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8 important advantages and disadvantages of blogging

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With many online business scattering around the web has opened an opportunity for many people out there and so far blogging has become a lucrative business among them.

Blogging, it’s not today, but been done from the Earlier time, just the mode was offline, Yup!  Anyway, you are here to know about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging?? AM’ I Right??

Blogging is all about becoming specific with the topic and writing pieces of content around that topic, but will only be going to work if you are ready to tackle the pain of writing consistently and are super serene.

what is the most difficult part of blogging??

It should be noted that it’s not a quick rich scheme; it’s a long-time game that can even become frustrating sometimes, so before you jump make sure to be aware of its consequences and benefits equally.

No need to worry this guide covers detailed pros and cons of blogging that will help you to get a better insight on it.

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Advantages and disadvantages of blogging

advantages and disadvantages of blogging
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There are numerous Advantages of pursuing blogging and some important ones are shown below

What are the advantages of blogging

#1 Makes you a pro writer-

Opting for blogging as an individual will help you to improve your writing skill, As blogging prefers to writing, and it involves creating pieces of content on a regular interval of time.

When you will begin your writing may suck, it’s normal and a single blogger out there has acknowledged such situation in initial stage, but once your hands will get on it then may experience significant changes in way of delivering content when compared with previous pieces of content.

That’s the magic of blogging consistently, your writing skill will improve at a great extent and that’s what will push you to the way of becoming a pro writer.

#2 improves your thought process-

Writing content involves good knowledge about the topic, and that may require some deep analysis and research, when you start with writing your brain becomes active and start thinking about that topic from all aspects and produces the best outcome that has been stored in it.

The more tendency about topic can covert to better results and that may lead in creation of quality content, all the process between forces you to think more and which results in enhancing your thought process.

Note: Initially it does not occur but as you start writing more and more, with time you will start observing that the thought process has been improved.

So this is one of the benefits of starting blogging.

#3 helps in Networking-

When getting started with blogging, you will come across many people in bloggingsphere, they may be the people who are intent of sharing content just like you, like-minded people, and connecting with them not only gonna give you an inner joy but more confidence to keep Going.

The finest gear about blogging is that it will help to build a community of people with the help of networking, you can interact with them and even can turn some in the list of close friends, now you will be having many good friends that can even help you throughout the journey and even you too.

Platforms that can be used for networking include Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and many more,

Building large connections online can help you to resolve many hurdles coming throughout your way.

You can even join highly significant groups mainly focused on blogging.

Bloggers desire

Bloggers passion

Blogging cosmos

Blogging qna

And many more.  

#4 Connects with readers:

A blog is mainly built with the purpose of sharing content and ideas through it So that interested people can consume it online, hence it’s a bridge that connects you with your readers online.

A well-optimized content can bring you tons of traffic in return, you can reach a broader audience in your niche, and it’s an underrated potential of blogging that can’t be neglected.

Blogging is an opportunity for people who love to write and are excited to share any kind of knowledge with the open world.

So it’s a wonderful chunk of blogging that will feel you wow!

Many businesses are even leveraging blogging to get potential customers and clients online, and this is the power of blogging.

#5 Develop multiple skills-

While you blog there are numerous skills that you will develop apart from writing, it includes SEO ( Search engine optimization), CMS (Content management system), image designing, Analytical skills, blogging tools usage, Brainstorming, marketing strategies, social media usage and many more.

Along with this, you will be able to develop a strong business mindset because blogging is no more a hobby; it’s a potential business that can give you a high ROI In return.

Many Gurus out there call it professional blogging, that’s the next level.

Also having a blog will even help you to learn digital marketing (Big umbrella) Fast and practically, you can’t even imagine that your small blog can open a door of multiple opportunities in front of you.

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#6 can land you a job –

Your blog can act as a portfolio while applying for a job, majorly for digital marketing related, yes! You can showcase your entire work which can be counted as an additional activity that will stand you out of crowd from other applicants.

Apart from this, you can utilize your blog for self-practicing and applying any new concept on it.

#7 Good source of earning-

What about making money out of blogging?? It’s Possible?? Yes! Blogging can generate you a source of income and many people are able to make money blogging but that can take more time, as it requires some traffic that needs to be gain to start monetizing your blog content.

Plenty of methods can be used such as ad networks, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, Course selling, E-books, promotions, Url shortners, Offering services, etc.

This business is genuine and can even make you earn a decent income monthly but that requires patience and learning at the same time.

