how to do blogging in india and earn money

How To Do Blogging In India And Earn Money – 6 Easy Steps 

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Many people nowadays in India are eager to opt for blogging as a career and even want to convert it into a profitable business, but that needs a proper strategy and the right guidance, No worries this guide covers everything that you must know about How to do blogging in India and earn money step-by-step 

With millions of blog posts published per day gives us a prediction of how tremendous the blogging scope is in India. 

Blogging not only involves writing pieces of content around a topic but there are many activities that need to be performed at regular intervals of time.

To be very clear, blogging is not a field that will earn you instant money, it’s a long time game that requires dedication and patience at the same time, as the blog will grow gradually.

If you want to build your own online venture via blogging then starting a blog is the best option, as you will be working on your own blog rather than writing for others, your blog will help you to build a brand and even generate high revenue per month.

Many top bloggers in India Started with zero and were able to scale their own blog with their efforts and never give up mindset.

So are you excited to learn about the genuine steps?? Ok let’s get started

To help you understand the whole process I will drill down this article into 6 different Steps so that you get better output and can quickly get started without worrying anymore.

Below is what you are going to discover through this guide 

  • Deciding on a niche
  • Choosing the Right Platform
  • Setting up your blog
  • Planning content to write on 
  • Driving traffic using various strategies 
  • Monetizing wisely 
  • Conclusion- sum up

Before we Elaborate on each step, let’s first understand what exactly blogging is and why you should pursue it.

Blogging is a process of writing content online at a scheduled time related to any particular interested niche (topic).

A person who performs this activity on a regular basis is generally recognized as a blogger in this world of the internet.

What is blog example??

A blog is a type of website only but a small difference is the huge content frequency that is created and updated.

The benefits of blogging are numerous and major ones are shown below

  • Blogging enhance your writing skill 
  • You develop multiple skills (SEO, CMS, Design etc.) 
  • Good source to earn money 
  • You can become famous 
  • Thought process improves 
  • Helps in building online connections 
  • Helps in reaching broader audience in your niche 
  • Guest posts opportunity 

How do I start blogging

how to do blogging in India
             Image by stocksnap from pixabay

Step1 – Deciding on a niche

The most crucial part to begin with blogging is deciding a right and profitable niche, and it requires some detailed analysis and research because a wrong niche (topic) can even end up your journey with no results in hand.

You need to come up with a topic that not only aligns with your interest but also has enough searches and good market demand.

Niche means just a specific topic around which you will be writing content in the form of articles.

Being specific with a niche can help you to get desired results and you can focus more on creating quality content around it.

You may be having a question: Which blog is best for earning??

You can start a blog on any topic that excites you whether it be related to cooking, passion, profession, traveling, beauty, self-improvement, etc.

Some of the profitable niches are Finance, Health, Fashion, and Education.

Deciding a niche is important because it helps the audience and search engines like Google to categorize your content without any uncertainty, and that Also Assists in building authority.

Working on a particular niche makes more sense instead of covering everything on a single blog, isn’t it??

But how will you find a profitable niche that also aligns with your interest?? Here is how, You can use powerful tools like ahref, semrush, Ubersuggest to find important metrics such as profitability, Competition, trend, and Search volume.

Just head over to the tool and extract the above metrics as shown below.

For Example: “cooking”, you can enter the topics that excite you & if the competition is high then you can even opt for a micro niche that is less competitive in nature.

As you can see below in the screenshot, I have decided on a “cooking” niche but the competition was very high, that’s why I went deeper in that niche and chose “fireless cooking recipes” which is a micro topic with low competition.

