13 types of websites

13 types of websites that you must know

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Every websites on the internet has a various goals & purposes but do you know about different types of website ?? if not, then you must read this article about 13 types of website.

Before discussing about types of website let’s have a look at what is a website & how it works.

What is website & how it works

 A website is a set of web pages; every website has its own target & goals. When you search for any site on Google that website loads through the browser through a server where the website is stored. Every website has a server on which the website files & data are stored it is also known as hosting.

To understand it clearly let’s take an example: when you search for any website on a browser, the server where your website files are stored receives a request for the website that you have typed in the browser. Now the browser connects your device to the server through an I.P Address and the website content is displayed to you.

Types of website

Static website- this website has fixed content, which means it is hardly changed & there is not much interaction of users in the static type of website. All users get the same content when they visit a static website. This website contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

 Static website load faster as compared to dynamic website

A static website is more secure

Dynamic website- this type of website has higher user interaction & sometimes the content is different for different users. It is easy to update content & design in a dynamic types of websites. The best example is wordpress website which is based on CMS (content management system). This website contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Dynamic website loads slow as compared to a static website

13 types of website

13 types of website

#1 Business website

affiliation blogger template
Example Of Business website

These types of websites have content related to business & they are mainly build to attract more audiences and so that users can know more about that particular business. Many business websites has a section blog on their website so that people can also know about that business through content.

#2 Wiki website

example of wiki website
Example Of Wiki website

Such type of website allows collaboration with different users, where users can edit, create or add content by using their browser. Some of the wikis allow the general public to modify content.

#3 Portal website

example of portal website
Example of Portal website

This type of websites provide various services in a single website & it is known as a portal website or portal web. such websites has free services like search engines, maps, shopping, news providing information, sports, etc. example of such a type of website is yahoo.com.

#4 Information website

when you search on Google for any information, you get various results & it also displays some of the websites which help you to provide information about that particular query. The purpose of such type of website is to provide information about a particular field.

#5 News website

purpose of such type of website is to provide news related information, it provides daily updates on various news, sports & stories also.

#6 Personal website

many people want to share their own stories or want to create their own portfolio so that they can share their knowledge or experience to the world, the purpose of such types of websites is also to create a personal brand & it is known as a personal website.

#7 Blog website

example of blog website
Example of Blog Website

Such type of website contain various articles related to a particular niche, such type of website is also created to share the knowledge & experience in any particular field & which help people to learn new thing, some of the blog websites also contain tutorials, travel guides, blogging tutorials, etc.

If you are thinking to start a blogging website then you must read how to start a blog in 2022

#8 E-commerce website

example of Ecommerce website
Example of E-commerce website

this type of website is built for buying products online, you have heard about Amazon, flip-kart, mantra, etc. these all are E-commerce websites, where you can buy products, can view varieties of products online.

#9 Images website

example of images website
Example of images website

this type of website contains various images & illustrations. Some of the websites also contain non-copyright free images which you can download & can use in your blog, videos, etc. examples of such website are pixabay.com, pixels.com, freepik.com, etc.  

#10 Job website

example of job website
Example Of Job Website

The purpose of such type of website is to provide information related to a job, they post a various job on such type of website & further you can also apply for a particular job post through that website only. Examples of such types of websites are linkedin.com, naukri.com, indeed.com, etc.

#11 Question & answer website

you can ask your question & also give the answers to any question using such type of website. This type of website is mainly built for Q&A purposes. To use a website first you need to signup yourself on that website & have to create a profile, after that you can start answering the various questions which are asked by various people on that website & can also ask a question. The best example of such type of website is quora.com.

#12 Streaming website

this type of website is built for uploading purposes. You can upload videos, create profiles, create channels, etc. example of such a type of website is youtube.com.

#13 Social media website

example of social media website
Example of social media website

Such type of website allows you to create a profile, post content, etc. you have heard about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. this type of website are known as social media website.

Along with this, there are also different types of websites like Entertainment websites, a Crowdfunding websites, etc.

I hope that this information had helped you to know about 13 types of website. Keep visiting our site to learn blogging tips & tricks for free.


What is the difference between static & dynamic websites??

A static website has fixed content while dynamic website content is updated regularly.

What is a website??

It is a collection of web pages & every website has different purposes & goals.

What is a server??

It is a 24 hrs computer-connected internet.

Where the website data are stored??

The website data are stored in a server it is also known as hosting.

Why website is created??

Website is created for different purposes & goals, there are various types of website like blog website, entertainment website, social media website, streaming website, informational website,  wiki website, E-commerce website, portal website, news website, images website, job website, etc.

Blog means website??

The blog is a website but the difference is that in a blog content is updated regularly.

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