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What are two types of seo|why seo is important

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Hello friends, do you know about SEO(search engine optimization) types?? What are two types of Seo?? Why seo is so important for bloggers or content writers who writes content online.

In this blog post I will discuss about what is seo & two types of seo in details.

>What is Seo

Full form of Seo is (search engine optimization); means if you have a blog or your own website then you can optimize it for seo.

Why you should optimize your blog or website for seo(search engine optimization)?? Its simple answer is to get organic traffic to your blog for free.

To grow your blog or website you must do Seo(search engine optimization) of your blog.

Seo is a process in which you optimize your blog or website in a such a way that helps you to rank on search engine like google, yahoo etc.

Doing seo is not an easy stuff. You need to consider some factors. On page and off page seo plays a major role in ranking of your blog or website on search engine; that I will be discussing in this blog post only.

Types of seo

There are two types of seo(search engine optimization)

  1. On page seo(search engine optimization)
  2. Off page seo(search engine optimization)
how to do on page seo
on page seo

On page seo– this type of seo is very easy as you can do it by yourself; but how?? It is within your blog or website. If you are using wordpress( self-hosted) platform then there are lots of plugin which you can use like all in one seo plugin, rank math plugin, Yoast seo plugin etc.

If you are using blogger or any other platform then you need to manually do on page seo of your blog.

On page seo includes: Keywords placement, Meta tags ,Meta description, Images optimization, Proper title ,Content quality, Headings, internal links, inbound links, permalinks etc.

So lets discuss each in details.

Keywords– keywords are very important factor as it helps you to rank fast in search engine. If you are not using proper keywords in your blog then your blog will not rank on search engine. Keywords are basically as long tail & short tail keywords. Want to know different types of keywords in seo then you can also read types of keywords in seo

 If you have a new blog then you should use long tail keywords in your blog as it has low competition & you can easily rank your blog on search engine using longtails keywords. Now the question is  how you will find keywords?? You can use various tools to do keywords research for you new blog post. the free tools like ubbersuggestion chrome extension,, wordstream, answer the public, mozbar chrome extension, google search console, soolve etc. are free to use.

 If you have some investment then you can also go for paid amazing keywords research tools like ahref, semrush etc.

How you will use keywords in your blog?? lets understand it by an example: if you are thinking to write new blog post for example “how to find keywords” this is your main keyword or a seed keyword then you need to use this keywords several times in your blog post; suppose your blog post is of 1000 words then you need to repeat the keywords in entire blog post 10 times that is 1%. You can use your keywords in heading & title also.

 To properly use keywords you can use similar types of keywords also that you can find form . you can also include related keywords for ex: the related keywords of “how to find keywords” are keywords research tools,how to find keywords for blog, how to find keywords for seo etc.

Meta tags– meta tags help search engine to know about what exactly your page is about. You can use  Meta tags in your blog also. Plugins like all in one seo pack, yoast seo etc. can be used to add meta tags in your blog posts. You must use meta tags in your blog.

Meta description– it describes the description of you blog post or page you can easily add meta description by using plugins in wordpress. If you will not use meta tags then search engine will automatically add it to every blog post.

Image optimization– optimizing your image is a good practice as it help search engine to know about what is your image about. By compressing images it also helps to increasing your website speed. You can use various tools like, to compress your image without affecting the quality of image. Also you need to add alt text to your images which will help search engine & you can easily rank your images on search engine.

Proper title: title is most important factor as it describes about your whole content. You should also add keywords in your title to rank higher in search engine. You should create a meaningful title and attractive title which helps your audience to know about what exactly is content about. Title should not be to long.

Content quality–  the quality of your content matters a lot. If your content is poor then it will hurt your ranking in search engine. So always try to create high quality content. Create content which solve people problems & and adds values to people. good quality Content helps you to rank on search engine.

Heading– heading also plays a major role in process of Seo. Always try to add proper heading structure like h1, h2,h3,h4…

To create a good a attractive headline you can use various tools.

Internal links– internal links are use to increase audience engagement  & also it is good from seo point of view. You can easily interlink your articles in any post. you can add related blog post to your blog post.

Permalinks– you can set permalink easily if you are using platform like wordpress. There are various structure of permalinks which you can use but I recommend to use permalink as for ex: Which contains only post name and no other things but some permalink structure are different they include dates for example or some other structure url. But if you are using wordpress then you can easily change permalink structure.

Lets discuss about off-page seo also.

how to do off page seo
off page seo

Off –page seo– off page seo is different from on page seo that is out of your website. Off-page seo is also necessary to rank your blog on search engine.

Off-page seo includes: backlinks, comments on other blogs, guest post, sponsored post etc.

Lets discuss one-by-one each.

Backlinks– this are incoming links from other domain. Ex: if your website link is connected with other website then you can say that you have a backlink. What backlink does is it will pass the traffic to your blog or blog post. if you have high quality backlink then you can get good quality of traffic to your blog. backlinks are also of different types that I will be discussing in some another blog post lets move ahead and look some others factors of off-page seo

Comments on others blog post– it is good practice to comments on other blog post and leave your link in a url section of others blog. that way you can create a backlinks for your blog & can get good quality traffic to your blog.

Guest post: this method is also good to get high quality backlinks to your blog. If you see some related blog which are similar to your niche(topic) then you can ask them to let you write a guest post that is blog post on their blog &  if they allow you to write on their blog then you will get a backlink from there also.

        Along with this there are lot of ways to do off-page seo. If you want to know more about on page seo & off page seo then I will create a separate blog post for it.

Conclusion- on page & off page seo both are equally important from seo point of view & to rank higher on search engine you must focus on both.

So what is your opinion about this blog post does it helped you to know about two types of seo. If you love the blog post then also share it with your friends. Stay connected with us to learn more about blogging.

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