types of keywords in seo

11 Types of keywords in Seo that you must know

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Hey, There! Do you know about different types of keywords in SEO?? keywords are generally queries that are in the form of questions, phrases that are searched by people on the internet.

Just think if you want to know any information what you do?? You do google about it, AM’I Right??

So the questions, queries that you enter on google or any search engines are known as keywords. but every keyword that people search on internet has various search intent & that exactly I am going to show you in this blog post.

Without talking anymore lets jump to the main topic of this article.

types of keywords in seo.

types of keywords in seo

Short Tail Keywords

When people search with fewer words that means not so specific. it is known as short-tail keywords.

Short-tail keywords are generally of 2-3 words. Let’s understand it by an example: If someone searches for “best coffee” on a search engine then it is a short tail keyword, some more examples of short-tail keywords are “how to blog”, what is a blog, best shoes, digital marketing, etc. 

This type of keyword has high volume, and high competition also. it is a little difficult to rank your blog using short-tail keywords on search engines.

Long-Tail Keywords

This type of keywords search has more words.

When people search with more number of words that mean more specific, then it is known as long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are generally more than 3-4 words. Examples of long-tail keywords are: “best coffee shop near me”, how to start a blog in India, how to learn digital marketing. These all are examples of long-tail keywords.

if you have just started your blog then you should use long-tail keywords in your blog posts. as it is easy to rank for long-tail keywords in search engines.

This type of keyword may have both high and low volume, but it has low competition in most cases.

That means using long-tail keywords you can rank higher your articles on search engines.

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Fresh Keywords

They are trending keywords. The keywords are such which have been searching a lot recently. But its volume decreases slowly and even these keywords become out of fashion with time.

These types of keywords are searched for a certain amount of time. Example: It may be trending news, trending movies, etc.

Evergreen Keywords

Such types of keywords are searched mostly all the time. Evergreen keywords are those which are relevant all the time.

The Evergreen keyword may fluctuate; for some time this keyword’s volume may increase or decrease with time. But this type of keywords searches doesn’t go out of fashion, with time people keep searching for such types of keywords.

Such type of keyword always has a moderate amount of searches for exampke : how to learn digital marketing, how to make money online etc.

Product Defining Keywords

This type of keywords search defines products; when people search for product-related information on search engines then it is known as product defining keywords.

keywords that describe and explain products. For example, best shirts, best quality Kurtis, this type of keywords includes brand name also.

They are targeted keywords as people search for products online & also they search for different types of products.

Customer defining keywords

Such keyword are also like product defining keywords but it is more specific. This type of keyword defines customers who are searching for different products but in a more specific way.

Let’s understand it by an example: best shoes for women, best gifts for birthdays, latest t-shirt for men. These are all examples of customer-defining keywords. It is customer targeting keywords.

Geo-targeting Keywords-

These keywords are specific. Geo-targeting keywords are used for some specific neighborhoods, cities, states, and also countries.

For Example : Plumber shops in Chennai, how to start a business in India, the best places to visit in Maharashtra, best graphics designer in Ahmedabad. These are all examples of Geotargeting keywords.

Its more specific; which includes specifying area, location, a country in a keywords.

LSI(latent semantic indexing) keywords

These keywords are relevant types of keywords. such types of keywords are very similar to the main keyword.

These keywords are related to the main(seed) keywords.

For example, main keywords(how to start a blog)- its similar keywords & LSI keywords are (how to blog), (blogging for beginners), (how does a blog work), (how to create a blog).

These are all the similar keywords for main keywords (how to start a blog). You can use LSI keywords in your blog post also to rank higher in the search engine. To find Lsi keywords you can use lsigraph.com.

Intent targeting keywords-

Intent targeting keywords are categorized into 3 different types as shown below.

>>Informational, Commercial, transactional.

Lets Eleborate each one.


These types of keywords are based on information. it is based on the intent of the audience;

Let’s take an example: suppose if a person searches for the best t-shirt on a search engine. Means his intent is to get information about t-shirts; he wants to know only information about the best t-shirt his intent is not to buy the t-shirt just he is just searching for information.


These types of keywords are based on buying. If a person searches for keywords like buy the best t-shirt. means, there intent is clear, he wants to buy something; here his intent is to purchase something so this type of keyword falls under commercial keywords.


It is known as the conversion phase. means a person is fully ready to purchase or buy any product after doing comparisons & searching for discounts & more offers, It is very similar to commercial keywords.

Let’s understand it through an example: If a person wants to buy a product he will search for some offers, for example, best t-shirts offers & discounts. the best t-shirt sales and offers fall under the commercial keywords. a person’s intent is to buy but before he buys that product he searches for various discount offers and after searching for various discount and offers he finally pay for the product and buy it.

What do you think about this blog post does this information helped you to know about different types of keywords in Seo.

If you think this information is good then please also share it with others.

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