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What Is Personal Blog Meaning: 8 Types And Ideas Explained

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You may have come across many websites while browsing the internet, but are you aware of what is personal blog meaning?? What are its types?? Purpose, And why even they are Built?? If No, then must read this piece of content that covers everything related to personal blogging.

As while looking back, there were many routine work used to be done offline, but online exposure has make even stronger impact on people’s life,

Hence everyone’s work is enhanced, and many people out there are able to make fruitful conversation online, personal blog meaning is also associated under this roof, but how?? Let’s understand.

I am not here to share incomplete information that will run off you, You will often get authentic and updated information that is easy to digest through our blog

In the end, you will be with a clear picture of the term personal blog and insights highlighted below

  • Personal blog meaning
  • History of personal blogging
  • Types of personal blogs
  • Benefits of having a personal blog
  • personal blogging tips to build a successful blog
  • Conclusion

What is meaning of personal blog

what is personal blog
Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

A personal blog is derived using two words personal + blog, where personal means an individual human thought, emotion, knowledge, expertise, opinion, or anything relative to them, and while blog means an online dairy where content is found in a huge amount.

The human behind the personal blog is just like us who are intent on sharing their thoughts, knowledge, emotions, hobbies, or anything related to their daily lifestyle.

You can consider it as a personal diary but the difference is just the way it is consumed, which means an online mode.

From big celebrities to the common man, you will find many out there who own a blog.

what is meant by personal blog??

A personal blog is managed by individual and not by a group of multiple authors, it contains content that may be a mixture of text, videos, audio, and images.

To make it simpler for you, when an individual creates a blog using any online blogging platform and shares any kind of information relative to him on it then it is known as a personal blog.

You may notice that a person who runs a personal blog talks in a normal tone just like talking with friends, and family members to convey thoughts, emotions, or any information.

As above examine the Responsible person to post articles on a personal blog is an individual author only not a group of authors, all the activities on the blog are managed by the author(owner of the blog) and can even cover as many as topics.

Here in short is how a personal blog begins.

History of personal blog

history of personal blog
Image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pixabay

The history is a little interesting, want to know?? Ok, so it all started in 1994 when Justin hall created a web page named, before that people use to write dairies offline.

At that time the word “blog” was not introduced, later in 1997 a person john Barger comes up with a term “weblog” but still “blog” term was not so popular.

With the time in 1999, peter Merholz was successfully able to shorten the term “weblog” to “blog” and this way personal blogs were born.

After that many popular blogging platforms were introduced such as Livejournal, blogger, zanga etc.

 This way the trend of creating a personal blog online started and is still going on.

Do you know there are numerous personal blogs on the internet that are created with the purpose of sharing any kind of specific information, lets’s elaborate on it.

Types of personal blogs

An individual personal blog may contain multiple topics that are been published by himself as an owner of that blog, many personal blogs are categorized into a wide range of topics, and below are some types that you have definitely come across on the internet.

Lifestyle blog:

One of the common blog seen to be revolving around the internet are lifestyle blogs on which individual may talks about their daily activities, hobbies and sharing personal day to day routine experience in a friendly tone.

It may even covers topic such as fashion, beauty, home decoration, dressing styles etc.

Food blog:

Most such types of personal blogs may cover topics like delicious recipes, morning breakfast, vegetable soups, and varieties of dishes under one roof.

Apart from this, it may include cooking tips, and stories that are related to cooking and food.

Health and wellness blog:  

This blog are majorly seen to be covering physical and mental health tips, about nutrition and self-care.

Even Exercise, cycling, mountain climbing, trekking, yoga, pranayama are been talked about in such type of personal blogs.

Parenting blog:

More amount of people are attracted towards such type of blog that may include various advice and support for parents, about child development, parents’ challenges and numerous topics that solve parents’ issues.

Travel blog:

The majority of the individual author may cover their traveling experience on such type of personal blog; it may include beautiful images, videos, and historical content.

Various destination reviews, travel tips, and personal stories are seen to be covered.

Self-improvement blog:

Most of the blogs on a such topics may cover self-development, making work productive, goals settings, mindfulness, changing lifestyle, enhancing skills, communication, tackling failures, motivations, etc.

Political blog:

It may seen to be include political news, focusing on political issues, self-opinions, and analysis.

Along with this talking about various events, current news, and political education may be covered by the author.

Photography blog:

The majority of blogs use to showcase personal photography, album designs, and images of events and trips.

Even it may include backend techniques, talking about equipment, cameras, post-processing, etc.

Apart from these, there are many other types of blogs that are seen to be run by an individual, but what are their benefits?? Want to know?? Let’s talk about it.

