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Google Link Spam Algorithm Update What You Need To Do??

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As you all know that Google keeps updating its algorithm time by time & this time there is a new update that can directly affect your website & for that you must know what you need to do to prevent your website from being getting penalized by Google. So in this blog post, I am going to talk about this link spam algorithm update by Google & what action you need to take as a website owner.

What is Google link spam algorithm update

from 26 July 2021 Google has started rolling out this new algorithm update & you need to know what is this update all about??

In clear words Google is saying that if you are using affiliate links or have any guest post on your website or blog then you need to make it rel=”sponsored” , before all the website owners were using affiliate links as rel=” no follow” link & guest post as a do-follow link but with this new link spam algorithm update by google you need to make some changes & have to be very specific with the links which you are using in your website or blog.

According to Google, this update will help them to understand the proper relation between the links & along with this the quality of that links.

This update is going to fully roll out in 2 weeks starting from 26 July 2021.

Many people try to trick with the Google algorithm & Google is so smart that it captures all these things & always they keep updating the algorithm.

you can also watch my below given Hindi video on what is google link spam algorithm update & what you need to do??

Google has keep updating algorithm time by time & updates like panda update in 2011, penguin update in 2012, hummingbird update in 2013 & the list goes on.

In Google’s eyes, every attribute to links has its different importance & in these two links are more common than is do-follow & no-follow links.

The link do-follow is more important than no-follow & when web spider crawls any web page or website they give priority to do-follow link & if you have a do-follow back-link from another website then it helps you to improve your website visibility & ranking of your website on Google.

While the link with the no-follow attribute has no importance for google & it is not considered any ranking factor or signal by google.

Below are some examples of all the links how it looks with attributes

  • <a href=””></a>             do-follow attribute
  • <a href=”” rel=”no-follow”>text here</a>    no-follow attribute
  • <a href=”” rel=”sponsored”>text here</a>   sponsored attribute
  • <a href=”” rel=”UGC” >text here</a>             User Generated Content

So with this new link spam algorithm update by Google, all the affiliate’s links must be marked as sponsored instead of no-follow & guest posts must be given no-follow attributes instead of do-follow.

What you need to do to prevent your website from being getting penalized??

Now let’s see how you can make the link sponsored for all existing affiliate links & also affiliates links which you are going to add to your articles or website.

You need to make rel=”sponsored” for affiliate links

                                 rel=’’no-follow” for guest posts

                                rel=”sponsored” for sponsored posts.

If you are using WordPress then it becomes quite simple to add sponsored attribute & you can do that by simply clicking on the link & changing its attribute. Below are the easy steps you need to do to make all your affiliate’s links sponsored in WordPress.

Step1) Login to WordPress & go to the dashboard

Step2) go to all posts>click on the edit post option in the article on which you have used affiliates links & there just click on that affiliate link as shown below

go to all posts in wordpress.
click on edit post

Step3) now just enable the sponsored option & do this same process for all the affiliate’s links.

how to enable sponsored attribute in wordpress.

After all, this don’t forget to update the article.

This way you can easily give all affiliates links sponsored attribute & can prevent your website from getting penalized by Google.

If you have used lots of affiliates links in your articles then you can also use a thirstyaffiliates plugin & can automatic give all affiliates link sponsored attributes instead of going & giving all links sponsored attribute manually.

There is an option in the thirsty affiliates plugin which you can enable & all the affiliates links will automatically get sponsored attributes isn’t it cool??

Along with this Google is saying if you are accepting guest posts on your website then you need to add a no-follow attribute to guest posts.

So these were the two important changes which you need to do.

Final words: Google keeps updating its algorithm & you must do the above changes to prevent your website from being getting penalized by Google. If your website will get penalized then automatically it may impact your website & your ranking may also go down, so it is better to take the precaution earlier.

link spam algorithm update

What is your opinion about this new link spam algorithm update by Google let me know in the comment box.

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