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100+micro niche blog ideas to earn money fast in 2023

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You may have heard about micro niche blogging on the internet but you will be shock! after knowing that micro-niche blogging nowadays has become more popular & even you can start with micro niche blog ideas & can put extra money into your pocket.

As a beginner it may become overwhelm to find a perfect micro topic for blogging and you can even get stuck, that’s why i decided to write on profitable micro-niche ideas on which you can get started without losing your mind & can make money through it.

I have covered everything related to micro niche blogging so that you don’t need to search it anywhere on the internet.

below are the solutions that you are going get after reading this article.

  • What is micro niche blogging??
  • Difference between niche & micro-niche blog??
  • pros and cons of micro niche blogging
  • how to find micro niche ideas step-by-step
  • 100+ micro niche profitable blog ideas
  • how to start a micro niche blog from scratch
  • Important points to remember for micro niche blog
  • Earning potential from micro niche blog

Earlier bloggers use to start a multi-niche blog, means covering multi topics like tech, fashion, news, etc, in a single blog, For example nextbigwhat.com

But with time they realized that it was becoming more difficult to rank a multiple niche blog, So they started creating a niche blog(single topic) for example only tech, the best example of a niche blog is shoutmeloud.com that is mainly focus on blogging.

Starting on a single niche is also becoming highly competitive nowadays, As millions of blog posts are published daily, So if you are a beginner & want to start a blog, then creating a micro-niche blog will benefit you more, as competition is less & you can rank your blog on google in a very short span of time.

To make your micro niche blog successful you need to select a profitable & right micro niche idea.

What is micro niche blogging

Micro niche blogging is made up using 3 words.

>Micro means small,

>niche means topic,

>blogging means writing content.

When you start a blog on a very specific topic & you only cover a small part of a giant topic then it is known as micro niche blogging, means going very specific in that topic.

Nowadays people are starting a micro-niche blog & the reason is that micro-niche blogs are easy to rank on search engines & you don’t need to write a lot of content. Just you need to do proper keywords research & have to select a low competition micro-niche & you are ready to go.

Basically, a micro-niche blog is of 3-10 pages & with very specific content.

Below are some easy examples through which you will get a clear understanding of micro niche blogging

Example 1) In digital marketing there are lots of modules, for example blogging & in blogging also there are also sub-topics like WordPress, SEO, blogger, designing & under this sub-topics there are also micro topics like plugins, on-page SEO, Adsense & when you start a blog on such micro topic then it is known as micro niche blogging.

micro niche blog ideas

Example 2) The mechanical engineering field is a broad field that has multiple micro fields like power plant, thermal engineering, manufacturing, production & if you are only covering specific micro topic like power-plant then it is known as micro niche blogging.

That means a very small topic which only covers specific content.

There are advantages & disadvantages of micro-niche blogging that we will be also covering in this blog post only.

This way you can start a blog on any micro topic & can make a good source of income from it.

I hope with the above examples you get to know about what exactly is micro niche blogging. Ok now you know what is micro-niche blogging but you may have questions in your mind on which micro topic should I start a blog?? don’t worry! I have sorted out some best micro topics for you & along with this, I will also show you, how you can find a micro topic for your blog easily.

Difference between niche & micro-niche blog??

Deciding a topic is a crucial part before starting a blog & many people make mistakes here, you need to do proper research & analysis before starting a blog on any micro topic.

Niche means topic like for example my niche is blogging & here I discuss blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, WordPress, online earning tips & this all topics are under blogging in a single niche. means I have a lot more content opportunities to share under my niche blogging. if you want to also start a niche blog then you can also get a free blog niche list But in the case of a micro-niche blog, you need to be very specific.

Micro niche blogging- micro-niche blogs on the other hand have very few content opportunities means you have very specific content to share with your audience but the benefit is that you will get more targeted audience & you can rank your micro niche blog in a short period of time on google if done correctly

Pros & cons of micro niche blogging

Pros of building a micro-niche blogging

  • Micro niche blog are easy to rank on Google
  • You will get targeted traffic
  • less handwork in creating content
  • you can earn good money.
  •  less competition
  • You don’t need to build many back-links.
  • more traffic sources

Cons of building a micro-niche blogging

  • You will get run out of ideas because the micro niche is very specific.
  • If not selected a proper micro niche then you will not able to make any money through micro niche blog.
  • You will not able to increase your more earning potential due to specific niche.
  • You will not get broad audience.

