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What Is Blogging?? What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages??

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Hey, you have heard about the word “blogging” on the internet but maybe thinking about what exactly it means & why people do Blogging?? If you have such questions in your mind & are willing to know about what is blogging?? what are its advantages and disadvantages then you have landed on the right post.

I can guarantee you that after reading this blog post you will No more search about blogging Because I am going to explain each thing in detail with examples that will make your mind clear.

Not only this I am also going to share a bonus content that will be like icing on the cake for you, So keep reading.

Before there were very fewer numbers of blogs on the internet but with time now there are millions of blogs.

number of blogs today on internet

Before All the things were offline, and work was done offline but now it is a digital era. With the change in time now there are lots of changes in the world of the internet.

People use to write books before, but now all the content is available online. Now whatever people want to learn they search online & hence with this the online opportunity has increased.

Just think if you want to learn or know about any information what you do?? You do google about it & what google shows you?? It shows you the exact information you want, it shows you content in the form of articles, videos, images, infographics, voice, etc.

You will say Jiten, this all things are right! but what is exactly blogging,?? & what are its advantages & disadvantages??

So here we go.

Before we go in more depth about blogging let’s first see a short history of blogging

history of blogging

History of blogging

  • Many experts agree that it started in 1994 when Justin hall created “blog”, at that time “blog” word was not introduced. Some People use it to create online diaries and personal pages.
  • In 1997  Jorn Barger coined the new term “weblog”
  • After that also people were not much aware of blogging. With the time in 1998, Jonathan Dube has become the first journalist & have a blog an event.
  • In 1998 a new blogging platform named open diary was also born.
  • After that in 1999, peter Merholz shortened the term weblog to “blog”  & with the time new blogging platforms like LiveJournal, blogger, Xanga, etc were developed.

Now people were more aware of blogging & many blogging platforms has developed in which there was one of the best blogging platform developed & was “WordPress” in 2003 & now it has become very popular software for blogging.  you can also read what is WordPress used for?? why is it more popular software

“Blogging helps you to develop multiple skills like Seo, technical things, writing skill, etc”

Now without wasting your precious time let’s understand what is exactly blogging??

what is blogging??what are its advantages and disadvantages?

what does blogging mean blogging is a process of creating content on regular basis; it is a Continues process of writing content & publishing it on your blog.

Just Like I am doing currently now. I am writing this article so that you get the exact information that you want, So I can say that I am doing blogging.

It is the process of writing pieces of content for your audience through which they get knowledge & information relevant to them.

Generally writing articles online on a regular interval of time is known as blogging.

Before blogging was not so popular, people use to write online journals and diaries but with time now blogging has become a great source of knowledge.

Many people nowadays start blogging for sharing their knowledge & experience in a particular field & not only this they are also able to make a good source of income from it.

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Blogging has become more popular & every single day millions of blog posts are published on the internet, there is a huge demand for blogging & many people has already become successful in this field & are earning a passive income from it. Even blogging can replace your 9-5 job.

blogging has become an online business & it is the best way to become self-independent by becoming your own boss!

I know lots of people who are blogging & earning a good source of income from it but remember that it takes time to earn from a blog, you need to keep patience & have to work consistently & it totally depends on the amount of traffic your blog is receiving.

Writing content & sharing it with others through your own blog can help people to solve the problems which they are looking for.

But the question is why people are entering in blogging field??

the most important thing in blogging is Seo & if you are not aware of what is Seo than can watch my below web story visually, just click on the image below.

Before the blogging was more popular in countries like US & Uk but with time & internet availability blogging opportunity has increased & now people have started creating their own blogs & also they are able to make income from it.

Many people nowadays are blogging & there are lots of reasons to start blogging. Below are some reasons.

  • Some people start Blogging to share their own knowledge with people
  • Some people start blogging to earn money from it
  • Some people start blogging to build their brand online
  • Some people start blogging to help others.
  • Some people start blogging to grow their business online

For businesses blog has become like blessings, You may also have noticed that every big website has a section called “blog” where they had written articles around their business & they have created articles because they know the importance of content in this digital era & their content helps people to know more about their business.

A good & well-optimized article can bring tons of traffic to that blog & big businesses are utilizing it to grow their business in a super-fast way. Even if they are getting huge numbers of leads for their business & this is the power of blogging.

It is said that content is the king! And it’s totally right, nowadays content plays a very major role in our life.

  •  Through content, we can add value to people’s life.
  • Through content, we can teach people.
  • Through content, we can share our knowledge & experience.
  • Through content, we can change people’s life.

 I hope now you know what exactly blogging means. Now let’s see some advantages & disadvantages of blogging

Every coin has its two sides, Same is with blogging, if advantages are there then disadvantages also exist and you must know about it.

