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19+Free Seo Friendly Blogger Templates| With Amazing Features

free seo friendly blogger templates
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Hey, are you in a search of free Seo friendly blogger templates?? So that you can also make your blog look professional,then this blog post is for you. In this blog post, I will share with you a list of 20+ free templates which are not only Seo friendly but will also help you to get AdSense approval fast.

If you are using a blogger platform then there are a very limited no of themes available & also they do not look very professional themes but blogger platform also provides an option to install own theme from within its dashboard & I think it is the best option for us to add own professional theme & make our blog stand out of crowd.

The design & structure of our blog also plays an important role for both search engine & the visitors who are visiting our site, so we must always try to make it better by using Seo & user-friendly templates on our blog.

Here we are going to talk about 20+ best free Seo friendly blogger templates which you can use & can make your blog look professional.

These Templates are

  • Seo (search engine optimization) friendly
  • Easily customizable
  • Widget optimization
  • Lightweight themes
  • Easy links editing using edit HTML
  • User friendly
  • Fully responsive.
  • New templates for blogger
  • Adsense friendly templates
  • Free to download

These templates which I am going to talk about are also fully responsive & fast loading. So without wasting your valuable time let’s dive into our main topic that is the 20+ best free Seo friendly blogger templates.

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20+ best free Seo friendly blogger templates

#1 Jannify Blogger Template:

If you want to create a blog related to fashion, magazines, photography then this template is good to go with. Jannify blogger template is SEO friendly & fully responsive, it also loads very fast & has a professional look which can also help you to attract more visitors to your blog. Don’t forget to check the demo of this template by clicking the below demo link button & you can also download this template by clicking on the visit site to download button.

Features of jannify blogger template

  • Simple & professional looking
  • Seo optimized template
  • Browser compatibility
  • Fully responsive
  • Right sidebar
  • Fast loading
  • Easily customizable
  • Adsense friendly

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#2 kate blogger template

This template is simple & easily customizable. If you have a blog related to recipes, travel, tech niche then it will be more suitable for you. It is fully Seo friendly & a good template for AdSense approval also.

Features of Kate blogger template

  • Various customization options
  • Seo ready & fast loading template
  • Various columns
  • Neat & clean looking template
  • Google amp(accelerate mobile page)  ready.

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#3 affiliation blogger template

This is an amazing template with lots of features & if you are thinking to start a blog related to travel, business, app showcase, web development, agency, the charity then this template will be an exact match for your blog. I have also used this template in one of my blog & you will not believe but it is a super-fast loading & very attractive-looking template & is Seo friendly.

Features of affiliation template

  • Easy customization without any coding
  • Simple & attractive template
  • Beautiful call to action button
  • Inbuilt contact form & social sharing buttons
  • You can write & add articles.
  • Seo friendly template

#4 Tech news blogger template

This is the template that is created by soratemplates & is a very responsive theme, if you have a blog related to news, photography, tech then this template will be good to go with. it is responsive & fully user-friendly. now let’s see some features of the Tech news blogger template.


  • 100 % responsive template
  • 3 columns footer
  • 1 right bar
  • 1 side bar
  • Slide show & email subscription widget ready
  • 1 column
  • Mobile compatibility template
  • Breadcrumb navigation ready
  • Ads ready template.

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#5 Sora seo blogger template:

If you are in a search of professional & best seo friendly template so that you can make your blog attractive & user-friendly then this template is a good choice, because it has a lot of new & premium features which is required for news, tech & magazine blog. this template is an eye-catching & fully responsive theme.

seo friendly blogger template

Features of Sora seo blogger template

  • Fully responsive & beautiful template
  • Seo ready template
  • Ads ready
  • 3 column footer
  • Tons of widgets
  • Free premium features
  • Whatsapp sharing buttons
  • Breadcrumb ready
  • Page menu navigation
  • Highly optimization template

#6 Loco blogger template

If you have a blog in niches like health, travel, inspiration, lifestyle & technology then this template is the right choice for you. Loco blogger template is also best for the multi-niche blog. it has tons of widgets & a professional-looking design. It also has a slider option through which people can slide & find lots of content easily.

Features of loco blogger template

  • 100% user friendly template
  • Easy & proper navigation of menu
  • Modern social sharing buttons
  • Best theme for adsense approval
  • Neat & clean design
  • Popular tags option
  • Amazing read more buttons for every blog posts
  • Template has an option of back to top.

#7 personal Mag responsive blogger template

This template is best for those who want to build a portfolio, personal page, business, or single page call-to-action blog. It is a simple & neat design template with powerful features & let’s see what are some of the features of this eye-catching theme.


