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199+ Free Guest Post Sites list For Building Links And Raising Authority in 2023

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Filtering out sites that allows guest posting can be frustrating and time-consuming & that’s the reason, I decided to write on free guest post sites to save your precious time.

There are plenty of guest post sites out there but not all are authoritative; therefore it is necessary to choose such sites that has good value in search engine to make your guest post reach the targeted audience, as well as to raise your blog authority.

When I started finding out sites for guest posting, i messed up and ended landing on low quality sites that carries no value in search engine, but later after getting in more depth and individually verifying each site I came with an giant list of guest posting sites that will definitely going to help you in raising your blog authority.

Especially if you are a blogger and want to get exposure on your site then it’s necessary to start writing on others blogs and build authentic link profiles in Google’s eyes.

No doubt, alone writing articles will flow the traffic on your blog but to reach a broader audience and establish your blog authority it’s necessary to devote in guest posting too.

This guide includes free guest post sites list that allows us to have a guest post publish.

What is guest blogging in SEO??

free guest post sites
Image by Kardono Kardono from Pixabay

Guest posting is an off-page SEO activity that involves finding relevant niche sites that accept guest posts and further convincing them to let you write.

The benefit is that you will Earn a do-follow Backlink that will directly help in improving authority for your site.

No matter, Either you are a blogger or a brand guest posting helps lucrative online presence and attracts wide audience in your niche.

One of the precious factor that google consider while raking a web page is Authority which scales from 0-100, higher the authority better your content is going to perform on google, and to build that guest posting is what you should opt for, as its delicate and quick way to grab people attention and instantly drive traffic.

If the site pointing link back to your blog possesses high DA, Then definitely will Surpass link juice that will result in an authority raise on your blog.

Are guest posts worth it??

Guest blogging is one of the online marketing tactics that is been used by brands and blogs to raise their specialization and reach out to a broader audience via relevant sites.

There are numerous benefits of guest posting and some are highlighted below.

  •   Improves your blog authority
  •   Helps to reach a broader audience
  •   Helps in raising links profile
  •   Helps you establish expertise
  •   Build you a connection with the like-minded bloggers
  •   Earn you a Do-follow Back-link

The question triggering in your mind may be Does guest posting still work??

Guest posting is one of the authentic and effective ways to get initial traction on your blog and is been performed by many bloggers out there, it’s one of the genuine way to build authority and shower traffic on your blog, hence it’s powerful activity and still works.

Every article that you send for a pitch must be unique and in-depth which will leave a huge impact among the readers.

Always make a practice to follow all guidelines that are posted on the sites that accept guest posts in order to avoid rejection.

how do guest post for beginners??

The easiest way to get started as a beginner is to start approaching sites that offer free guest posting services and here are the ready-made lists of numerous sites that can be used to start posting your guest articles.

Below is the list of guest posting sites with high DA (Domain Authority), make sure to use them wisely that fits under your roof.

To get your guest post approved ensure to put extra effort into writing a unique content and making use of guest post pitch template to impress the website owner.

You may be having a question that what is price of guest post??

Not all sites offer the opportunity to publish guest posts for free, some even charge high for it, which totally depends upon the website owner’s wish.

The guest post price may vary because some may charge for a number of words or for a whole article.

199+ free guest post sites list to build links and authority

free guest post sites list

Which website is best for guest posting??

When it comes to guest posting you need to strictly follow guidelines posted on their sites and have to adapt a habit of quality writing that is engaging, informative and very in-depth.

This is an extensive list of sites that allows guest posting for free & are based on wide categories. I have included D.A. ( Domain Authority), Links to guidelines, and contact information to ease your work.

Digital marketing and SEO write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.ALink to page
1 Martech80working with martech
2 Chatterbuzmedia61 Write for us
3 Vocso43Write for us guest post
4 Contentmarketinginstitute88Blog guidelines
5 outreachmonks68Write for us
6 Bizglide55Write for us
7 Businessprotech23Write for us
8 Ranjeetdigital39Write for us
9 Copyblogger86guest post guidelines
10 Mangools 76Write for us
11 Growfusely64Write for us
12 Growmap64Write for us
13 Rankwatch71Write for us
14 Mediapost 88Contribute
15 Techwyse73Write for us
16 Coschedule86Write for us
17 Incomediary 56Write for us
18 Seoblog41Contribute
19 Famousbloggers 47Submit your article
20 seosandwitch38Write for us

How do I write guest post for seo??

Keep scrolling there are more sites based on various categories that can be used for guest posting for absolutely free.

