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Bluehost Review 2023| Is It Anymore Good To Go With??

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Bluehost review 2023: Bluehost has acquire a big market share in the world of hosting that was founded on 2023 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth.

Bluehost provides tons of features from building a website to making it live without wandering off, but is this hosting good anymore?? is it worth in 2023??

In this guide i will share my honest review on bluehost hosting & about the pros and cons that you must be aware of before using it.

We will be covering bluehost hosting features, security, performance, price & about their customer support to get you a better insights. but before that lets

What is bluehost

bluehost is an hosting company which offers various hosting plans & many products related to seo,security, emails, domains,cdn etc. To run a website online a domain & hosting are the basic requirement & without it your website will not work live or you cannot create a website without hosting & domain. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about hosting & domain then you can also read my detailed guide on what is domain and hosting.

Bluehost is old & excellent hosting providing company in the online market & it is worldwide. This hosting has many plans which you can buy and can create your own blog or website online.

Do you know that bluehost powers more than 2million+ website all over the world & that is why many people buy hosting from bluehost due to their excellent performance & good customer support.

WordPress itself recommend bluehost, as it is very reputed hosting company with lots of features & easy to use interface.

wordpress recommend bluehost

Why bluehost

There is no reason to say no to bluehost as it contains all the features, security, performance which a good hosting company have.

bluehost is well reputed hosting company in the world & due to its amazing features & good customer support it has well known in the market. they have lots of guides which helps beginners.

They have easy to use users interface and experts teams which are always there to help you if you get stuck anywhere. Now let’s see what performance & features bluehost provides you.

 Since bluehost is very best hosting but for any reason if you don’t like hosting after purchasing then they also offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

if you are looking for other good hosting providers at cheap price then you must read best web hosting sites

which hosting plan you should go with??

its totally depends on your requirement, if you are just starting & are beginner then shared hosting basic plan is enough for you & if suppose your traffic will be more in future than you can also upgrade the hosting plan.

if your website has a high amount of traffic then dedicated hosting will work well for you.

if you want to start online store then woocommerce hosting is good to go with.

Performance & features of this hosting

Uptime :The good thing about bluehost is that they have great 99.99 % uptime guarantee & due to which your blog or website performance will be very good. I am personally using bluehost and I have never faced blog downtime & that’s why I recommend you bluehost due to its excellent performance & good customer support.

Security: the bluehost server are secure & the performance of bluehost hosting is excellent, they also provides a free ssl certificate that is https(secure connection) with every hosting plan, they offers password protector directory, inbuild cache plugin, free sub-domains, emails etc.

Price: the price of all hosting plans are not so high & it is good for beginners who are just starting. We will also discuss in details about each hosting plans & their price in this blog post only.

want to buy hosting from bluehost then just go to

bluehost review

Customer support the customer support is excellent & they have 24/7 customer support available. They have chat support, phone call support, articles support guides. I like their chat support and I always use it when I get stuck anywhere. Really they have an professional experts which solves the problem within one interaction & that’s why I love their customer support.

bluehost support

They can handle technical issues, security issues and along with this they also solves wordpress related issue and which I think is a plus point of bluehost because beginners don’t have much technical knowledge when they start using wordpress.

bluehost guides support

1 click wordpress installation– the installation of wordpress is very easy in bluehost & you don’t need to worry about it as the wordpress installation is straight forward process.

C-panel: bluehost provides c-panel that is control panel through which you can easily manage your blog & can control you blog activities.

bluehost c panel

Bluehost account dashboard: they have easy to use dashboard through which you can do some important changes in your bluehost account.

bluehost hosting account dashboard.

Free cdn: with every hosting plan they offer a free cdn(content delivery network). It has noticed that If you will integrate your blog with cdn then your website speed will increase. you can use cdn network like cloudflare which most of bloggers use & it also helps to prevent your blog from invalid traffics & ddos attacks.

Types of hosting bluehost provides:

  1. Shared hosting.
  2. Dedicated hosting.
  3. VPS hosting.
  4. WordPress managed hosting.
  5. woocommerce hosting.

Let’s elaborate each one.

Shared hosting: in this type of hosting the hosting is shared with number of websites & it is best for the beginners who have less amount of traffic to their website.

