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What Is Domain And Hosting With Examples

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Want to know what exactly is domain & hosting?? Then you are at the right place. You have heard about these two words on the internet but you have ever think how exactly it works & what it is used for??

Domain and hosting are related to each other as they are used for creating a website. So friends in this blog post I will discuss in detail about what is domain and hosting with examples.

Domain and hosting are the two things that are required to create a website. In this blog post, I will also discuss how exactly a website works. So first let’s discuss what is a domain.

What is domain and hosting?

what is domain

A domain is a website address, whenever someone types this website address on Google they reach that website. You can say it’s just like your home address. A domain is an online identity for recognizing your business or your content.

When you go to the internet and search for any information you will see different websites and every website name is different, it is because you can reach their content or business through that domain name. to understand it in a clear way let’s take an example.

Example1): just think your friends want to reach your home but he doesn’t know your home address.  Will he reach your home?? NO; because he doesn’t know his home address. In the same way, to recognize your business or content online you need a domain name so that people can reach your website or content online by typing that domain name on Google.

Example2) suppose you want to go native place & you don’t know the train name. then would you reach there?? no; In the same way if you don’t know a website address then you can’t reach out to that business or content online. If you know a website address then you can easily reach out to that business or content by just typing the domain name on google.

I know the above two examples are not so good, but I hope it had helped you to know about what domain means.

Why domain is required??

Every website has an I.P(internet protocol) address which is further translated into the domain name. wait! You may have a question that can we access a website without a domain name & the answer is yes.

but just think how can you remember that i.p address it is a string of numbers for example 1. 14. 15. 165 like this & that’s why a domain name is used so that you can remember the name of the website & can reach to that website by just typing it on google, for example, my website address is jitenbloggingtips.com & it is easy to remember any website with name isn’t it??

So a domain name is required to reach any website or blog on the internet by just entering it on Google. domain are of various types & have various extensions. Now let’s have a look at the types of domain names.

Types of domain-

Domain have various extensions like .com, .in, .co.in,  .net,   .online, .gov, .tk, .me, .org etc. some are TLD(top level domain) and most of website uses .com as it is a top level domain & is most popular extension. Various extension are used in various ways. Below are some examples.

.gov is used for government website

.in is used for a specific country like india

.online is used for network

.edu is used for educational website

Like this, there are lots of domain extensions. If you are thinking of starting a blog then I recommend you to go with the .com extension as it is the most popular extension & is used globally.

If you are thinking to register a domain name at a cheap price then you can check namecheap.com. it is the most popular domain register provider at cheap price & the best thing about namecheap is that the renewal price is not high as compared to other domain register provider in market.

So friends I hope now you know what are domain extensions & why they are used.


What is hosting

Hosting means space. Every website on the internet requires hosting where website files & data are stored & when any user request that website through a browser the content is displayed to them through hosting. Hosting means a server. To understand it in a simple way let’s take an example.

Example: everyone uses a mobile phone & in a mobile phone you have seen a storage section where your files, images, videos, etc are stored & without storage your files will not be able to display to you. The same way a website needs storage where website data & files are stored. Every website needs hosting & without hosting a website will not work live.

another example:

To understand it easily let’s take a small example: to live our life we need a house & some of us take a house for rent. This means we give money to the landlord every month. In the same way, a website requires a space where its files & data are stored, so that if any user request that website the website is shown to that user through hosting. We pay for that space to that hosting provider & in return, they give us a space to run our website online.

to run your website smoothly you need the best hosting with good customer support & 24/7 support available. if you are thinking to start your own blog then I recommend you to go with bluehost. as it is the best hosting provider and wordpress itself recommend bluehost. i have a good experience with bluehost, as their customer support is excellent & if you got stuck anywhere they are always there to help you.

if you are looking for a cheap & good Indian web hosting then you can also go with hostinger.in web hosting. it is also the best web hosting & the price is very cheap. this hosting up-time is also very good.

Hosting is the most important thing to run a website & without it, a website can’t work online.

The server is a 24 hours computer-connected internet.

Now let’s see what are different types of hosting are.

Types of hosting
types of hosting

Hosting are of different types & there are lots of popular hosting service provider online which provides you hosting(storage)  by paying some amount to them. You can buy hosting according to your requirement. Below are some types of hosting.

Shared hosting

Dedicated hosting

Managed wordpress hosting

Vps hosting

Cloud hosting

Let’s elaborate each one.

Shared hosting- as the name itself suggests this type of hosting is shared with numbers of websites. Means a lot of website is stored on a single sever & storage is shared with many websites. This type of hosting is good for beginner who doesn’t have more traffic to website & has a single website. The storage provided here is less for a single website & according to that the price is also cheap. Let’s understand it by an example.

Example: here I will take an example related to me. When I was in hostel there was a single room of 4 students means the room where shared with four students. And the rent of the room was also shared between all of us. In the same way on a single hosting server the numbers of website are shared & that’s why is price is also not high. Now lets have a look on other hosting that is dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting- such type of hosting does not shared with number of websites. It is for a single website. Means the single website data & files are stored on a single hosting sever. It is good for such type of website which has higher traffic & the best thing about dedicated hosting is that it is more secure & your website performance will be very high. The price of dedicated hosting is also very high.

Example: for example your own house & it is doesn’t shared with anyone you can fully use the house according to you. In the same way dedicated hosting works in which a single website is stored on a single server & which make a website more secure & the website performance also increases.

Managed wordpress hosting

In such type of hosting all the aspects of running a wordpress website is managed by the hosting provider. Means you don’t need to worry about security & all the technical aspects of running a website is totally managed by hosting. They also have a good customer support if you stuck anywhere. if you don’t know much about website building then this hosting is perfect for you.

Cloud hosting

Such type of hosting is advance hosting means the load is equally shared & a server is divided into virtual servers which helps to maintain a website uptime. Suppose if one server stop working then the other server start working this way the load of a website is equally distributed.

If your website traffic is high then you can go with cloud hosting.

Vps  hosting

Vps means “virtual private server” this type of hosting is similar like dedicated hosting & can also handle good amount of traffic. The benefit of vps hosting is that is price is less as compared to dedicated hosting. using such type of hosting also improve your website performance & is more secure. It offers you a virtual private machine.

How website works:

Friends I hope know you know what is domain & hosting but do you know how exactly a website works let’s see.

Whenever you enter a website name to your browser the browser connects your computer with hosting through an i.p address & that i.p address is further translated to a domain name & the content of the website is displayed to you. This way the whole process works.

If you want to know about types of websites you can also read 13 types of website

So friends I hope this blog post had helped you to know about what exactly domain & hosting mean. If you think this blog post is helpful then also share it with others.

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