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Are you looking for best free keywords research tools?? Doing keywords research is a crucial part before writing content & if you are a beginner then it may become difficult to find low competition keywords for your article. In this blog post I will discuss that how you can do keywords research properly & that will help you to rank your articles on google

But before we discuss about keywords research let’s have a look on what are keywords.

Let me tell you that keywords are also a main factor which plays a major role in ranking of your article on google search engine, do you know along with this there are more than 200 factors which search engine consider while ranking a site that we will discuss in some another article.

What are keywords-

Just think when you have any queries or problems then you go to google & search for it. The search term may vary based on your search. Suppose for example if you want to get some information on blogging then you go to search engine & search for “what is blogging” this is a short tail keywords. If you search for “how to start a blog for free”  this is long tail keyword. 

best free keywords research tools

Keywords are in the form of phrases & queries which people search on google to get information, knowledge, study, reviews etc. to know more about what are different types of keywords click here

If you are going to write an article then first you need to do keywords research, you need to find such keywords which are easy to rank & which competition are low. I suggest you, if you are a beginner then you must go with long tail keywords. Long tail keywords contain more words & are more specific, for example: how to create a blog on blogger” this is a long tail keywords.

Now there may be a question in your mind that how can I know about keywords competition & which keywords have low competition ?? For that you need a keyword research tool which we are going to discuss in this blog post only.

There are various ways to find keywords

Google keyword search– first way is very easy, you just need to go to google and start typing keywords & google will show you some related searches & which people searches. based on it you can select any keywords & start writing an article.

Keywords research tool- there are various paid & free keywords research tools available through which you can find keywords search volume, cpc & competition.

8 best free keywords research tools

  • Ubbersuggestion chrome extension

Ubbersuggestion chrome extension – this is a free tool by neil patel & is an amazing tool which will help you to know about keywords competition and its volume & this keywords research tool also show some related keywords which will help you to decide a right keywords for your article.

Answer the public– this is the another best free keywords research tool which show you different keywords which people searches & based on which you can decide keywords & can start writing article.

Free Google keyword tool– this tool is by google & you can also use it to search keywords. This keyword tool shows you some important matrics like  keyword search volume, keyword competition, paid difficulty etc.– this is also a  best free tool to find keywords for seo, youtube, bing,long tail keywords etc. you just need to go & search for a keywords & it will show you different matrics like keywords competiton, volume etc.

Google trend– google trend tool shows you the most trending topics & you can also find keywords ideas using this nice tool for free.

Soovle–  this tool help you to find keywords for various platforms like youtube, google, bing, amazon etc. just you need to go and search for a keyword & you will get different results based on your search & you can pickup  any keyword &  can start writing your blog post.

Along with this there are also some paid keywords research tools which you can use to get better results.

Now you know about some keywords research tool but wait! How you will use keywords properly in your article so that it will look natural.

How to properly use keywords in article

First step is to find main keyword that is also known as seed keywords, to find keywords you can use above any tool & can see it competition & volume, if you are a beginner than go with long tail only as its competition is low & you can easily rank on search engine.

Use keywords in permalink, h1 & in starting of your 1st paragraph, you can also use keywords in subheading that is h2,h3,h4…

You must use relevant keywords which will look natural & using relavent keywords also will help google to understand your content. You can use to find related keywords for your main keyword.

Use attractive headline, use table of content , write conclusion, write faq(frequently ask question) etc.

Don’t do keywords stuffing, means don’t use keywords lot of time in your article, it looks unnatural & it is also not good from seo(search engine optimization) point of view. Write naturally & intend content for your audience. Which will not help only your audience but will also help search engine to understand your content in a better way.

As I discuss above in this blog post that there are more than 200+ factors which are consider will ranking your site by google. the most important factors are on page & off page seo which you should do properly to rank your site on google search engine.

I know that keywords are also a major parts in ranking but there are also some other factors which you should consider to rank higher in search engine. some of the factors are site speed, on page & off page seo, D.A(domain authority) & page authority, high quality content, mobile friendly site, use of https etc.

Conclusion- Use of proper keywords are very necessary as it gives signal to search engine about your content & which helps search engine to know your content & rank content on search engine, so always try to use keywords properly & also consider some other factors.

So friends, does this content helped you to know about best free keywords research tools & how to do keywords research properly. Show some love by sharing this content with others.

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