Dedicated hosting: this hosting plan is good for those who have very high amount of traffic to their website & the price of such hosting is also very high.

VPS hosting: vps is just like a shared hosting but it has a virtual private server & it is good for the website which has moderate amount of traffic. generally this type of hosting has low price.

WordPress managed hosting: this type of hosting is good for those who are beginners & don’t have much technical knowledge. The aspects of running a website & technical support is itself managed by hosting provider.

E-commerce hosting: if you want to build an online store then this hosting plan is best for you, as it provides lots of feature & services which is required to run an online E-commerce store.

if you want to know how to buy hosting with bluehost step-by-step. then you can also read my detailed guide on how to start a blog

Bluehost plans

bluehost has various plans let’s have a look on each plans and their pricing. Shared hosting plans are good for beginners who are just starting or small business who want to create a website.

shared hosting plans
  • Shared hosting basic plan: it is good for the people who want to create a single website, as in this plan you can only host a single website. this plan is good if you are just starting & are beginner.

Basic plan contains below features.

1 website

50GB SSD storage

1 free domain for 1 year

Free SSL certificate

Free CDN (content delivery network)

24/7 customer support.

  • Shared hosting Plus plan: if you want to create a multiple website then you can go with shared hosting plus plan.
  • Shared hosting Choice plus plan- if you want to create unlimited website then this plan will work well for you. It contains unlimited storage, free domain privacy & many more features.
  • Pro plan- this plan contains more features like free automatic backup, free dedicated ip, unlimited ssd storage etc.

dedicated hosting plans & prices

dedicated hosting plans: in dedicated hosting also they have various plans & features you can purchase it according to your requirement. As shown below

bluehost dedicated hosting plans

Vps hosting plans:

vps hosting plans bluehost
  • Online store: this type of plan is good if you want to create an e-commerce website. They also offer woo-commerce integration, various features, marketing tools, website traffic analytics, manual order creation,24/7 customer support etc.

bluehost provides woocommerce hosting if you want to create your own online store on which you can sell your products to get started with your online store just click here

online store with bluehost

Bluehost hosting price- bluehost is a reliable hosting and it offers lots of advance features which help us to run our blog or website smoothly. The price of each hosting plans are different and it is not so high. If you are thinking to start your own blog or website then I will recommend you to go with bluehost.

The higher the plan you select the good discount you get. For example: suppose you buy shared hosting basic plan for 36 month then it will cost you $3.95 per month. Note: when first time you buy hosting you get good discount but the renewal cost is high.

Note: the price is not always same,sometimes it gets higher.

With every hosting plan they gives you a 1 year free domain. But after 1 year you need to renew the domain and it cost may be high. If you are looking for domain name at cheap price then you can also go with

My personal experience with bluehost

I can tell you more about bluehost because I am personally using it & my experience till now is very good with bluehost. Specially I like their customer support & according to me while purchasing any hosting you must look at the features, performance, security, price & customer support. I will give bluehost 4.9 stars out of 5.

They have easy to use dashboard from where you can manage your blog activities, they also have lots of guides related to wordpress which can help beginners who are just starting.

I really like their service & hosting performance.

if you want to also start your own blog with this amazing hosting company then just go to

Pros of bluehost hosting
  • Bluehost is reliable & good hosting.
  • Its overall performance, security, features are very good.
  • They give you a free ssl certificate which is necessary for your blog or website
  • They offers a free domain for 1 year with every hosting plans
  • Free cdn(content delivery network)
  • Free inbuild cache plugin
  • Good customer support.

Cons of bluehost
  • The cons of bluehost is that product renewal cost are high.
  • There are lots of addon while purchasing & it can increase your total amount.
  • If you want to migrate your site to bluehost then you need to pay money for migrating your site from another hosting.
  • They try to upsell.


So this was my honest review on bluehost hosting & I recommend you to go with bluehost because of its performance & good customer support. Their hosting plans are not so high & it is affordable for beginners who are looking for best hosting service with good customer support.

Note:This blog post contain some affiliate links, means if you buy any product or service through this links then i will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. which help us to maintain this website. remember that i will always share products or services that i have personally used & which will be helpful to you.

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