ZiO0oTK6qyVJJaUTiDy8A2kexqTsxYLsOiuzFB0XbRJxXmu5GiRqP7eGAdYNVDH2jd Q tfpuU3tebHfWVJ3fK zEQeD4eJy TZkmfYJMi3LpAhXGYvFQU6rvO3sHXnw3fGiv3g8LcjopACl6T4cEmc

To find profitability (CPC) you can use the free ubersuggest tool, that’s it.

kQDb5mY xfSDQg3OvmC2iLdekq4 kqWxsvDqPgcxJIiB gEkeib0dYUMy0N WAaX9sxJuQoITRjDyMjYqiAhIS6r 6 breFp6o

Ensure to choose a low or moderate-competition topic with good profitability and enough search volume.

If your interested topic is competitive then go deeper into that topic and can choose a profitable micro niche as shown above.

Skipping this part will be a blundering mistake that can even feel you regret in the future, so make sure to stick with a niche and continue putting efforts into creating solution-oriented content.

By following this step you will be on the right path because you are not making a mistake that many make before getting started with blogging.

After finalizing on niche Next step is to choose a powerful platform to get your content published hassle-free, let’s talk about it.

How to do blogging in India

Step 2) Choosing the Right Platform

On the way, there are numerous sites to blog on but you need a compatible and trustworthy platform that fulfills your requirements.

You will need a blogging platform that will allow you to host a blog and manage all writing activities within its dashboard, you can make a choice between free and Self-hosted platform, here’s how you can get started.

How do I start a blog with no money?

Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, and Squarespace are some free platforms that allow us to host the blog for free.

Blogger: This is a Google-powered platform that provides free hosting (space) and their sub-domain ( to build a blog at free of cost.

Blogger also offers free templates and some widgets that can be used to design a beautiful blog.

With a tight security feature blogger is being used by many newbie’s to build their blog.

Starting on any of the above free platforms doesn’t require any special knowledge, It hardly takes 2-5 minutes and that is quite an easy process, just with an email id and filling up your basic details you can have a ready to use blog.

Note: Free blogging platform pulls you back in many aspects and the major drawback includes limited customization options, no support, and less control over the content.

Curious to learn the steps to start building a free blog than you can read more 

If you want to get rid of the above barriers then here comes WordPress in hand that gives you full freedom.

Another option is to start a blog using popular CMS (Content management system) software like WordPress which requires a little investment.

I am emphasizing on WordPress more due to its core functionality and flexibility; you can design your blog as you want without any restrictions.

We can easily add, remove, edit and manage all writing activity within one place & without touching any single line of code you can make significant changes in your blog.

With tons of free plugins and varieties of templates, you can build an incredible blog using WordPress.

There are many more platforms out there but they are not worth as Compared to WordPress, As they lack in providing more functions and services.

How much does it cost to start a blog in India?

To start blogging using WordPress you need to invest in buying a domain name and hosting that will bill you around 1500-5000 Rs, depending upon the type of hosting you invest in.

To make a blog live for your readers you need to purchase a space on a rent that is hosting and a custom domain name through which your site will be recognized on the internet.

Learning how to start a blog in India is easy but to scale up your blog, you will need the right approach which is talked about very rarely, don’t worry this article covers complete steps that will definitely make your day.

Step 3) Setup your blog

As Examined above; you can either set up your blog for free or can opt for a professional platform like WordPress.

Now let’s learn the process of how to build a blog using WordPress. 

Installing WordPress requires setting up a hosting account and that can be easily done by making a purchase using the popular sites shown below.

a) Bluehost- 

With amazing features, Bluehost is able to provide a wide range of user-friendly hosting plans that are reliable and trustworthy.

Bluehost has been in the game from long decades and is one of the recommended hosting by WordPress itself.

Bluehost offers varieties of hosting plans such as Shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting and many more.

Bluehost has a world-class expert support team that is able to solve any kind of issue, hence their Support is incredible.

Their hosting plans start from 169Rs/mo with a free domain for 1 year.

b) Hostinger: 

Another popular hosting is Hostinger which comes with tons of features that are required to run a successful blog, they offer the cheapest hosting plans compared to others hosting companies in India.

The hosting account comes with an H-panel that can be used to manage major activities on your blog.

