how to write your first blog post.

How to write your first blog post in 6 easy steps

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Are you going to write your first blog post?? Just stop one minute! & just think, how you can create an effective & more engaging content??Try to express yourself to others & create a blog post with proper presentation & engaging content which will makes people to read your blog post till the end. As the first impression is the last impression Am i right ??

So I am here to share with you most effective ways that will make your visitors to read your content & also will add values to your visitors.

After reading this blog post you will get to know how to write your first blog post from beginning till the end. are you exited??

first question is why people will read you blog?? As there are lots of blogs just like your one & what is special in your blog?? you need a strong reason for writing an content for your audience am i right??

So what you need to do?? the answer is simple you need to create a problem solving content which will not only help your audience but also will add some value to their life.

At the end of this blog post you will get to learn.

  • How to create an outline for your blog post
  • How to create an killing headlines
  • How to write your first paragraph
  • Most important things before writing article.
  • Make your content more visual
  • Make your article seo friendly
  • Additional things for your blog.

How to write your first blog post

#1 How to create an outline for your blog post

creating an outline for your blog post will make your work easy, as you will know what to write and you will also able to complete your article smoothly without any wandering off.

Do you know what i do?? first before writing an article i just make an outline; means i write down some points which i will cover in the entire article & according to me every blogger do this before they start writing there content.

just you need to make points for your article like for example: here i will take an example of “blogging”

suppose you want to write an blog post on “blogging” then what you will cover??

here are some points related to “blogging”

what is blogging??

how to start blogging??

how blogging works??

how to earn money through blogging

types of blogging??


you can make this points your headings h1,h2,h3,h4….

like this way you can create an outline for your blog post & can further start writing article. i think this is an amazing way which you can do before writing an blog post isnt’t it??

#2 How to create killing headlines for your blog post

how to write headline for blog

The very first thing is your blog post title. You need to write an killing headline for your blog post. but the question is how?? The answer is by adding power words to your headlines. You can make your headline more effective by adding some amazing words which will attract your visitors to read your blog post. make headline such a way through which people can relate it with themselves.  Use common words  like how, free, what etc.

nowadays the questions works well, as people search more guides related to how to??.

you have seen many articles which uses an exciting headlines which grab people attention to their blog. an headline also plays a major role. so try to create an killing headline for your first blog post which will grab people attention. now you may have a question how to create an killing headline?? for that you can use some free tools

below are some tools which you can use.

coschedule – this tool shows the score of your headline & the more score your headline will be the more it will be powerful & amazing.

portent– through this tool you will get various headlines ideas related to your main article topic.

hubspot blog topic generator– this is also an amazing tool to get headlines ideas for you main article topic.

if you are using wordpress then there is also an amazing plugin monsterinsight which has an headline generator which also helps you to know the headline score.

There are also some more tools which you can use. if you are using WordPress then there is a plugin called monster insight which you can also use to check your headline score. It is a free tool.

Ok now you have know how to create headline or title for your blog post. After creating headline the next step is to focus on your content. How you will write your first blog post?? The very first sentence or paragraph will help you visitors & search engine to know about what is your content about. What are you going to discuss in entire blog post.

#3 Most important things before writing article.

  • Don’t try to write everything in one single paragraph you need to use short paragraphs which will not bore your audience.
  • You can add bullets like arrows, no like 1,2,3,4 etc.  which will look nice & also people will be able to understand each points easily.
  • One more most important thing is spellings & grammar mistakes. Try not to do spelling mistakes you can use various tools available in market which corrects your grammar & spelling mistakes.
  • You can also add pdf so that people can download it & can read further.

#4 How to write your first paragraph

how to write starting paragraph of a blog

In first paragraph of your first blog post try to add some words about yourself something like why you have started blog, who are you, tell about you niche(topic) of your blog, tell your audience about what you are going to share in blog, reason behind starting blog.  also include pain points;means what problem you are going to solve in the entire article.

add a proper structure to your article by adding proper heading H1,H2,H3…

Heading are most important to understand about your content & which is also helpful from seo point of view. Wait! What is seo?? Full form of seo is (search engine optimization) means to get traffic to your blog you need to do proper seo don’t worry that I will be discussing in this blog post only.

After writing first paragraph try to cover some most important points about your blog post that i have already discuss in this article & that is outline.

You can also add a table of content & if you are using wordpress & for that you can read my complete guide on how to add table of content in wordpress

After that start writing article but remember to use simple language & words don’t use complicated words which will confuse your audience.

#5 Make your content more visual

how you can make content more visual?? The simple answer is by adding images & infographics to your blog post. try to add images in your entire blog post which will create a visual effect & visitors will more engage with your content.

There are lots of website from where you can download free non-copyright images for your blog like,, etc. also try to give credit to the author of image.

Adding images are also good from seo point of view as it helps to rank your content in search engine.

If possible then try to add a video also which will also help to build a trust among your audience & more people will engage with your content.

you can using canva to design & create images for your blog post.

#6 Make your article seo friendly

to get free organic traffic to your blog it is necessary to do proper seo of your blog.

You should do proper on page & off page seo of your blog.

On page seo includes: keywords, meta tags, meta description, quality content, internal links etc.

Off page seo includes backlinks, guest post etc.

To know more things in details about on page seo & off page seo you can read two types of seo

Include long tail keyword as it is your first blog post try not to use short tails keywords as short tail keywords competition is high & as an beginner it will become difficult to rank short tail keyword on google. but what is this longtail & shortail keywords??

Long tail keywords means you add more words in title & heading like for ex: how to start a blog for free in india. This is a long tail keyword.

Short tail keywords means you add less words in title & heading like for ex: what is blog. this is a short tail keyword.

Do you know the different types of keywords in Seo if not then you can also read types of keywords

It is important from seo point of view.

Additional thing for your blog
  • Add conclusion- you must add conclusion at the end of your blog post as conclusion helps to sumup about the entire article is less words. So always try to add a conclusion at the end of the blog post.
  • Add FAQ(frequently asked question)- always try to add Faq at the end of your blog post so that your visitors can get more answers related to your main topic & from Seo(search engine optimization) point of view it is also good to add Faq in your blog post.
  • Catagories are most important for your blog & along with this you must have menu section on your blog which will help visitors to navigate your blog easily.
  • If you are using wordpress then it is easy to add categories to your blog just you need to enable it by going to appearance>widget> select categories widget & add to sidebar and know your categories will be shown in this widget.

To create various categories for your blog just  where you are writing a blog post on right side there will be an categories option you need to just click on it & then you can create a new categories its simple.

Menu is the another thing which is necessary for your blog you can add pages like contact us, about me, topics etc. & can connect to menu to know more about it you can read how to add pages to menu

What is your opinion about this blog post does it helped you?? does this content helped you to know how to write your first blog post. if you like this content then please also share it with your friends.

Conclusion- before writing your first blog post you should consider some important points like adding proper headlines, adding images, adding videos, proper structure, Seo(search engine optimization), table of content, conclusion etc.


how to write a blog post from start to finish??

Just follow all the above steps as i have shown in this article.

Is blog writing easy??

yes! it is easy if you have a good knowledge about what you are going to write but as an beginner it may become difficult but with time & consistency your writing skill will improve automatically.

How to write blog content quickly??

To Write content quickly you can make an outline for your blog post.

what is a blog writing??

blog writing means you write content on your blog on various topics related to your niche in form of blog posts.

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  1. These are some great blog post writing tips. I am sure it will not only help new bloggers but it will also help the seasoned bloggers. Thanks!

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