting a blog as a student will not only help you to share your unique voice with others but also will help lots of other students & I hope after reading this article you have got clear ideas on what you should blog about.

If you have any questions related to blog topics for students then feel free to ask me in the comment box, See you again in another blog post & don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you found it helpful.


what is blog post for students?

blog post means writing an article about a particular topic and publishing it in the form of text on own blog.

which blog topics are most popular?

health, entertainment, sports, and traveling are some popular niches

what should i blog about in 2022?

there are plenty of topics on which you can start your blog, niches like earn money online, life styles tips, affiliate marketing are hot trending.

how do i find blog topics?

there are various keywords research tools that you can use to find topics for your new article.

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