What is the importance of personal blog- why do you need a personal blog

I hope now you are aware of what is personal blog meaning?? but what are its benefits?? Eager to know??

There are some Potential benefits of owning a blog, and below are some.

8 Benefits of having personal blog

1. Self-Express:

The best advantage is that you can make your thoughts flow through your blog by Self-expressing it in the form of text, for people to access that online diary (blog) and making fruitful connections online.

In a simple manner; you can share whatever suits your personality, anything that is related to your passion, profession, or personal life.

It’s the best mode to make conversational talk with a wide range of people online all across the globe.

2. Will Enhance your writing:

the top benefit of creating a personal blog is that you can make a significant change in your writing style, hence when will begin writing and with time you will able to improve it to a great extent.

Leveraging it will even upgrade your thinking power which will lead to the production of quality and creative content.

Hence the more you will write better be able to convey your thoughts to the readers.

3. Helps in building online community:

When your content will circulate to people via your personal blog then there is a high chance that people will start interacting with you in comments, forums, social media, or wherever it is visible, many will be interested to connect with you, and this way a community of people around your content will start building.

So this way personal blog can help you to connect with a larger audience that are willing to read your content and hence in the future will be able to build an online community too.

4. Networking:

Around you, there may be many people covering the same or variant topic on their personal blog and that will make you more confident, and hence the opportunity to connect with like-minded people will knock your door.

Networking will give your personal blog more exposure, as sharing other blog content will develop people to share yours too.

So the advantage is that you can connect with like-minded people online by building your personal blog.

5. Becoming an Expert –

Pushing your brain continues to produce quality content on a particular niche(topic) will leads in improve your learning gradually, and that can result you in the way of becoming an Expert of that topic.

So having a personal blog can benefit you in this way also, the more in-depth knowledge you gain the better you reach the top-notch of that field.

6. Can become famous-

Popularity is what you can gain through your personal blog, Yes! There are number of counts out there who are able to not only achieve huge success but are able to get them at a high position through their personal blog.

Some blogs even goes viral and are able to attract a huge audience over the globe and this is the power of blogging that can’t be underestimated.

Your personal blog can even help you to land a high-paying job, as it will act as a portfolio for you.

7. Will develop multiple skills-

While getting started with your personal blog there are multiple skills on the way that you will learn throughout the journey and it includes writing, SEO(Search engine optimization), social media, image design, marketing strategies, web designing, technical skills, etc.

So starting a personal blog can even help you to develop the most demanding skills of this digital era and its worth!

Even your personal blog can become an inspiration for many people out there and they may be eager to learn from you about the whole process of starting a personal blog and that is another opportunity that comes on the way.

8. Earning opportunity-

How about earning from a personal blog?? Do personal blogs make money? Of course, many of them are able to generate good revenue through their personal blog and even are able to replace 9-5 jobs, Yup! Not kidding, but the time and energy need to be invested and with proper guidance it’s possible.

There are plenty of ways to get monetize your blog writing and the most common ways are Ads networks, Affiliate marketing, sponsored content, course selling, e-books, Url shorteners, social media, services providing, etc.

It should be noted that it takes time to turn your blog completely into a passive earning and there are lots of factors involves in making potential earning through a personal blog.

5 personal blogging tips to build a successful personal blog from scratch

Below are some quick tips on how to start a successful personal blog.

Getting started with a personal blog is quite easy nowadays; it does not require writing big lines of code, gone those days. Just with the little internet knowledge, that everyone has these days, AM’I Right??

You can easily start building it, which we will be covering but before that allow me to share some useful tips regarding a personal blog that need to be followed to start correctly without any mistakes.

Tip 1- Stick with your niche-

If you want to make more out of a personal blog then it is necessary to be more specific with your content.

Drill down your niche (topic), For example, if are going to talk about cooking then instead of considering it as a whole part go deeper and cover only cooking oil, just example.

by doing this you will be not talking about everything on cooking, this will help you to get targeted audience and will able to focus more on creating valuable content around it.

It will even help search engine like Google to understand your content in a better manner.

You can even go with 2 niches together but I recommend not more then 2 as it will confuse your readers.

It makes more sense to be specific on a topic instead of covering as many as topic on your personal blog.

Tip 2: Keyword research:

Making your blog visible on Google to let allow people to discover your content requires a deep understanding of keyword research and SEO.

Before publishing content ensures to perform some easy techniques of on-page SEO to let Google index your content and give some better ranking on SERP (search engine results page).

Free premium tools like ahref is best to get started analyzing keywords to write on.

Related guide: on page and off page SEO.