Blogging write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to page
1 Blogherald 66 Contact us
2 Iblogzone 42 Guest post guidelines
3 Makewebbetter 71 Write for us
4 Bloggercage 30 Write for us
5 cyberchimps 91 Write for us
6 Johnchow 58 Write for us
7 Topmostblog 55 guest post
8 Sitepoint 87 Write for us
9 Copyhackers 49 Write for us
10 Hellboundbloggers 41 Write for us
11 Cmswire 80 contribute
12 Blogsolute 48 Contact us
13 Hubspot 93 guest post guidelines
14 69 create story
15 jeffbullas 82 Write for us
16 Inc42 63 Contact us
17 Blogengage 54 Submit post
18 Crunchbase 90 Contact us
19 Bloggingtry17 Contribute
20 Eonenetwork 75 Contribute

Eager to learn practical steps to start a successful blogging business?? then must not miss detail guide on how to start blogging business in India

Lifestyle write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to the page
1 Mysmileylife 13 Write for us
2 Chivmen 31 Write for us
3 Momnewsdaily 34 Life style write for us
4 Fosburit 51 Write for us
5 Buhave 50 Write for us
6 Opensquares 58 Write for us
7 Shortform 50 Write for us lifestyle
8 Brazendenver 57 Write for us
9 52 Write for us
10 Cubeduel 53 write for us
11 The daily buzz 55 Write for us
12 Craftbits 57 Write for us
13 Craftgossip 61 Write for us
14 mamamia 61 Submission
15 Bossip 80 Write for us
16 Lifehacker 90 Write for us
17 Elephantjournal 80 Write for us
18 Aspirantisg 46 Write for us
19 Ghanacelebrities 49 Write for us
20 Awearnessblog 41 Write for us
21 The fresh toast 60 Write for us

Advance Search trick on Google

You can even use multiple combination strings to find out the best free guest post sites on Google

How do I find free guest post sites??

Suppose you want to reach out to a specific niche guest posting site, here is how we can.

“Keyword”+ “write for us”

 “Keyword”+ “guest post”

“Keyword”+ “Contribute”

“Keyword”+ “Submit guest post”

“Keyword”+ “guest post guidelines”

“Keyword”+ “become a contributor”

“keywords”+”guest article”

“keywords”+”guest post opportunities”

“keyword”+”guest author”

Make sure to replace “Keyword” with your niche to get desired results.

Entertainment write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to the page
1 Hollywoodinsider 48 Write for us
2 Buhave 22 Write for us
3 Contact music 74 Write for us
4 Bhojpurigallery 28 Write for us
5 Hbowatch 53 Write for us
6 Tvovermind 67 Write for us
7 Metro 93 Write for us
8 Milwaukeemag 71 Write for us
9 the things 61 Write for us
10 arcdigital 55 Write for us
11 Wearethemigthy 70 Write for us
12 Thehumanist 61 Write for us
13 Thebigsmoke 47 Write for us
14 Mediaite 82 Write for us
15 Social media hq 39 Write for us
16 Durangodowntown 28 Write for us
17 Woemagazine 22 Write for us
18 Bollywoodshaadis 57 Write for us
19 Asiasociety 80 Write for us
20 Tvsourcemagazine 51 Write for us

Tech write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to the page
1 Developergang 25 Write for us
2 Makeanapplike 52 Write for us
3 Techibhai 39 Write for us
4 Manning 65 Write for us
5 Pat Research 66 Write for us
6 Jungleworks 69 Write for us
7 Sitepoint 87 Write for us
8 Extreme tech 72 Write for us
9 The next tech 31 Write for us
10 Imocha 43 Write for us
11 Theitbase 47 Write for us
12 Writeforustechnology 22 Write for us
13 Techgeekers 55 Write for us
14 Digital web service 47 Write for us
15 Guestblogging 55 Write for us
16 Iblogtech 38 Write for us
17 Technographx 34 Write for us
18 Techyflavors 55 Write for us
19 Thetechnicalmaster 33 Write for us
20 Softwareworld 73 Write for us

Travelling write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to the page
1 Travelcroc 22 Write for us
2 Goabroad 75 Write for us
3 The travel manuel 43 Write for us
4 Nomadsworld 46 Write for us
5 Asiatimes 80 Write for us
6 Edreams 68 Write for us
7 Holidify 73 Write for us
8 The travel bunny 32 Write for us
9 Yatrigann 32 Write for us
10 Cloudsdeal 37 Write for us
11 Headout 52 Contribute
12 Azmizine 32 Write for us
13 Tenoblog 30 Write for us
14 Lifeyet 30 Write for us
15 Thelistlove 30 Write for us
16 Trip101 60 Write for us
17 Foxnomad 59 Write for us
18 Trekroute 44 Write for us
19 Coupontoaster 71 Write for us
20 Transindiatravels 54 Write for us