Advantages of blogging     

  • Writing skill improves When you start blogging, you need to regularly write content and with time you will see an improvement in your writing style and you will automatically start producing creative content.

So this way blogging can help you to improve your writing skill.

  • Helps to learn digital skills it has been proven that the person who started blogging developed the multiple skills within them, skills like writing, technical work, e-mail marketing, Seo, social media marketing, and networking are all parts of digital marketing

That means through blogging you can learn digital marketing fast & practically.

  • You can Earn- Through blogging, you can earn a passive income, even you can make a living from blogging & this is the potential of blogging if you do it in the right way.

There are lots of people who are able to make 1000$ per month using blogging. there are various ways through which you can monetize your writing skills and can achieve great success in the blogging field.

  • Great medium: Blogging is a great medium for sharing your thoughts, knowledge & expertise with the world. if you have any kind of knowledge in any particular niche(topic) then you can create a blog and can help others.

Even if you have your business then blogging can help you to connect with your targeted audience online.

  • building brand- You can emerge as a brand through blogging, As you will write more and more that will lead to authority in your niche(Topic) and such time will come when people will start trusting your content & which will help you to build your brand online.

  • Makes your brain sharp– As blogging is a process of writing content consistently & when you will write for readers, your brain will make you think more and it will push you to produce valuable content.

This way blogging will make your brain sharper and you will think deeper.

  • blogging gives freedom- The cool thing about blogging is that you can do it from anywhere, even sitting in any corner of the world.

You will be your own boss! You can write content anytime you want, no one is going to scold you.

Just sitting at home you can earn a good source of income through blogging, you don’t need to go anywhere

Blogging not only gives freedom in terms of money but also gives freedom in your life, you can spend more time with your family, and it is not like a 9-5 job.

  • Networking: – Through blogging, you can build good networking, and you can connect with like-minded people in your niche.

Networking can help you to bring more traffic to your blog, and your content will get a boost and loves from the people.

So this is also one advantage that you can connect with same profession people and can build good networking.

Disadvantages of blogging

click on the below image & learn visually.

  • You may feel lonely sometime, As you need to seat in front of a laptop & need to write content for a longer time.
  • It takes time to get results from blogging.
  • people can leave rude comments on your blog post.
  • Blogging requires dedication and hard work
  • A creative mind is required in blogging
  • It may take time to earn money from blogging, so you need to keep patience & have to work consistently.
  • If you want to earn from your blog for a longer time then you need to create a professional blog & for that, you need to do some investment in buying hosting & a domain name. A free blog has some limitations.
  • The competition has increased in the blogging field.

If you are a student then you must read advantages and disadvantages of blogging for students

I don’t want to let you go with incomplete information that’s why I have added bonus content for you & that is related to the term blogging, you must read it.

Bonus content

what is a blog

You must have seen lots of definitions of a blog on the internet but could not have been able to understand it, come let’s see what exactly a blog means in very simple words.

What is a blog– A blog is a website on which you will find a huge amount of content in the form of articles or blog posts.

In a blog, you will find blog posts in reverse chronological order from the old post to the newest blog post (new blog post at the top). As shown below in the figure.

latest blog post at the top(blog structure)

Generally, blogs contain information in written form which is written by the owner or even multiple authors of that blog.

In simple words, a blog is an online property of its owner, who run & manage it & provides regular content in the form of articles or blog posts in a particular niche (topic) or even multi niche & which helps people to get the solution of the queries which they are searching for on the internet.

Let’s understand it by an example, Here I will take my example: I have created this blog to share my knowledge with you & currently you are reading this article, you are exactly getting the information which you want to learn & this is possible because of my blog Am ‘I right?? That means my blog is an online medium through which I share my knowledge & you can read it.

A blog is just like your personal diary in which you write content consistently & provide knowledge & information to people in a particular niche(topic).

According to me, the blog is a very good medium for sharing your expertise, knowledge & thoughts with the world.

Lots of people read blogs & it has become a great source of knowledge nowadays.

Examples of blogs

You also have seen lots of blogs on the internet in different languages. This is the amazing work of search engines, if you type content in any language Google will automatically show you content in that language & it may be articles, videos, images, etc.

you can also watch my Hindi video on ways to start a blog

You may also have a question in your mind then what is a website??  So here is a difference between blog & website

  1. A website is a web page on which you will find content in a very less amount.
  2. A website is created with the purpose of selling products, services, businesses, etc.
  3. the content is hardly changed in case of a website & it is known as a static website
  4. an example is a company website
  • On the blog, you will find a very huge amount of content
  • A blog is created with the purpose of sharing knowledge, expertise in a particular field or even multi fields, education, etc.
  • The content is regularly created & updated in the case of a blog & it is known as a dynamic website

I hope now you are clear about a blog & website.

