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11 Types of content writing that will blow your mind

types of content.
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You may know about content writing but what about types of content writing?? Do you know?? There are various types of writing & every Writing has its own importance.

So in this blog post you will get to learn about 11 different types of content writing that blow your mind.

In today’s world content has become a basic need of people. Whatever information people want is available on the internet.

Just think, if you want to learn anything or want any information what you do?? You do Google about it, AM’ I Right?? And when you search anything on the internet you get content in form of articles, videos, images, voice etc.

Before procedding ahead first let’s have a look on what is exactly content writing.

What is content writing?

When a person writes content in the form of text to educate, entertain, sharing experience or any information then it is known as content writing

Content writing is mostly used nowadays & many online businesses have their own blog on which they regularly write blog post.

It is said that content is the king! & it is right, as content plays a major role in marketing also.

Content helps people to solve the problem & helps to gain information’s in various fields.

Content writing skills has a high demand nowadays & content writing is also a part of digital marketing. People also write content & do marketing of that content to drive sales & for converting audience to customers.

So now without wasting your valuable time let’s talk about 11 different types of content writing

types of content writing

  • Blog writing
  • Copywriting
  • Tech writing
  • SEO writing
  • Journalist writing
  • Business writing
  • Ghost writing
  • Social media writing
  • E-mail writing
  • Script writing
  • Story writing

Lets explore each one.

#1 Blog writing-

Currently I am writing this blog post & it is a form of blog writing. You have seen lots of bloggers who writes blog post & also some are freelancer who writes articles for the various clients also.

Blogs are the best way to share knowledge & experience in any field. You have heard about blogging; it is a type of content writing only.

Generally people creates their own blog for sharing thoughts, for fun, to educate & also to share their own knowledge & experience in a particular field.

So blog writing is also a type of content writing

#2 Copywriting-

When a person write content with the intension of selling or to generate more leads then it is known as copywriting.

This type of content is written in such a way that engage more people & which converts an audience to customers.

Such type of writing is especially used in marketing, ads copy, advertising etc.

#3Technical writing-

This type of writing includes technical words & people who are good in technical writing can even start a technology blog. this type of writing includes guides on various software installation & about various softwares information etc.

#4 Seo writing-

this type of content includes seo techniques. When you write content you also want to rank content on search engine like google, yahoo etc. when a person writes content from Seo point of view means he includes keywords, metatags, quality content, use of images, good headlines etc. then this type of content writing is know as seo writing. To know more about seo you can also read seo & it types

#5Journalist writing-

this type of content writing includes real base of information. You have heard about journalism; a person who works as a journalist writes content on magazines, newspapers etc. this type of writing is simple & well structured.

#6 Business writing-

this type of content is based on business & this writing includes business related informations. It includes clear, short & simple writing, it also includes call to action.

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