Various payment of modes like Google pay, debit card, credit card, and UPI are accepted by hostinger

With multiple data centers around the globe, this hosting company is providing tremendous service.

Their hosting plans start from 139 Rs/mo with a 1-year free domain.

Learn how to buy hosting from hostinger in 2023

c) Hostpapa- 

One of the best Eco-friendly hosting companies that uses modern technology without harming the environment is Hostpapa.

With enough storage and easy-to-use tools this hosting is able to retain large customers over the globe.

They offer affordable and under-budget hosting plans that anyone can use and can make their blog live hassle-free.

They have multiple support like Live chat, phone call, and support tickets that can be used to get instant help if something goes wrong.

Hostpapa hosting plans start from 241 Rs/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are just starting then shared hosting is the plan that you should opt for.

The process to set up a hosting account is very easy, first, you need to just purchase a hosting plan, and further can install WordPress in one click within your hosting control panel.

Here we are making a hosting purchase using Bluehost which is one of the best and affordable host for beginners, just follow the below steps.

Note: With every hosting plan Bluehost offers a free domain name.

Step1) Visit Bluehost 

Step2) Choose a shared hosting plan that suits your needs.

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Step 3) to claim your free domain name search it under the “Create a new domain” option, if you already have purchased a domain name from somewhere else then can add it in the “Use a domain you own” box.

VEXlKCTnp9gBv0Eo3vmJg2uTh6mcJjxAJf4sondrFyuc aa85Za4tg8fcMh2nw0ZwvpQQtjwmgb5goNbMCpDX3h8mMYnppuUdlVNdnerrD8TaZq1qj0 MQAK6PwkqFfBm XwOtvPnm3DuadDDZ5qrfI

Step 4) Complete your payment by filling up your details. 

6atUalqPa 9QmSi JMZa1WxJVT7GiIv81mk2P4ZJliLAXVtMUDoO44omnj0NvCYqkfMaLPcjzBVcUrVFbhX2bsxBDYtPlU5fN8id 0BPg9ogi nop2EvJg i4UUyT0LV58YHsym7dWi65hA9HDOMKf8

Note: uncheck the extra packages.

tfIfdBG0pWfa5l2gHaD0jiHQbYbBI5mgP7P0 nIg9gDAtz1K4LIvxbjvnwM1E EUHEsKuG 6vrLPD7 2nsmzzJkwTn

Step 5) Next step is to create a Bluehost account and password & further some optional steps


Step 6) Next will redirect you to the bluehost account dashboard from where you can install WordPress.

fIvCvQr6GY0nHXZP9QZ1sFAJCsWgEFeKSWhBk9MLs5K6wHyiNVvbgG1NnE4P9JafxOgJKi04XK56EgHqOrzUzbP inzyAwoqa057KJgDiGqur0k3SQ1e CDj 5Djj3JDGRmuZJ4qKhpwIkMzGZDLn0

Some important setting after installing WordPress are shown below 

Go to settings>permalinks> Select “post name”, it’s an url structure that is recommendable and is good from SEO point of view, don’t forget to click on save.

BvY3MR UQDSsI b3Qs LCQV8k2ygp B9o m kpcaghIJGUXRJLEYycbYYStcJM7kG6Z52I1I1 vdJnK6NlSrOZon5HGuc36MqhTCXHKGujTpeOIHOIWu km 6jaY1Wl2C5UK0Q1sD9jmRhBpswlE8

To start writing your first piece of content click on posts>add new 

To add any function to your blog just search for a plugins>add new 

QnwmdpCHuUkz8glqnx6bzYLQpDO04EDX2wAdRNThaR61v7W423t5p7QB0bwyCjFiVQwf7AlgUeggwhKr7BI4ZlVHndF5cfyKtkTvF3VYjLVexJjMAML3cvg 5wQObQKN ZDNd2hoTHjDqjLEWuEhqfI

WordPress is easy to use once you get familiar with each section on its dashboard.

You can quickly customize your blog under the appearance section & can even apply a new theme of your choice.