  • Social bookmark ready template
  • Ads ready template
  • New email subscription widget
  • 1 sidebar
  • Seo friendly theme
  • 5 Columns for footer
  • Breadcrumb navigation ready
  • Amazing gallery.

#8 Seo Mag blogger template

If you have a micro-niche blog or are thinking to start a micro niche blog then this template will be a perfect match for your blog, As it has a pleasing look that can help you to attract more visitors to your site. Seo Mag blogger template is 100% Seo friendly & fresh-looking.

Features of Seo mag blogger template

  • It has recent, random, popular posts option.
  • Various categories option
  • Beautiful inbuilt newsletter
  • Stylish social sharing buttons
  • Ads ready template
  • Search widget on top menu
  • Easily customizable template
  • Professional combination of color
  • Blogger layout version 3.0
  • Post thumbnails option
  • Search engine ready template

#9 finance blogger template

This template is mainly built for finance & business-related blogs & if you have such a niche then this theme will work better for your blog. This template looks very modern & attractive. It has a mega menu. Now let’s see the features of this template.

Features of finance blogger template

  • Eye-catching & pleasing design template
  • Full responsive & Seo friendly
  • It supports latest Google rich result & schema markup
  • It supports new image url markup
  • Contains Drop down menu
  • Supports Google Amp(accelerate mobile page)

#10 Recipes Blogger templates

This template will be an exact match for people who have a cooking blog, it is built up by considering the content in mind & have lots of amazing features which can make your blog looks out of the crowd.

Features of this theme

  • Seo friendly template
  • Easily & fully customizable
  • 3 column footer
  • Social bookmark ready
  • Ads ready template

#11 Metronic Blogger template

You can use this template if your blog niche is on technology & it has lots of features that can add icing on the cake. This template can help you to build a professional tech blog & it contains tons of widgets that you can use and make your blog attractive in minutes. You can also see the demo & can download the template by visiting the site & the link is given below.


  • Free premium features
  • Popular post widget
  • Simple & professional looking background
  • Stylish social media share icons
  • Fast loading template
  • Google Amp (accelerate mobile page) ready
  • Easy customizable

#12 Gnews blogger template

Running a news & magazine blog is quite hard & you need to put a lot of content on the daily basis so for that you need a professional-looking template which shows all the latest news in an attractive way & for that you must give it a try to this template, the main benefit of this template is that it has a premium features for free & you can also download it for free & can make your blog looks more attractive in minutes.

Features of Gnews blogger template

  • Advance premium features
  • This template has mega menu
  • Stylish follow us buttons
  • Easy customization
  • Helpful for adsense approval
  • Seo friendly theme
  • 2 columns
  • 1 right side bar

#13 techwise blogger template

I found this template when I was just browsing & finding free templates, when I saw this template live preview I was shocked! Do you know why?? Because it was so an attractive template that has a premium look & that’s why I have decided to add this template to the list of these 20+ free SEO premium templates.

You must give a try to this template & if you have a blog related to tech, travel, the magazine then it will be a perfect match for your blog.

Now let’s see the features of this template

Features  of tech-wise blogger template

  • 100% responsive template
  • Modern looking follow us buttons
  • Videos adding option
  • Categories, dropdown, sub-menu already added.
  • Various news highlighting option
  • Large slider
  • Facebook page adding feature
  • Inbuilt subscribe us widget
  • Professional & adsense responsive template
  • Easy customizable  with no coding.
  • Supports google Amp(accelerate mobile page)

#14 camera blogger template

Very neat & clean designed template especially for a photography-related niche blog. this template is one of the best which you can use & can make your photography blog look more attractive than other blogs.

It is the highly optimized theme for Seo(search engine optimization) & fast loading. Now let’s see these template features.

Features of camera blogger template

  • Well designed template with colorful background
  • Seo & user friendly template
  • Inbuilt with pagination option
  • Latest stylish sharing buttons
  • Ads ready template
  • Modern large slider
  • Masonry layout
  • Page navigation menu
  • Browser compatibility

#15 Sora 24 blogger template

This template is highly suitable for blogs related to sports, technology, cooking, etc. it 100%  Seo friendly which can help you in ranking in google.

Features of sora 24 blogger template

  • It has 3 column footer
  • Email subscription widget ready
  • Whatsapp sharing button
  • Highly customizable theme
  •  mobile responsive template
  • supports google rich results & amp(accelerate mobile page)
  • best theme for adsense approval

#16 Bloggy blogger template

This template will work best for those who want to create a personal blog. it is a very simple design theme that can give a nice look to your blog. You can design your dream blog within no time using this template.

