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Top 10 bloggers in India with the highest earnings in 2023

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Curious to know about who is the top bloggers in India?? So that you can get inspired and keep going with your blog, if yes! Then you must read this article that describes the top bloggers in India with their current earnings.

Blogging is a field that is growing tremendously in India & every single day number of blogs are increasing drastically, if you are struggling or are new in this field then you must need some motivation to carry out your blogging journey & that is exactly what you are going to get from this article, so keep reading.

Every blogger out there has their own struggling phase & after lots of ups & downs they have reached the such destination, so you must also take some motivation from them to overcome your blogging fear.

You will be shock! After knowing that many people in India are still not aware of blogging and they even don’t know about the potential of this field in this digital world.

As our Indian society has a mindset of doing jobs after completing degrees, but there are some people who has stand out of crowd and has achieved great success in the blogging field in India.

Even many of us don’t know that there is also a good career in blogging & the coming future of this field is going to be very bright.

The list of top bloggers in India that I am going to share has done a great job in the blogging field & even are able to replace their 9-6 job, they are able to make a good income from blogging & some are my favorites bloggers whom I follow and I have learned a lot from their content.

You may be having a question that who is the no 1 blogger in India?? Then let me tell you that Amit Agarwal is one of the top professional blogger in India who earns $60,000 per month (Expected).

OK, so without any delay let’s talk about who is the trending bloggers in India + their Income

Top 10 bloggers in India 2023 + Their earnings

top 10 bloggers in india

1. Amit Agarwal: 

amit agarwal

Image source: Twitter

Amit Agarwal is the # no 1 blogger in India who shares content on tech & how-to guides related to the softwares on his famous blog labnol, also refers as digital inspiration.

Pursued engineering from IIT Roorkee and also had worked at ADP Inc, for 5 years, In 2004 he left a corporate job & went to his home town Agra & started blogging professionally.

With so many Awards & titles, he has been honored since from the launch of labnol in 2004.

With more than 16 years of experience with many contributions in the tech industry, labnol also got featured on popular publications like CBNC, Guardian, and Wall Street Journal.

In one of his interview that was held on your story, Amit Agarwal talked about his passion for writing & how his passion helped him to reach his destiny.

Amit Agarwal hates the word “blogger’’ and that’s why he is recognized as a technical writer & Great entrepreneur in India.

He is also a Google Developer expert in Google workspace & app script

The way of monetization that is used on labnol is through google Adsense and software services.

  • Starting year: 2004
  • Blog: labnol
  • Monthly Visits: 4.80M
  • Monthly Earning: $60,000 (Expected)
  • Niche: Tech
  • Domain Authority: 80
  • Age: 43
  • Education: Engineering degree in computer science.
  • Income source: Google Adsense, Software services.

2 Harsh Agarwal:

harsh Agarwal

Image source:

This man is an inspiration for many bloggers out there in India, he is from Uttar Pradesh, India & his hometown is Delhi.

In the final year of his engineering, he got placed in an IT company but later he decided to try hands-on blogging and started with free blogging platform & with time he started blogging professionally in 2008, where he started a blog named shoutmeloud on which he used to write on tech niche but after some time he changed the same blog niche to purely blogging niche.

2009 was very tough for harsh Agarwal, As he had a terrible accident that changed his life.

Shoutmeloud is an award-winning blog that now receives 310.80K of traffic per month & this blog is mainly focused on the blogging niche.

He also use to share his monthly income report on his blog but after some time he stopped showing income because his motive was to show people that you can also really earn money through blogging and it is 100% legit way.

I heard one secret that he talked about in one of his interview & Do you know what it was?? As you all know that the competition has increased in blogging but he shared one secret that was>> if you will create a blog on some unique topic on which content is not available or hardly available then you can get super success in the blogging field.

Harsh Agarwal is one of my favorite blogger & I have learned lots of stuff related to blogging, affiliate marketing, and ad sense through his blog.

Harsh Agarwal also owns other blogs, such as wpsutra, coinsutra, wphostingdiscount & Shoutmetech.

His Hobbies are writing, traveling, skydiving, etc.

  • Starting year: 2008
  • Blog: ShoutMeLoud
  • Monthly Visits: 310.80K
  • Monthly Earning: $10000((Expected)
  • Niche: blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO.
  • Domain Authority: 79
  • Age: 35
  • Education: Engineering in IT Stream
  • Income source: Affiliate marketing, sponsership.

3. Shradha Sharma:

A young and energetic woman blogger from Delhi with tremendous success in the stories niche.

She was born in Patna, Bihar, India & shifted to New Delhi in 1997.

Shradha Sharma is a Creator of the YourStory blog that now receives more than 2.60M traffic per month, She started your story in 2008.

She is an Indian journalist & also holds a Masters’s degree in history, and an MBA degree as well.

