how to choose a profitable niche

How to choose a profitable niche for blogging step-by-step

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Finding a profitable niche that also aligns with your interest is not always possible, but what if I tell you that there is an easy way out there through which you can find your niche in the next few minutes, it sounds cool, ha!

Starting a blog can benefit you in many ways but if you make the very first step wrong then it Can even lead to failure, I don’t want to let this happen to you & that’s why I decided to write on how to choose a blogging niche that is not only based on your interest but is also profitable & through which you will be able to generate good income.

Through this article, you will get a complete framework on how to decide your niche without spending hours of time, Even if you are thinking to start blogging as a freelancing business then also this guide will help you to make the right decision on niche selection without messing up.  

The beautiful part about blogging is that you can start it on any topic based on your interest, knowledge, or expertise, but the harsh! truth is that the topic with no market demand or no searches on the internet doesn’t Gonna give you any profit in return, isn’t it?? So what we can do, No worries I have also covered that in this article.

First I want you to make a list of topics that excites you, a topic on which you have little knowledge, or that is based on your interest. It may be anything for example cooking ideas, decoration ideas, educational niches, sports, products review, social media, tech ideas, baby care, or maybe related to your profession.

how do I find a growing niche?

how to choose a proftable niche
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

After coming up with a list of ideas start filtering out based on the below metrics.

  • Search volume
  • Difficulty
  • Profitability

Before showing you how to perform the entire above task using premium keyword research tools for free, allow me to elaborate on each term so that you get a better understanding of it.

Search volume: the number of people searching for that particular topic on the internet is derived as search volume, the more searches a topic has the better you get results, even if it has a moderate amount of searches then it is also good to go with.

But Alone volume is not enough you must aware of the topic competition and its value in terms of earning.

Difficulty: Higher the difficulty is tough to rank on Google, so ensure to choose a low or moderate topic to make the possibilities of ranking articles on Google.

It’s an important factor to know before you jump into the actual game.

Profitability: If you want to make more out of blogging then never neglect to check the topic’s profitability, and it’s earning potential of that topic, the more the topic is profitable higher the chances to earn big through it.

But what if the niche you selected is not your cup of tea?? No worries that I too have included in this guide so keep reading.

It’s time to do action, not in movie, haha!  Just joking, let’s be serious because we are now going to find the above 3 metrics using one of the popular premium tools for free.

How to find a profitable niche for blogging in 3 simple steps

entrepreneur g2b3e84fa9 1280
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I assume that you have a list of topics that excites you in your hands.

Step1) Go to Ahref tool

Step2) Enter your main topic

how to choose a profitable niche

Step3) Find the competition along with volume as shown below in Example

image 1

Make sure that the topic has enough volume and low or moderate KD (Competition), what else is missing here?? Any guess?  Profitability, AM’I Right??

To find that head over to the Uberuggest tool and that’s it.

image 2

Replicate the same steps with the other remaining topics one by one and then sort out which has enough volume, low or moderate competition, and good earning potential as well.

This is the easiest way to find your niche without losing your mind.

 Topic based on your interest that you chose not has any profit than also you can work on it?? How it’s possible?? This means the topic must be profitable AM’I Right?? The solution is going deeper into that topic and only covering a small part of it.

In simple words starting a micro niche blog on that topic, yes! The stats show that even with micro niche blogs people are able to generate good income.

You need to find a profitable micro niche under your main topic if it does not have more potential.

Here is how you can do that.

For Example, my Main topic is “fitness” now I will go to the Ahref tool and enter my main topic & find more micro topics under it, based on it I will select a micro topic that is more profitable and has enough volume with low competition.

image 3

This way you can decide your niche that is not only based on your interest but also will be profitable.

If you want to learn different ways to find a micro niche then you can also read more.

Still not getting any ideas on niche selection then start with my handpicked niches that are low in competition and has good earning potential

Which niche should I choose

  • Baking sheet: A unique micro niche idea to get started quickly.
  • Self  Improvement: Nowadays people are searching more about this topic on Google
  • Entertainment near me: this keyword has moderate competition and is good to go with
  • business in India
  • DJ near me
  • travel expenses
  • camera lens
  • Historical places
  • yoga mate
  • wireless printer


Finding a niche in this direction is really going to make your day and it is not going to take your much time.

Many people fail to decide on the right niche and later they regret but using above method I am dam! Sure that you will not face such a situation.

Yes! Blogging is not so easy nowadays but your passion & and patience Will help you to tackle when you have a feeling of giving up.

If you have any queries related to this guide then drop it in the comment box, I will be happy to help you.

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