Now let’s move to the important part after setting up your blog and that is planning your content.

Step 4) Planning content

After setting up a blog it’s time to start writing content that needs proper planning and execution.

The actual game starts here, after building a blog you need to concentrate on crafting in-depth pieces of content consistently without any delay.

It is better to first plan and find out some potential topics that are easy to rank on Google to get initial traction on your blog.

Long tail keywords are what you should opt for; free keyword research tools such as ahref can be used to find out some low competition topics, let’s do a small demo.

First Go to Ahref and search with a broader topic as shown below in the figure.

Q3kHHfdlx6s6 pdJZvdYb9VpE0Xjca9HtWwCY6z y7G Tp y8KvLbHxveJ4qQJfn1pVKBEVSBLQqEDoEgaEJRIAx5kA7T4L0i9BmyutK8YzgW OUzGuHK3kUSzlDYTMTDumzKMw3FEUdCmim 0jJ22c

Next tap on “Questions” to extract some low competition keywords (topics).

kj7Axm N LklNqW vFymaAoAHT0cF8Y06smP84qk MtpRDVHQpBJAjkSb9s

Make a hierarchy of at least 10-15 topics using free content calendar tools like Evernote, Trello, Google Sheets, etc.

Pre-planning content in this direction can save a lot of time and you can easily start writing smoothly without wandering off. 

Content that you write on your blog must be authentic and user-focused because that is going to give long-lasting results.

It may sound hard to write more word counts and quality content as a beginner but the only way is to get started and write regularly to make a good command over writing, with time your brain will automatically start producing quality content.

Apart from these, keep nurturing your knowledge about your niche (topic) to deliver helpful and right information with your readers. 

Step 5) Driving traffic

A blog without traffic is just like an empty glass without water.

Only writing great content is not a sign of a successful blog, the dots need to be connected, the content needs to reach potential readers and for that, you need to have a marketing plan.

The answer to How can I start my own blog in India is already now covered and the most important step immediately is to drive some traffic so that your content gets more exposure.

Here is how it can be done.

a) Social media reach- To Reach potential readers start sharing your content on social media platforms.

Facebook is the best option to get engagement quickly on your blog & is one of the fastest way to gain traffic for free.

      Start building connections with like-minded people on social media platforms by joining       various communities relevant to your niche to get your content shared with as many people as possible.


To reach a broader audience you can share articles on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Medium etc. 

Even Quora can help you to drive a huge amount of traffic, just writing a detailed answer and linking back to your article is a great way to shower free traffic to your blog.

b) SEO- Real and targeted traffic is what you can expect by doing SEO, to get direct traffic from Google you need to perform on-page and off-page SEO activity.

              While you sit for writing make sure to add your focus keywords throughout the article, you can even add some similar keywords to rank for multiple queries on Google.

Ensure to choose a long tail keyword with low competition that are easy to rank, & for that again you can use the free keyword research tool ahref.

It takes time to appear articles on Google even after doing SEO, but the results you get in return are tremendous and long lasting.

So must make a practice of writing SEO Friendly articles to get potential traffic from Google.

If you are completely a beginner to SEO and don’t want to tackle by own then you can even opt for Seo services.

If you are on wordpress then plugins like Rankmath, Yoast seo, All in one seo can help you to bring your SEO Efforts comes true.

c) Guest posting- It’s the same process, as you create an article for your blog, you just need to write on others similar blogs in your niche that accepts guest posts, the direct benefit is that you will reach broader readers and also it helps in building authority of your blog in Google eyes.

Guest posting is an off-page SEO activity that can help you to improve your blog DA (Domain authority) also.

d  Google web stories- You will not believe, you can even get massive traffic through this new feature by Google.

Creating Google web stories around your niche can boost your traffic instantly and even can make you a good income.

Based on my experience it’s one of the fastest way to drive traffic on your blog without putting much effort.

If you are using WordPress then the “Google web stories” plug-in can be used to create & directly publish attractive and engaging web stories within your Dashboard.