Shradha Sharma started his career as a brand advisor in the times of India & After that assistant vice president at channel CBNC TV18, She found herself more interest in writing stories about successful people around her & she started writing about Indian startups, and people in her spare time.

With time her blog was grabbing the attention of people on the internet & the time came when your story become one of the most famous blog on the web.

If you want motivation and are curious to know about various startup CEO stories in India then make sure to visit her site.

Starting year: 2008

Blog: YourStory

Monthly Visits: 2.60M

Monthly Earning: $30,000

Niche: Stories & Startup

Domain Authority: 86

Age: 42

Education: Masters’s degree in history, and an MBA degree as well.

Income source: Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Sponsership

4. Arun Prabhu Desai-

In 2007 Arun Prabhu Desai started a blog that receives more than 711.90K monthly traffic.

Trak is a multi-niche blog that covers topics such as business, technology, Internet, Telecom, Mobile, Startups, etc.

Before Arun Prabhu Desai was in US but he decided to come back to India in 2007 with a mindset of creating something unique with help of a blog & finally was born that now is one of the top leading businesses and tech-related news blog in India.

Born in Pune, India & also has multiple channels on YouTube with millions of subscribers.

Pursued B. Tech in computer science and by profession Arun Prabhu Desai is a successful blogger, you tuber & influencer.

His blog is also been featured in the Times of India in the top 10 list.

In one of his interview, he shared his secret related to blogging and that was quality and +consistency.

Starting year: 2007


Monthly Visits : 711.90K

Monthly Earning: $15,000

Niche: Tech, business news, Startups

Domain Authority: 72

Age: 33

Education: B. Tech in computer science


Income source: Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, Sponsership

5. Varun Krishnan-

Enthusiasm toward gadgets and mobile phones converted into the form of content is a great example of the FoneArena blog that was founded in 2005 by Varun Krishnan.

FoneArena blog covers topics on the latest mobile phones announcement & as well as about gadgets.

FoneArena blog is considered one of the top telecom sites in India, also it has been honored as an influential gadget blog in the world.

He started blogging as a hobby but later Consider it seriously and turned it into a professional business.

FoneArena has become one of the trusted blog in the world of gadget reviews. 

He also shared one secret in one of his interview that was held with help of Big-rock, want to know?? He told us that we must learn from our mistakes and keep experimenting yourself.

  • Starting year: 2005
  • Blog: FoneArena
  • Monthly Visits: 1.20M
  • Monthly Earning: $22,000
  • Niche: mobile phones , camera, gadgets
  • Domain Authority: 71
  • Age: Update soon
  • Education: Enginner
  • Income source: Google Adsense, Paid ads, affiliate marketing.

6 Amit Bhawani:

After completing Studies Amit Bhawani started his career as an SEO Expert and later also started his own firm named Digital World Solutions.

In beginning, Amit Bhawani started blogging on personal and products reviews niche but after some months he was not focusing much on blogs, with time he noticed that his blogs started receiving traffic & that was the time he decided to start blogging seriously.

2007 was the year when He started blogging professionally on his blog & with time in 2009 his blog crossed 20000 readers who mainly subscribe to his blog, the blog has now become famous.

Apart from this he also owns a blog PhoneRadar that is a part of Digital world solutions, on which he shares content related to mobile phones & gadgets.

On PhoneRadar he shares helpful reviews and guides related to the latest phones and gadgets if you are a tech lover then don’t forget to visit his blog.

Amit Bhawani is listed as a top tech niche blogger in India and he has a great contribution in the blogging field.

He also runs a YouTube channel that has more than 8lakh Subscribers.

Amit Bhawani is a great inspiration for other bloggers in the tech & gadget niche; if you are also thinking to start a tech blog then you must take some inspiration from him.

  • Starting year: 2007
  • Blog:, PhoneRadar
  • Monthly Visits: Update soon
  • Monthly Earning: $14,000
  • Niche: Tech
  • Domain Authority: 57
  • Age: 37
  • Education: Update soon
  • Income source: Google Adsense, Sponsership

7 Anil Agarwal-

He is able to generate $10,000+ a month through his blog BloggersPassion which was launched in 2010.

Anil Agarwal has faced lots of ups & down throughout his blogging journey and he is able to achieve such magnificent success after a lot of hard work & patience.

His blog niche is mainly focused on blogging, affiliate marketing & SEO.

Anil Agarwal completed his master’s degree in computer (2004) & started a job as an SEO, he worked in various big companies & later left the job to become a full-time blogger, that way his journey towards blogging started.

Anil Agarwal is in the list of top bloggers in India who is earning $10k per month through his famous blog.

He is down to earth person & helping newbies to kick-start career in blogging, along with Bloggers Passion Anil Agarwal also owns blogs,, and

Apart from this He also has launched premium books like ZERO TO $10K & Affiliate Marketing Blueprint.