How to write your first blog post

How to choose a profitable niche for personal blogging

Tip 3) Write engaging content:

Write just like you are talking with your friend and make your writing flow easily throughout the entire article, making every sentence relatable to each other.

Avoid using complex words that can run off your readers, be authentic and write solution-oriented content.

It may sound hard to write better when you begin but with time it will automatically improve, so don’t be afraid to write your first piece of content on your blog, don’t think of perfection just get started.

Tip 4) Be consistent:

To remain on the track and to build a loyal audience set up small goals about what to write and when to write, content calendar tools can help you with this.

To keep your readers engaged try to publish articles on a regular schedule and have patience, as a blog will grow gradually.

Tip 5) Explore ways to promote:

To get initial traction on your personal blog explore different ways, such as sharing articles on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and medium.

The best way to get real quality traffic is from Google but that may take some time to show results, so don’t be afraid of sharing content on various platforms to get initial readers on your blog.

So it’s time to share with you the exact process of building your own personal blog from scratch

Here we go.

How do I start a personal blog?

how to build a personal blog
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

To build your personal blog you can opt for Hostinger which is one of the reliable and affordable services to get your blog live hassle-free.

Highly recommendable for Indian people who want to build a personal blog but are running on a tight budget.

Here is an exact step to get started quickly for 4 years at only 48$

Hostinger offers a wide range of hosting solutions from shared hosting to higher compatible plans that suits best based on your requirements.

First Visit Hostinger

hostinger signup

On Hostinger shared hosting you get various plans shown below.

Single web hosting: Allows you to get started quickly but for only 1 domain, which means will only be able to host 1 website, features included 50GB SSD Storage, unlimited free SSL, Free website builder, 24/7 support, 30-day money-back guarantee, you can visit their site to know what more they offer with this plan.

Premium web hosting: Planning to build multiple blogs?? this plan gonna be perfect for you, it allows you to host 100 websites on this plan and comes with incredible features

Business web hosting– Best for small and medium businesses, As more security and functions can be found in this hosting plan.

If you are going to begin a personal blog then there shared hosting plans is what you should opt for, the process is quite straightforward just select the plan as per your requirements, fill up your details and make a payment, that’s it.

how to buy hosting from hostinger

After making a purchase you can install Free WordPress software for designing and building your personal blog, that’s it.

If you want to learn the complete process from purchasing hosting to making your personal blog live using hostinger then must read my article on how to buy hosting from hostinger in 2023 and set up your blog.

Related guides: how to start a blog in India.

Personal blog Examples

Some popular personal blog examples.

  1. The Minimalists:

This blog, run by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, focuses on minimalism and simple living. The blog features articles, podcasts, and events related to minimalism and has a large number of following.

2. The Art of Manliness:

This blog, run by Brett & Kate McKay, covers a wide range of topics related to manliness, including self-improvement, relationships, and outdoor skills. The blog has a large following and has created a number of successful books and products.

3. The Positivity Blog:

This blog, run by Henrik Edberg, focuses on positive thinking and personal development. The blog contains articles, courses, and other resources related on how to live a positive and fulfilling life.

4. Marc and Angel Hack Life:

The owner of the blog, Marc and Angel Chernoff, covers a wide range of topics related to personal development and productivity. The blog has a large following and has spawned several successful books.

5. Zen Habits:

This blog, run by Leo Babauta, focuses on simplicity, mindfulness, and personal development. The blog is followed by large number of peoples and they has launched several successful books also.



A personal blog can be used for sharing your own thoughts, insights, knowledge, and expertise from a wide range of topics, and building it can benefit you in many aspects.

I hope all related angles associated with what is mean by personal blog have helped you to get detailed insights about it.

If you think it was really valuable for you then shower some love by sharing this with others & Let me know in the comment box if you have any particular query related to this guide.

Do you own a personal blog?? Or are thinking to build one??

FAQ on what is personal blog

  1. What is a personal blog?

    It’s An online diary where an Individual writes his own thoughts, knowledge, and expertise on any particular subject relative to him, the personal blog is run by an individual, not by a group of people.

  2. What is the difference between blogger and personal blog?

    A blogger focuses more on a specific niche(topic) while a personal blog may contain as many topics that can be related to individual life and interest.

  3. How do I start a personal blog?

    Step 1- Buy domain and hosting.
    Step 2- Setup your blog
    Step 3- Install a simple and responsive template.
    Step 4- Have a content calendar
    Step 5- Implement SEO
    Step 6- Promote your blog
    Step 7- Build a network online
    Step 8- Monetize your content

  4. Do personal bloggers get paid?

    Yes! Many bloggers out there are able to generate a good source of income through ad networks, affiliate marketing, selling their own courses, and e-books, Offering services, etc.

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