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Blogger vs WordPress Which One Is Better (Pros & cons)

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Are you looking for the best site for starting your blogging journey?? Want to know the difference between blogger & WordPress site?? I will be discussing blogger vs WordPress in a simple way so that all can understand it & will be able to know the pros & cons of these two blogging platforms.

First, if you don’t know so let me tell you that these two platforms blogger & WordPress are blogging platforms where you can create your blog for free.

Here I am talking about wordpress.com where you can create your free blog also; wordpress.com also has different plans which you can later upgrade. while wordpress.org is free software that you can install free but to install these you need to buy your own hosting & domain. That is a self-hosted platform.

So we will be discussing self-hosted WordPress vs blogger

At the end of this post, you will get to learn about the below points

  • what is wordpress
  • what is blogger
  • blogger vs wordpress
  • pros & cons of blogger & wordpress
blogger vs wordpress

Blogger vs WordPress key difference

WordPress:  WordPress is based on CMS(content management system). This platform is easy to use and there is a drag & drop option that you can use to create your blog easily. many people & professionals uses WordPress to create their site. To create the site you need to buy hosting(space) & domain(web address) after buying it you can install WordPress and can start creating your blog.

Blogger- this is a platform by Google and is the most trusted platform it has more security. You can create your blog on blogger easily in minutes and you don’t require any technical knowledge to start a blog on blogger. Blogger has high security & they provide you free hosting & a free subdomain(blogspot.com) which means you can create a blog for free using blogger.com. blogger has some limitations which we will be discussing later in this post.

So I think with the above blogger overview & WordPress overview you are now able to understand these two platforms lets discuss in detail about these two platforms & let’s know the pros(advantages) & cons(disadvantages) of these blogging platforms.

free blogger platform

Blogger: as I have told you about blogger above that it is easy to use platform & anyone can create a blog for free using this platform. if you are a beginner and do not want to spend money on buying a domain and hosting and you are just starting then you can go with this free platform. Blogger also gives you a free SSL(secure socket layer) that is HTTPS .you can enable HTTPS(secure connection) for free in blogger. you can also connect your own custom domain that is .com, .in to blogger easily.

If you don’t want the blogger free subdomain(yoursite.blogspot.com) then you can buy your own domain from a domain registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc., and can connect with the blogger. After connecting the custom domain your site will be as yoursite.com or your site.in instead of yoursite.blogspot.com.

pros & cons of blogger
pros & cons of bloggers

Pros of using blogger.com

It is good for beginners & easy to use platform.

If you want to start blogging as a hobby then it is a nice platform to go with.

Doesn’t require investment to start; you can create a blog for free.

You do not need to take tension about security as it is by Google.

It offers you a free SSL(secure socket layer) for your blog.

Blogger has easy to use interface which is good for beginners.

Cons of using blogger

The major cons of a blogger are that you cannot customize your blog.

There are limited themes

A limited number of widgets & plugins.

You need to do all things manually.

No SEO plugins & widgets are available

No technical support if something goes wrong.

You don’t have full control over your content.

if you want to learn more about how to start a blog on blogger.com then you can read more

WordPress: WordPress has been used for a long time by many people as it has a very good interface and you have full control over your content. you can create a professional blog or even an online store using the WordPress platform.

WordPress is also easy to use as its have a drag & drop option which you can use and can create a professional website. you need to buy hosting & domain and further you can install WordPress. If you are thinking to do blogging for a longer time & are serious about blogging then I recommend you to start blogging with the WordPress platform.

advantages & disadvantages of wordpress blog
pros & cons of wordpress
Pros of using WordPress

Easy to start and full support

You can fully customize your blog and can give a nice look to your blog.

Large no of themes.

More no of widgets & plugins.

Seo(search engine optimization) plugins

Less manual work; most of the things work automatically by using various plugins.

Good technical support if something goes wrong.

You have full control over your content.

Cons of wordpress

To start a blog using WordPress you need an initial investment. even you can create a free blog using wordpress.com but I will not recommend it if you are really serious about blogging.

You will be responsible for insuring The safety, security & performance of your site.

You need to keep eye on updating plugins.

Using an unknown plugin can put you in trouble.

Conclusion: both the platforms are good in their place. If you are just starting & are a beginner then I recommend you to go with blogger; if you get good results & traffic with blogger then further you can also migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress(self-hosted). if you have some investment and you are really serious to do blogging for a longer time then I recommend you to create a WordPress blog.

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