advantage & disadvantage of blogging for students

Advantages disadvantages of blogging for students

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Hey! Are you a student?? Do you blog or are thinking to start blogging; but before starting blogging you should know about some pros & cons of blogging. in this blog post, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students.

At the end of this blog post, you will get to learn.

  • Why students should do blogging??
  • Advantages of blogging for students??
  • Disadvantages of blogging for students??
  • Conclusion.

So are you ready to learn about some advantages & disadvantages of blogging.

why student should do blogging.
Why student should do blogging

Why student should do blogging.

Before there was not so much demand in blogging but with time now there are millions of blogs.

Blogging may help you to develop multiple skills & you can even become an expert in any particular field.

Blogging helps you to learn various things like writing skills, technical knowledge, online marketing.

Blogging improves your English

Blogging will develop your confidence.

You will be respected by people & blogging will build your online reputation.

Blogging will help you to learn digital marketing in a fast way

 Especially blogs help you to grow your business online through writing content and by doing content marketing online related to your business.

You can create a blog on any topic it may be a cooking blog, technical blog, product review blog, business blog, educational blog, etc.

You can also start a blog for free. if you are just starting & further if you get good results from your blog then you can also migrate your blog from free to the self-hosted platform(paid platform).

Want to start a free blog then you can read my complete guide on how to start a blog for free.

Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students

Advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students.

 As a student, it is necessary to learn some skills that may help you in the future. As there is a high demand in the field of digital marketing & blogging itself is a part of digital marketing.

Through blogging, you can improve your writing skills & can gain a lot of knowledge in a particular field.

Advantage of blogging for students

  • Through blogging you can improve your writing skills & can learn about various tools.
  • You can develop a new skills by learning Seo(search engine optimization) through blogging; as seo is necessary to rank any blog on search engine like google, yahoo etc.
  • You get to learn daily new thing through blogging & it also improves your knowledge in a particular niche(topic).
  • Blogging also improves your communication skills.
  • Through blogging you get recognize by people online; as it helps you to build online reputation.
  • Through blogging you also learn about online marketing.
  • You get to learn about social media marketing also through blogging.
  • Through blogging you can help others to solve their problems.
  • Blogging helps you to connect with different people online.
  • Through blogging you can get new opportunities in various fields online.
  • Another best thing about blogging is that you can do blogging from anywhere either you are travelling, at home or at any place just you need an laptop or pc.
  • Through blogging you get to learn about various modules of digital marketing like social media marketing, seo(search engine optimization), Sem(search engine marketing), various tools etc.
  • You can start blogging in any language it may be Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati etc.
  • Through blogging you can get some technical knowledge.
  • You can also get invited to speak if your blog become famous.
  • Through blogging you can become self independent. .
  • Through blogging you will get a chance to write guest post on others blogs
  • If you become expert in blogging then you can teach blogging to other people also.
  • You will get to learn about affiliate marketing through blogging.
  • Blogging will help you to get identity online through your content.
  • Through blogging your knowledge will increase.
  • Your blog help you to become professional writer.
  • You can start you career in blogging.
  • Blogging does not require higher education to start. Any one with a good knowledge in any particular field can start blogging.
  • Through blogging you can become a good digital marketer also.
  • You can get good followers through your blog.
  • Blogging can help you to develop multiple skills.

Disadvantages of blogging for students.

  • Students may get distract and their academic performance may down.
  • Blogging requires patience; as no blog will grow overnight. you need to keep patience and have to work consistently.
  • Blogging requires investment. Not only in terms of time but also it terms of money.
  • Concentration is required in blogging.
  • You need to regularly update blog post.
  • Good writing skills is required
  • It takes time to make money from blog.
  • Requires some online marketing skills.
  • Nowadays the competition is very high in blogging.

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Students should do blogging but at the same time, you should set a time for doing it. You should do proper time management. At the time of your studies, you should study. And start blogging as a side business & further if you get good results from your blog then you can become a full-time blogger.

I hope you have got to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students & if you think this is an informative article then please don’t forget to share it with others.

See you again in another blog post with fresh content.

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