Do you know that that are different types of blogs on the internet & the purpose of a blog may vary.

For example, Some blog’s purpose is to provide information & knowledge to the people in a particular niche (like just I am doing now, I am sharing my knowledge with you so that you can learn about what is blog, blogging & blogger)

  • Some blogs are affiliates blog which share reviews, comparisons of products & services
  • Some blogs also provide various services
  • Some are personal blogs
  • Some blogs are business blog that shares content related to their business.
  • Even some are micro-niche blog

But overall the main purpose of a blog is to provide relevant content to the audience which they are searching for.

  • Recipes blog
  • Educational blog
  • Products review blog
  • Astrology Blog
  • Gaming blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Lyrics blog
  • Fashion blog

& the list goes on.


  • Header – it has navigation which contains important pages & from there people can navigate to various pages.
  • Main content- it is the place where you will find the main content.
  • Sidebar – in the sidebar you can find various widgets like an author box, social share buttons, newsletter signup, etc.
  • Footer – you will see find this similar in all blogs. it contains important pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, contact us, etc.
blog structure
Blog structure

You can use the above info-graphic on your blog but don’t forget to give proper credit to me by adding the URL of this blog post.

  • Title: it is a very important part of a blog post, as it tells your users & search engine, what is your blog post about.
  • Paragraphs: the whole content is divided into short paragraphs so that users can understand the topic easily.
  • Images: generally images are used in a blog posts to make the content more visual.
  • Links: you can find various internal & external links in a blog post
  • Conclusion: it is the sum-up of the content in fewer words.
  • Share buttons: finally you will find share buttons after every blog post.

I hope now you know what is a blog & the purpose of a blog.

Let’s move to the next point of this article & that is “what is a blogger”

who is a blogger

who is a blogger: A person who writes content online & publishes it on their own blog is known as a blogger.

Let’s understand it with a small example: if you want to learn or know anything then what you do?? You will just search it on Google & you will get various results on Google, there you will find articles that are highly ranked on Google & do you know who has written these articles?? They are a blogger who has written that article on their blog.

You can find lots of bloggers nowadays who are writing content & publishing on their blogs.

The number of bloggers is increasing day by day & hence the competition in the blogging field has also increased.

Do you know that there are more than 600 million blogs in the world & every single day it is increasing.

Do you want to know how bloggers earn??

  • Bloggers make money through their own blog. They earn money through Google adsense which is a program by Google.
  • They earn money through affiliate marketing
  • They earn money by sponsored posts & also by selling own products on their blog.
  • Bloggers also earn money through freelancing
  • Bloggers also works in reputed companies

And along with this, there are lots of ways to earn money from blogs. That I will discuss in another blog post.

I hope now you know what is blogging, blogger & its advantages & disadvantages.

Even some people start micro niche blogs & also earn good income from it. if you want to know more about micro niche blogging then you can also read my detailed blog post on what is micro niche blog

Now you may be thinking that can I create a blog for myself?? So here is a short answer.

There are mainly two ways to get started.

  1. If you are just starting & want to start a blog for fun & experiment then you can go with free blogging platforms.

2. If you have some investment & are really serious about blogging & want to earn money from your blog for a longer time then you must create a self-hosted WordPress blog. you need to buy your own domain & hosting , further you can install free WordPress software.

if you are thinking to start a WordPress blog then it is a nice opportunity, As the black Friday web hosting deal 2022 is currently running and you can set up your blog at the cheapest price.

So we are at the end of this blog post & if you think that this blog post has added some value to your life then please show some love by sharing these articles with others & see you again in another blog post.

If you want to share your thought or have any questions related to this blog post then let me know in the comment box.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is blogging in short answer?

how to monetize your writing skill

In short, blogging means writing Pieces of content on a particular niche or even a multi-niche to give information, solve problems & queries of people & also to attract the targeted audience.

what are advantages and disadvantages of blogging?

Advantages of blogging

  • Your writing skills improve
  • You can earn money through your blog
  • You Learn multiple skills

Disadvantages of blogging

  • You may fill loneliness
  • It takes time

for more advantages & disadvantages you can read the above article

What is a blogger called??

A person who writes articles online is known as a blogger

what is the use of a blog??

A blog can help you to drive traffic & connect with your relevant audience.

Do bloggers get paid??

Bloggers earn money by monetizing their content through Google Ad-sense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

Where do I start blogging??

There are lots of blogging platforms available there & you can start with any platform. For beginners I recommend & if you have some investment then you can start a self-hosted WordPress blog.


We all are living in the digital era & you must be aware of the most booming field that is “blogging” through which many people’s life is changing, so my motive behind writing this blog post was to help you understand everything related to blogging & I hope your mind is now clear about what is blogging?? what are its advantages and disadvantages.

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