Features of Bloggy blogger template

  • Inbuilt search bar in siderbar
  • Box type stylish social sharing buttons
  • Categories & recent post widget
  • Mega menu
  • Seo optimized template
  • 3 column footer
  • Drop down menu
  • Breadcrumb navigation ready

#17 Sorasoft Blogger template

This is one of the modern professional templates with tons of ready-to-use widgets, it has lots of new features which will make your blog pleasing & will attract more visitors to your website. It will be good for those who want to showcase their apps & software. You can also write articles and can add them easily & along with this you can also use this template for movie reviews, web applications, ios apps, etc.

Features of Sorasoft blogger template

  • Includes Free premium features
  • 100% responsive & mobile friendly
  • Ads responsive template for adsense also
  • Unique functionality & new widgets
  • Seo optimized template
  • Fast loading template

#18 Shoppingtime blogger template

This template can be used for a fashion blog, if you have a blog in such a niche then you can go with this template.

Features of shopping time blogger template

  • 100% Seo optimized template
  • Fully responsive
  • Social bookmark ready
  • 2 column
  • 1 sidebar
  • 3 column footer
  • Tabbed widget ready

#19 Seoyard blogger template

If you are in a teaching profession & want to create an appealing & attractive blog then this template will be a good option to go with, you can create various tutorials & can add them easily in such type of template.

seo friendly blogger templates

Features of Seoyard blogger template

  • Seo optimized template
  • 100% responsive
  • Contains social widgets
  • Adsense ads responsive template
  • Easily customization
  • Latest widgets

#20 Nitro blogger template

This is a very simple & good-looking professional template that can take your blog to the next level, many people use this template because of its appealing look. You can also see the demo & can download this template by visiting the site & you can find there free download option.

Features of Nitro blogger template

  • Beautiful an attractive mega menu
  • Latest posts with appealing buttons
  • Fully responsive template
  • Seo friendly template
  • Categories, recent posts option
  • Best for adsense approval
  • Supports google amp(accelerate mobile page)
  • Supports google schema markup & reach results

#21 Sora Press blogger template

This unique template can make your blog look extraordinary, it has tons of new features like a sticky menu, slider, latest generation framework. Below are some features of this amazing template.

Sora press blogger template features

  • Easily customizable
  • 100% Seo friendly template
  • Fast loading & browser compatibility template
  • Best theme for adsense approval
  • Mobile responsive & supports google amp(accelerate mobile page)
  • Eye-catching professional template

#22 Omviral blogger template

This is the free premium template with lots of new features & its supports the new blogger dashboard also. if you already have a blog or are thinking to start a blog then this template will goona best for you. It has attractive look which can add a professional look to your blog.

Features of omviral blogger template

  • Very fast loading template
  • Amazing slider for blog posts
  • Newest widgets included
  • Best theme for adsense approval
  • Fully Seo ready & user friendly template
  • Easy customization
  • 100% responsive template
  • Breadcrumb navigation ready template
  • 3 columns footer
  • Google amp(accelerate mobile page) supported

So friends these were 20+ free Seo friendly blogger templates that you can use & can make your blog professional in minutes. So what are you waiting for?? Just go & give it a try to any one of the templates which suit best for your niche.

If you think that this article has helped you & can also help others then please don’t forget to share with others. See you again in another blog post with some new & fresh content.


Templates help you to add an attractive look to your website or blog & there are lots of templates available there, but you need to go with the right one which is very well optimized & which gives professional look to your blog. The template which I have talked above is a fully responsive & Seo optimized ready template; along with this by using this template will help you to get AdSense approval fast.


Q What responsive template means??

 The template which works not only well on desktop but also on mobile & other devices that are known as responsive template. This means when people open your site on mobile then it automatically becomes mobile responsive & if they visit your site on desktop then it becomes desktop responsive & that is the magic of responsive template.

Q blogger default templates are good??

Yes! You all know that the blogger platform is free & they also have some templates which you can use but they are not so professional & that’s why you can also install free premium themes. Above in this article, I have talked about 20+ best free Seo responsive templates which you can use & can make your blog stand out of crowd.

Q Which templates are good for Adsense approval??

You can use the above templates & all of them are fully responsive, Seo friendly, and are also AdSense friendly templates.

Q What is Seo friendly template??

The template which is designed by keeping in mind about search engine & is well optimized according to the search engine then it is known as Seo(search engine optimized) friendly template.

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