Business write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to the page
1 Allbusiness 80 Write for us
2 Leavedates 49 Write for us
3 Getvero 54 Contribute
4 Success 80 Write for us
5 Business insider India 84 Write for us
6 The ken 66 Write for us
7 Bplans 80 Write for us
8 Sogolytics 75 Write for us
9 Miska 45 Write for us
10 Taazatadka 66 Write for us
11 Exporthub 30 Write for us
12 Agiosupport 28 Write for us
13 Convert 74 Write for us
14 Inc 92 Write for us
15 Exacbytes 84 Write for us
16 Yfsmagazine 55 Write for us
17 Sitereq 32 Write for us
18 Zetran 34 Write for us
19 Smallbusinessbc 50 Write for us
20 Investing 91 Write for us

Educational write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to the page
1 Educationhq 56 Write for us
2 Edugorilla 45 Write for us
3 Eduonix 70 Write for us
4 Cosmobc 45 Write for us
5 Getting smart 56 Write for us
6 Edutopia 83 Write for us
7 Edweek 87 Write for us
8 Exambazzar 32 Write for us
9 Godegree 32 Write for us
10 Meraaxaam 31 Write for us
11 Proprofs 87 Write for us
12 Mygreatlearning 63 Write for us
13 Copywritercollective 35 Write for us
14 Careergappers 37 Write for us
15 Wonkhe 52 Write for us
16 Educationworld 71 Write for us
17 Edustoke 26 Write for us
18 Tutorful 70 Write for us
19 Infed 73 Write for us
20 Inform It 81 Write for us

computer Electronics & Technology write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.A Link to the page
1 Avitalaptop 22 Write for us
2 Computer tech reviews 61 Write for us
3 Bleeping computer 87 Write for us
4 Web tech mantra 67 Write for us
5 Technologious 14 Write for us
6 Electrical voice 20 Write for us
7 Appinstitute 74 Write for us
8 Apptentive 73 Write for us
9 Developer Tech 67 Write for us
10 Funkykit 54 Write for us
11 Cloudcomputing 73 Write for us
12 Dotnetcurry 57 Write for us
13 Hypergridbusiness 62 Write for us
14 Mobile mall 59 Write for us
15 Prizminstitute 29 Write for us
16 Zevenet 43 Write for us
17 Heticgeek 36 Write for us
18 Hackr 72 Write for us
19 Webalive 74 Write for us
20 Webflow 92 Write for us

Health and fitness write for us

S.NoWebsite NameD.ALink to the page
1 Mindbodygreen 86 Write for us
2 Jllfitness 26 Write for us
3 Safe and Healthy life 36 Write for us
4 Healthreviewboard 25 Write for us
5 Lifebing 33 Write for us
6 Naturalnews 83 Write for us
7 Ideafit 77 Write for us
8 Trailrunnermag 71 Write for us
9 T nation 74 Write for us
10 Tim blog 84 Write for us
11 Finances online 87 Write for us
12 Short form 64 Write for us
13 Medhaavi 28 Write for us
14 Fitnessrepublic 55 Write for us
15 Guidelineshealth 36 Write for us
16 Health host 24 Write for us
17 Experience life 78 Write for us
18 Fitnessvolt 66 Write for us
19 Fandbrecipes 48 Write for us
20 Aclassblogs 28 Write for us

You can even check , an amazing website that’s offers guest posting service that can be used by both publishers and buyers.

Buyers on adsy can discover and get high quality guest posts and relevant backlink & as a publisher you can place quality blog post from buyers.

What’s Next:

Now you have a list of guest posting sites on the table, just have a closer look at each site and choose one that aligns with your category.

Guest posting is a rewarding activity that improves your blog authority and helps in building a good link profile but to get more out of it, Ensure to choose a site that is relevant and authoritative in nature. 

All the above sites that you came across carry good value in SERP and can benefit you drastically.

I hope this blog post has helped you to get detailed information about the best free guest post sites and if you have a question regarding it then don’t hesitate to ask it in the comment box.

Have you written a guest post before?? What was your experience? let me know in the comment box.


How do I find free guest posting sites?

There are plenty of genuine websites available on the internet that covers list of free sites that accepts guest post.

Even you can perform an advance search on google using below strings.

“keyword”+”write for us”
“keyword”+”guest post”
“keyword”+writing guidelines”
“keyword”+”submit guest post”
“keyword”+”become a contributor”

Is guest post paid?

Some owners offer to let you write on their website for free while some may ask to pay money in return of guest posting on their website.

Even some may pay you to write and publish guest post on their site.

Is guest posting safe in SEO?

Yes! guest posting is one of the genuine way that can benefit you in driving traffic and raising authority at great extent & google even reward high quality content, so its an safe activity if done correctly.

Is guest posting easy?

No website owner would like to accept content that is cheap in quality and not credible, and every website has set up their guidelines regarding guest posting that need to be followed in order to avoid rejection.

Hence, writing an top class content that is informative, authentic and engaging is what you need to adapt to get your guest post successfully posted on others website, and that is not an easy task.

So before writing an guest article ensure to have an clear idea about the topic and try to produce quality and engaging article that is up to the point.

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