Now its time to share with you 100 +micro niche blog ideas

You can also watch my new web story on micro blogging just click on the below image

100+ Awesome micro niche blog ideas

  • Parenting
  • Security system review
  • Hosting reviews
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Breakfast
  • Watches reviews
  • Wireless headphone review
  •  Baby care
  • Mobile covers review
  • Website speed
  • Plugins
  • Decoration ideas
  • Discount & coupons
  • Local news
  • Particular state travelling
  • Screen recorder review
  • Youtube videos creating tools review
  • Yoga
  • Tech app reviews
  • Dslr camera
  • Particular course training
  • Online tools
  • Green tea
  • Weight loss exercise
  • Keywords
  • DIY
  • Particular bike reviews
  • Micro business ideas
  • Gardening tips
  • Photoshop guide
  • Particular niche book reviews
  • Nutrition
  • Laptop reviews
  • Lyrics
  • Sun glasses review
  • Online earning app review
  • Social media marketing
  • dry fruits name
  • craft paper
  • adventure places in india
  • steel grill design
  • bluetooth earnphone
  • gaming chair review
  • energy drinks in india
  • smart watch
  • news tech
  • home automation
  • AI Writing
  • Essay writing
  • google adsense
  • google web stories
  • canva guide
  • tripod review
  • email marketing
  • performance marketing
  • seo tools
  • indian cricket
  • sports shoes review
  • copywriting
  • success stories
  • personal development
  • student motivation
  • study tips
  • gym tips
  • top places history
  • podcast
  • relationship
  • pet care
  • fashion and beauty
  • finance
  • cryptocurrency
  • toys review
  • Drones
  • 3d animation
  • electric car
  • wall decoration
  • computer use guide
  • gadgets review
  • keto diet
  • lifestyle improving tips
  • career consultation
  • celebrity biography
  • personal development
  • time management tips
  • floor design
  • astrology
  • kids indoor games
  • spoken English
  • coding
  • web design
  • home theater review
  • holiday trip
  • money saving tips
  • wireless headphone
  • woman hairstyle ideas
  • nail paints
  • woman hand bag
  • daily life tips
  • teeth care
  • organic food
  • home remedies tips
  • seafood idea
  • mountain climb tips
  • winter care tips
  • monsoon care tips
  • summer care tips
  • water importance
  • meditation tips

If you don’t want to start a blog on the above micro topic then you can do some more ideas research using keyword research tools, below are some easy ways to find micro topic ideas for your blog.

How to find micro niche ideas

Before starting a micro-niche blog you need to decide a proper micro-niche & have to know about its search volume, competition, CPC(cost per click), etc.

Also, you need to find whether the micro topic is profitable or not??

Below are some free keyword research tools which will make your work easy.

  1. Answer the public

Step1) Go to answerthepublic.com website it is a free website

Step2) just enter a keyword which you are interested to start.

Step3) Now you will see different ideas related to the keywords

Step4) just select any one micro topic based on your interest & you are ready to go.

  • To find your micro topic volume, competition & more important metrics you can use below given free amazing tools.
  1. Ubersuggest – for example here I have select a micro topic “Weight loss exercise” now I will go to ubersuggest tool & find my micro topic volume & competition as shown below.

how to find keywords using ubersuggest

like this way, you have to find high search volume micro topics with low competition.

We need to look at the three things

  1. Search volume– you must look at the search volume of your micro topic it must be not so low because if search volume will be low then the earning potential will be less from your micro niche blog.

2. Competition– always go with low competition micro topic because it will be easy to rank the blog on google if the competition will be low.

3. Cpc– CPC means cost per click, you must also look at topic CPC as it shows how much is the potential of that keywords in terms of earning. Its simple meaning is the ratio of the clicks. Because if the CPC will be 0 then the earning potential from your blog will be very less. You can go with the micro topic with CPC of 0.5 or more.

Just go to tool> enter your keyword > find its volume & difficulty

how to use google keyword planner

Important points to remember for micro niche blog

Evergreen micro topic: Select a micro topic that is evergreen means its search volume is moderate which will not die in the future because some micro topics are for a short time period only & after that micro topic gets vanish.

For example, if you will select a topic like redmi 3s review then it will be searchable for a particular period only on google and after some time it will get vanish because new models will launch so for that reason you must select an evergreen micro topic for your blog.

Long-tail keywords: always use long-tail keywords as it competition is low & you will be easily able to rank your blog on google. long-tail keywords example is “top best hosting for beginners”

Backlinks:  backlink is a part of off-page SEO. to rank higher your micro niche blog you can build some backlinks from relevant websites but remember to create high-quality backlinks. As compared to a niche website you don’t need to create many backlinks for your micro-niche blog even 4-5 backlinks are enough.

Use less weight theme: for your micro-niche blog, you need to use fast-loading lightweight themes like a blossom, generate press, neve, ocean wp.

If you are on blogger.com then you can go with aeon, sora ribbon, sora one, magazine pro.

Right keywords: you need to go with the right keywords which are easy to rank on Google, you can use various keywords research tools.

After selecting a micro-niche next step is to set up your micro niche blog for that just follow the below-given steps.

>There are two ways to start a blog

  1. Free
  2. Premium

You can also go with a free blogging platform but it has some limitations & the drawback is that you don’t own your blog. here is a list of free blogging platforms.

If you are really serious about blogging & want to earn from your blog for a longer time then you can create your own self-hosted WordPress blog. the good thing about WordPress is that you can fully customize your website & can design your website as you want by using free plugins.

I recommend you to buy your own domain & hosting. if you are looking for cheap web Indian hosting then you can go with hostinger.in . it is the fastest & secure web hosting with good support.

To start a blog with Hostinger you just need to buy a hosting, domain & further you can install WordPress.