Many Big players have achieved splendid success after a lot of struggle and effort, so it definitely takes time to make big through blogging-

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#8 gives you freedom –

Freedom is what you can expect through blogging, No one is going to scold you and can work in your own hours, whenever and wherever you want.

You can spend quality time with your family, as you will be your own boss, hence no time Boundation.

You can make trip plans and can fully enjoy your life without anyone’s intrusion.

Blogging even gives freedom to express your own thoughts, expertise, knowledge, and any kind of information that may be relative to you.

As you know that every coin has two sides, and the same is with blogging, if there are some advantages and disadvantages also exist, so ready to hear some cons about blogging, let’s talk about it.

You may be even intersted in learn what is blogging and what are its advantages an disadvantages

what are the disadvantages of blogging

what are the disadvantages of blogging

what are the problems faced by blogger ??

#1 Takes time: 

Blogging is a long time game and it may even take a lot of time to see results in terms of earning and getting a good amount of readers on your blog.

You may have a question that how risky is blogging??

As you all know No business out there grows in one day, same is with blogging, it takes time and if you are someone who is very impatience then it is not your cup of tea.

A blog will grow gradually and it requires dedication and patience at the same time, you can’t expect instant results and that’s the reason many people quit blogging, and its the risky part.

So this is one of the cons of blogging that you must be aware of before getting started.

#2 requires investment-

Blogging not only requires investing time but also money, yes! If you want to be in the game for a long time and even want to get a good return then must invest in creating a professional blog using software like WordPress.

Even you can opt for a free blogging platform but that is not going to be more worth it! 

So this is one of the drawbacks of blogging that you need to invest some money to build a professional blog.

#3 Tough nowadays:

Every single day millions of blog posts get published on Google and the numbers are very big, I am not scaring you but that is the harsh truth.

The competition has increased, as many people are trying their hand in this field. Many niches are getting saturated but there is always room, with proper strategies and creating more quality content you can outrank your competitors.

Ensure to choose a niche of low or moderate competition, So that you can be in the game and even can beat giant competitors in your niche


#4 you may feel Isolated –

Most bloggers experience this feeling of being isolated, as the work is of such type that you need to seat in front of pc or laptop and continue writing and publishing content at regular intervals of time for your eager readers.

what are the effects of blogging??

It may feel lonely and even sometimes overwhelming, but that can be managed by becoming more social, connecting and talking with friends, spending time with family, and doing some joyful activities.

Maintaining a balance between blogging and social life is what can help you overcome such type of feelings.

#5 May face Technical glitches-

The common issue that you will face throughout blogging such as server down, site error, article indexing issues, thumbnail problems, breaking site, slow speed issues, lack of website design, etc.

Some major issues such as site hacks can even block your success.

All the above issues may occur if you are doing the below mistakes

Using bad hosting

Unfriendly blogging platform

Using null theme

Not enough security setups.

Many issues can be resolved by own and some needs experts help that you can easily get by joining various related Facebook groups online.

#6 more advices-

Be ready to get advice from people around you, mostly demoralizing, yes! They will try to pull back you by saying writing has no career and you are wasting your time, it will not work, you are doing nonsense things, blah blah blah..

Some will even understand your work; & they are the ones you should take guidance from, that will help to keep going.

Want some motivation from top bloggers then must read my article on top bloggers in India.

#7 people may rude-

Get ready to get some rude comments and responses on your blog, you will even face such a situation, and people can even hate your content.

So this is the time to respond politely and improve the area where you may lacking, don’t get hyper with someone who is doing it intentionally because some maybe even your haters, just don’t answer and move on.

So these were some pros and cons of blogging that you must take into consideration before getting started.

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Blogging can be rewarding for you in many aspects but at the same time it has some drawbacks that can’t be neglected, all you can do is that can manage it and can make an equal balance as shown above in this article.

I hope you are now aware of the pros and cons of blogging, going to get started with blogging?? What is your experience with blogging?? Let me know in the comment box.

Stay connected with us to learn practical guides on blogging, let’s meet again with some solutions to the query you may be searching for.

FAQ On advantages and disadvantages of blogging

What are the advantages of blogging?

Blogging can be rewarding in many ways

1. Enhance your writing skills
2. Helps in driving traffic
3. Develops multiple skills
4. You can make money by blogging
5. Gives you more freedom
6. helps in building networking
7. connects with readers
and many more.

What are the disadvantages of blogging?

There are some drawback of blogging that need to be aware of before getting started, As shown below.

1. It requires investment
2. It takes time
3. High competiton
4. you may feel isolated

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