  • Starting year: 2010
  • Blog: Bloggerspassion         
  • Monthly Visits: 373.90K
  • Monthly Earning: $10k
  • Niche: blogging
  • Domain Authority: 73
  • Age: update soon
  • Education: master’s degree in computer
  • Income source: Affiliate marketing, Sponsership, SEO consultant etc.

8 Deepak kanakaraju-

From a Motorcycle blog to a successful digital marketer, the journey so far has been magnificent for Deepak Kanakaraju.

He is been most time recognized as Digital Deepak in this online world, by education Deepak Kanakaraju is a civil engineer but digital marketer, blogger, speaker, and consultant by profession.

He was born in a middle-class family in Tamil Nadu, India, Also worked in a company then decided to start blogging, his first blog was Bike Advice which has become no 1 blog in India, but later he sold his blog at Approximately Rs 12.5 lakh.

Deepak kanakaraju now is recognized as one of the top entrepreneur in India, he also writes outstanding content on his blog digitaldeepak.

Launched courses on digital marketing, blogging and has become a famous digital marketing coach in India.

He has proven that if you have an inner passion to learn and master any skill then you can achieve that even if are entirely from different Educational Backgrounds.

  • Starting year: 2008
  • Blog: & multiples blog
  • Monthly Visits: 214.80K
  • Monthly Earning: Update soon
  • Niche: digital marketing, blogging etc.
  • Domain Authority: 74
  • Age: 44
  • Education: Civil engineer
  • Income source: courses, affiliate marketing etc.

9 Ankit Singla-   

A college dropout student with a burning desire for blogging has achieved outstanding results with his struggle and dedication.

Ankit Singla belongs to New Delhi, India, and started blogging in 2010 mainly focusing on niche blogging.

He is a full-time blogger and started his online career with the MasterBlogging blog which is now one of the top & famous blog in India with a good amount of traffic.

He also has a channel on YouTube with current 47.2k subscribers, also featured on famous media channels like Yourstory, NDTV Prime, etc.

He delivers quality content on his blog purely based on a blogging niche that is helping many bloggers who are struggling out there.

In an interview that was hosted on Satish K Videos Youtube channel, Ankit Singla revealed his secret about how building an Ecosystem around a blog helped him to achieve his goal.

  • Starting year: 2010
  • Blog: MasterBlogging
  • Monthly Visits: Update soon
  • Monthly Earning: $10,000(Expected)
  • Niche: blogging
  • Domain Authority: 57
  • Age: 30
  • Education: 3 years diploma after 10th & college dropout student
  • Income source: Affiliate marketing, sponsership, through SEO

10 Akshay Hallur-

He started blogging as a hobby in 2014 with a Google blogger free blogging platform and use to write on multiple niches.

 Akshay Hallur realize that he should focus on a single niche instead of a multi & he bought a domain name Gobloggingtips but later rebranded it to BloggingX which now receives 122.40K monthly traffic.

He also got inspired by Harsh Agarwal who is well known and established blogger in India.

Akshay Hallur also owns the InfoSparkle blog and a youtube channel as well.

Apart from this, he is also a digital marketer and a trainer, his hometown in Karnataka.

His passion for blogging helped Him to turn it into a profession, Akshay hallur is also recognized as one of the top blogger in India.

  • Starting year: 2014
  • Blog: BloggingX       
  • Monthly Visits: 122.40K
  • Monthly Earning: 10 Lakh (expected)
  • Niche: Blogging, affiliate marketing, Sponsership, SEO.
  • Domain Authority: 68
  • Age: 27
  • Education: update soon
  • Income source: Affiliate marketing, SEO etc.

So these were the top bloggers in India and their earnings.

If you are a newbie then the question triggering in your mind may be how do I start blogging?? AM’I Right??

how do i start blogging

Want an exact road-map to kick-start your blogging journey then you must check my detailed guide on how to start a blog in india in 2023

Final Words

I hope from the above 10 lists you have got the answer on who is the biggest bloggers in India.

Every blogger out there has faced ups and downs throughout their blogging journey & their not-give-up attitude has helped them to reach their destiny.

Blogging is not a quick rich scheme and it requires dedication and patience, as no blog will grow overnight; there may be some top famous bloggers that I have missed but I have tried to cover the most popular top bloggers.

I hope after reading this article you have got some inspiration from the top 10 bloggers in india and if you enjoyed reading it then please show some love by sharing this article with others.

Before you leave I just want to know who is your favorite blogger??  let me know in the comment box.

See you soon with some solutions to your queries related to blogging.


which blogs are most popular in India?

Amit Agarwal- labnol , Shardha sharma- yourstory, Harsh agarwal- shoutmeloud are some famous blogs

who is the richest blogger in India?

Amit Agarwal blog is very famous in india

what kind of blogs are trending?

tech, travel, health, entertainment are some trending niches

how do beginners blogs make money?

through google adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsor posts etc.

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