Here are steps on how to set up your blog with Hostinger.

Step1) Go to hostinger.in

how to buy hosting from hostinger.

Step 2) just scroll down & select a plan, there are various shared hosting plans available on ostinger which you can select as per your requirement.

select shared hosting plan

If you will go with a premium web hosting plan then you can create a 100 website & along with this, you will get a free SSL that is HTTPS secure connection & a free domain name for 1 year.

Step3) then select for how many years you want to buy hosting & I recommend you to go for at least 1 year & then you just need to enter a coupon code to get more additional discount, for my site readers I am giving a coupon code through which you will get additional discount.  use the HIT2021 coupon code to get additional discount. 

select hosting plan

Note: if you will use coupon code HIT2021 then only you will get additional discount otherwise you will not get special discount.

Step 4) After that you can add a free domain name

free domain for 1 year with hostinger hosting

& just click on checkout>create an account & checkout then complete the purchase as shown below.

create account & checkout to complete purchase

Step 5) after that just follow the instruction given by hostinger in your email & then you can install WordPress through hostinger account dashboard & it is a quite simple process.

you can get 4 premium bonus from my side of worth 300$ for free, just you need to purchase from my affiliate link and further your bonus will be deliver, to know more about premium bonus click here

If you want to know the whole process step-by-step then you can also read my new blog post on how to buy hosting from hostinger 2022

Step6) congratulations! you have created your blog.  

If you want to buy good quality hosting with the best customer support then You can create your blog with bluehost. As Bluehost is an old & most branded name in the market & they have good customer support which are always there to help you if you get stuck anywhere.

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to start a blog step-by-step with Bluehost then you can read my complete guide on how to start a blog with bluehost in 2021

How to rank micro niche site-

To rank your micro niche blog on google you need to create some strategies, there are also some factors given below which you must keep in mind.

  1. Quality content- either it is a niche blog or micro niche blog the quality content plays a major role in ranking on google. you need to write value providing & helpful content more than 2000words per article.
  • On page seo- you need to do proper on page seo it includes attractive title, keywords, short paragraphs, internal links, external links, alt text images, video,table of content, tags etc.
  • Off page seo- you can do off page seo of your micro niche blog like building backlinks, doing guest post, sponsored post etc.
  • Technical seo-  First step is to submit site on google search console & other search engines after that you need to look at your site structure, errors, crawling, indexing, sitemap, robot.txt file, schema markup etc.
  • Build brand- you need to start building brand from the first day for your micro niche blog; for that you can share your blog on various social media like facebook, instagram, linkdin, pinterest, search engines, twitter & can boost your micro niche blog traffic.
Earning potential from micro niche blog

There is a good earning potential from the micro-niche blog if you do it in the right way. There are lots of ways to earn from your micro niche blog some are shown below.

Ads network- you can earn from your micro niche blog through google Adsense by placing ads on your blog. To earn from your blog through Google Adsense you need to apply your blog for google Adsense & have to keep some points in mind before applying your blog for google Adsense as shown below.

  1. Quality content.
  2. Unique content.
  3. Create legal pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, terms & condition pages etc.
  4. Proper navigation.
  5. Don’t use copyright images.
  6. Use lightweight & good theme.
  7. Ensure all links are working well.
  8. Don’t use illegal content.
  • Affiliate marketing: you can earn from your micro niche blog through affiliate marketing. You can apply your blog for different affiliate programs & then can place affiliate links on your blog, when someone will click on that links & make any purchase then you will receive some commission from that company. This way you can also earn money from affiliate marketing.
  • Selling own stuff- you can also  sell your own stuffs on your blog like e-book, courses, pdf, video course & can earn good profit from your micro niche blog

Along with this, there are lots of other ways to make money from your blog.


  1. Which micro niche is best for blogging?

    There are plenty of micro niche ideas that are good for blogging and some are shown below

    1) dry fruits meaning
    2) electric car
    3) hosting review
    4) smart watches review
    5) baby care
    6) Nutrition
    7) Self improvement tips
    8) success studies

what is the most profitable blogging niche?

There are some niche that are highly potential in terms of earning as shown below.

1) finance
2) Health and fitness
3) online earning tips
4) Entertainment
5) personal care
6) Story niche

What is micro niche example?

Best example is electric car that is a small part of a giant automobile niche, topics that covers only specific content are categorized as micro niche.

Where can i find micro niche ideas?

You can use multiple methods to find micro niche ideas and some are shown below

Find topic through Quora
use google autosuggestion
through free keyword research tools
Using Google trends

Want to learn in detail than you can read here


Before starting a micro-niche blog you must do some research & analysis for that you can use the above methods which I have shown in this blog post, you need to find high search volume with low competition keywords for your micro-niche blog & then you are ready to go.

So my friend, I hope you have got complete idea on micro niche blogging , if you found this post valuable then please show some love by sharing it with others.

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    In micro niche we can do internal linking better because there is lot of relevance in articles of micro niche blog. It will help a lot in search rankings.

    Thank you for this post.

    Keep come up with such awesome content.

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