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60+Blog niche list that will blow your mind

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Are you Facing difficulty in finding niche for blogging & are thinking on which topic should I start?? Then you are not alone, even I Have also faced the same situation when i started.

Through this article you are not only going to get 60+ blog niche list  but are also going to learn the exact process of finding a niche for blogging, so that you can start a successful blog and can make money through it.

I know as a beginner it may sound hard to find a perfect niche & even I have seen some people taking months to decide a niche, But I don’t want to let this happen with you & that’s why i decided to write article on this topic so that you can start your blogging journey hassle free in no time( ASAP)

Based on my experience I recommend you to start a blog on such a topic in which you are passionate about & on which you have a good knowledge, because if you will select a topic which you are unfamiliar & don’t have any kind of knowledge then you will get stuck & even you will end up with no results in hand. So why not to start a blog in niche which you are more familiar and a topic, in which you have a good knowledge, am ‘I right?

Consider you passion, just think what you like more & what is your interest. Just take a paper and pen and write things which you like, after that next step is to find the search volume of that topic.

Ask yourself these questions before starting a blog

Do I have enough knowledge in that niche??

Does my topic will help other??

Who are my targeted audience??

What is the search volume of the topic??

Can I write more & more on the topic which I am going to select??

How to decide a niche for your blog

If you have a good knowledge in a particular topic then the next step is to find search volume of that topic for that you can use keywords research tools. You can use ubersuggest as it is a free tool & through which you will be able to know the volume of that topic; means people are searching or not about that topic on search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc.

Along with this you have to find out competition & profitability before making a final decision on niche.

The another way is just go to  google keyword planner & search for that keywords for example my topic is blogging & I will just go to the tool & search  “blogging” then it will show me the search volume of that topic.

After that you are ready to go & just start don’t  think too much. But what if you don’t have any knowledge or very less knowledge about a particular field?? Is there any solution?? Yes! there is a solution.

below is my Hindi video that can help you to learn more in detail, must watch it.

Don’t worry even if you don’t have any knowledge in a particular topic then also you can start a blog but remember it can take more time as you need to gain lot of knowledge in that niche & have to read lots of book & articles related to that niche.

Now it’s time to share with you 60+ blog niche list which will also help you to get ideas if you are not getting any idea for your blog. I have divided this niche in some subtopics so that you will able to understand it clearly.

Note: don’t go with multiple topic in a single blog as it will not only confuse your audience but also will confuse search engine like Google.

You can go with 2 topics in a single blog but don’t go with more than 2 topics. For example: blogging+ online earning tips, this way you can also select 2 niches in a single blog. 

I hope now you know how to decide a niche for your blog.

Friends, after deciding a niche the next step is to build your blog. There are mainly two ways to start a blog first way is free & second is premium. If you are just starting a blog for hobby or you don’t have any investment to start a blog then you can create a blog for free but I don’t recommend you to start a free blog as you don’t own your blog & you don’t have control over your content. Free blog also looks unprofessional it contains a subdomain  for example:

If you are really serious about blogging and want to earn from your blog for longer time then you must buy your own domain & hosting. and further install wordpress through which you can fully customize your blog & the best thing is that you own your blog & can build  your personal brand through your own blog just like me. For example my blog is & it looks very professional isn’t it??

Below are 60+ blog niche list

blog niche list

Niche ideas for blogging, I will keep updating more niche ideas.

Education – if you have a good knowledge in an educational field then you can start an educational blog also. it may be engineering, law, maths, English & grammar, digital marketing, coding, java or in any field. Below are some sub topics that means micro niche in which you can start a blog.


  • Engineering
  • Maths
  • English learning
  • Law
  • Digital marketing
  • Coding
  • java

And along with this there are lots of educational niche in which you can start a blog.

Travelling – if you like to travel and want to share your experience with others then you can also start a travelling blog ,on which you can add various images, videos, guides etc. there are also micro topic in travelling on which you can start a blog are shown below.


  • Adventures
  • Historical places
  • Tour guide
  • Personal travelling experience
  • Packages review
  • Places review.


  • News
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Movies review
  • Industries news
  • Health
  • Music

Finance & business

  • Business tips
  • Saving money tips
  • Online earning
  • Entrepreneurship

Digital marketing

digital marketing is a broad field and you can start a blog in some sub-topics also as shown below.

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online earning tips
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing
  • Paid marketing

Product review & affiliate marketing

  • Services reviews
  • Hosting review
  • Clothes
  • Beauty
  • Plugin review
  • Theme review
  • Electronic products review
  • Mobiles review
  • Kitchen products review
  • Software reviews
  • Digital products reviews
  • Websites review
  • Apps review


  • Innovations
  • Discovery
  • Geology
  • Agriculture
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Climate

Below are More niche ideas.

  • Fashion
  • E-book or PDF blogs
  • Video blog
  • Micro niche blog
  • Tech tips
  • History
  • Full forms
  • Dictionary blog
  • Bikes review blog
  • Motivational blog
  • Business blog
  • Stories blog
  • Quotes blog
  • Astrology blog-
  • Cooking blog
  • Remedy blog
  • Biology blog
  • Personal blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Food
  • Science
  • Gaming blog- games review, latest games, tips & tricks for playing game
  • Personal development blog

So , this where the 60+ blog niche list which I have shared with you. if you have any query or question related to this post then you can ask me in comment box.

Conclusion: deciding a topic is a curtail part before starting a blog & especially it is difficult for beginners who want to start blogging. Just you need to consider your passion & knowledge while selecting a topic. I hope this article has helped you.

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