MilesWeb Review How Managed VPS Hosting Benefits Your Business

MilesWeb Review: How Managed VPS Hosting Benefits Your Business?

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So, you are planning to launch an online business? What is the next step?  You need a website to make your brand visible on the internet, and to fuel your website, you need a reliable web hosting service. If you are a beginner, shared hosting is the most budget-friendly and economical hosting option to help you get started online. 

But the point is, your business starts growing over some time. So, you outgrow the shared server soon. Here you start looking for a high-performance hosting solution. As there are technological advancements, there are different types of hosting options adopted by businesses worldwide. 

Among these, one of the much-talked hosting options is, managed VPS hosting, which is a step up from shared hosting. So, try managed VPS hosting by MilesWeb and let’s dive and know what managed VPS hosting is and how it can be beneficial for growing your business. 

For those not aware of the concept of VPS hosting, it is a web hosting service wherein one physical server is split into multiple virtual private servers.

It works based on virtualization technology. With VPS hosting, you will get dedicated resources like CPU, bandwidth, and RAM for hosting your websites/applications. VPS hosting providers offer you to choose operating system as per your needs.

You can choose Liux as wll as windows OS for your website or application. Most of users can prefer Linux. But, if your website or application is based on windows operating system, then you can choose windows vps from MilesWeb. Here’s in brief about managed VPS hosting:

Managed VPS Hosting:

Choosing managed VPS hosting is highly beneficial for your business. 

A managed VPS hosting service is wherein your web hosting provider takes care of all the technical server management tasks. It includes applying security patches, day-to-day server management tasks, and installation of new software. 

For those who do not have the time or technical skills to manage the server, then managed VPS hosting solution is an ideal option for you! In short, managed VPS hosting saves your time and money both, delivering better performance.

Here are the benefits of using managed VPS hosting for your business. 

Top-5 Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting for Your Business 

Here are the benefits of managed VPS hosting for your business! 

High Speed and Performance 

The virtual private server comes with resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth. It helps to boost the performance of your websites. And, with managed VPS hosting, your web host manages your server to deliver great performance from the backend. With this, your website loads at a blazing-fast speed and delivers a smooth browsing experience to your visitors. 

Complete Root Access        

VPS hosting offers you the features of a dedicated server, but only at an affordable price. Like you get administrative access to the server. Meaning, you can customize and configure it in the way you want. You can install applications of your choice, take control of the ports and do much more. You basically have complete control over the VPS server. 

Control Panel 

In managed VPS hosting, you get a control panel to manage the basics of your web hosting account. A control panel lets to handle all the administrative tasks like creating and maintaining databases and installing software/applications. MilesWeb offers you the choice of control panels, wherein you can pick from DirectAdmin, Webuzo, cPanel WHM, Plesk, or a One-Click installer. You can make your website hosting journey with the easy-to-use control panel.

Saves Time and Money 

The biggest benefit of managed VPS hosting is that it saves time and money. Even though the cost of managed VPS server is more than a shared hosting plan, if you take a look at the overall advantages of managed VPS, then you save more. The point is, that the VPS server by your hosting provider and takes complete care of the technical aspects of managing the server, which lets you concentrate on your business. 


Security is of utmost importance for online businesses. With managed VPS hosting, service providers like MilesWeb offer security measures like SSL encryption certificates to keep your website safe and secure from threats. Plus, your data is saved on a private server keeping you away from your neighbors. With complete care of the security, you have more time to focus on your business. When you choose managed VPS hosting, one added advantage is the server monitoring by a team of experts. 

A Word About MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting Plans 

MilesWeb offers the best managed VPS hosting plans at affordable prices. For managed VPS hosting, they have 8 plans, ranging from VP1 to VP8. VP1 is the most basic plan that costs Rs.630/m and includes the resources like 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD NVMe Disc, 500 GB Bandwidth and 1 Dedicated IP. 

Now if you are getting a lot of traffic and need more server resources, you can go with the premium plan, VP8 which costs Rs. 8,160/mo on one year of subscription.

The resources included with this plan are, 16 vCPU, 32 GB RAM, 350 GB SSD NVMe Disk, 2500 GB Bandwidth, and 1 dedicated IP.

It’s easy to get started with them. All, you need to do is pick a plan that best suits your requirements from the available options and take your website to the online platform. You can refer to the below image to know more about their managed VPS hosting plans.

image 2

Wrapping Up! 

A managed VPS hosting is an ideal option for growing businesses. Knowing that a professional team manages your website and lets you focus on your business is great!  MilesWeb offers the best managed VPS hosting plans.

With this, they include technical support 24×7 to resolve any of your issues related to web hosting. Additionally, a 99.95% uptime guarantee to keep websites online round the clock. And top features like SSL certificate, SSD drives, root access, and more to help you enjoy a smooth hosting journey

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