So you must also focus under this area to increase your following and traffic on your blog.

e) Blog commenting- Commenting on similar niche blogs is a great way to attract more visitors to your blog, write a nice and unique comment that impresses website owners.Do not add generic comments that don’t carry any value.

Keep eyes on your competitor’s new content and just go out there and add a fruitful comment to grab attention.

Applying a proper commenting strategy can help you to get a good amount of traffic on your blog.

f) Create videos: Diverting traffic Through videos is not a bad idea, As people consume more visual content nowadays and videos are the best medium to build a loyal audience, and even short videos perform well, Isn’t it??

 Start creating videos relevant to your content and further mention article links in the   description to divert traffic on your content.

Simply get started with a YouTube channel and start creating videos relevant to your niche.

  Don’t rely on a single source for traffic. Instead, try exploring various ways to reach potential readers. 

Step6) Monetization

To start earning out of your blog needs to monetize wisely, there are plenty of methods that can be used..

Making money from a blog requires some good amount of traffic that needs to be gained by providing sharable content that is engaging and qualitative in nature.

Now The question triggering in your mind may be How much do blogger earn in india??

Let me tell you that Some bloggers work in a reputed company and get a monthly salary ranging from 10k-18k , while some work as freelancers and earn through clients.

Bloggers who work independently on their own blog use the below methods for monetization.

Google Adsense: It is one of the trusted and easy way to make money through blogging, but to have an approved account some criteria need to be followed as listed below.

  • Have a responsive theme
  • Create legal pages (Contact us, about us, terms and conditions, disclaimer) 
  • Don’t write illegal content 
  • Have a clear navigation 
  • Do not use copyrighted images 
  • Create quality content of at least 1000+ words 
  • Drive some traffic 
  • Insert Adsense code properly below <head> tag 

You can place ads on your blog content when you have a ready to use Adsense account, whenever visitors will click on ads that are displayed on your blog you will earn.

Affiliate marketing: It’s another popular way to earn money even with less traffic, just you need to apply for affiliate programs related to your niche and if got approved then can place affiliate links in your content and when someone will make a purchase using that link then you will earn a commission, this way the whole system works.

You may have a question about How much a beginner can earn from blogging in india?? 

As a fresher blogger salary may range between 10k-15k per month, if you are working on your own individual blog then it depends upon your efforts and the amount of traffic your blog is receiving, Also the niche Potential.

Apart from this, different methods such as Sponsored content, own courses selling, service providing, Url shorteners and many more can be used to make money blogging.


Starting your own blog can be rewarding in many aspects but remember that the process is not so easy, you need to put the effort into creating quality content regularly and have to perform the above activities to get desired results.

It may even take more time to earn money from a blog so patience and a never-give-up attitude is what you need to adapt.

I Hope now you know how to do blogging and earn money in India.

If you have any query related to this guide then drop it in the comment box,

Happy blogging!


  1. How do bloggers get paid? 

    Various monetization methods are used by bloggers to monetize their writing and some effective ways are shown below 

    1) Google Adsense 
    2) Affiliate marketing 
    3) Sponsored content 
    4) Selling own courses 

  2. What kind of blogs makes money?

    The monetization of a blog completely depends on the topic potential and the amount of traffic it receives, although there are some profitable topics that have a huge potential as shown below.

    1) Health 
    2) Finance
    3) Tech 
    4) Travel 
    5) Food 
    6) Sports  

  3. How can I start my own blog in India?

    The process involved in building a blog from scratch in India is

    shown below.

    1) Deciding on a niche 

    2) Choosing a blogging platform 

    3) Setting up a blog 

    4) Planning content 

    5) Promoting a blog 

    6) Monetization 

  4. Who is the no 1 blogger in India?? 

    With a $60,000 (Estimated) Monthly earning, Amit Agarwal is recognized as a top blogger in India, His blog labnol receives millions of traffic per month. 

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