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full form of ctr

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full form of CTR,CPC,CPA,CR,CPM

hello guys, do you know some most important terms full form of ctr,cpc, cpm,cpa, etc. I am going to discuss about full form of all this & also about what each terms means. This are use in digital marketing campaign ads ,blogging ,google analytics, google adword also.

CTR- click through rate

CPC- cost per click

CPM- cost per mile

CPA- cost per action

CR-    conversion rate

URL-  uniform resource locator

full form of ctr

Ctr- full from of ctr is (click through rate) which means when a person see ads suppose 1000 person has seen ads & out of which 80 people click on that ads then ctr will be clicks/total no of people seen ads*100 it is known as click through rate.

 lets understand it by an small example: suppose when some one see ads & click on that ads then it is counted as a click & ctr is also calculated in terms of percentage also. The formula to find ctr= no of click/total no of impression.How to calculate ctr- Ex: suppose 500 people has see ads & only 50 people click on that ads then ctr= 50/500*100= 10%  ctr=10%.

cpc formula

Cpc- full form of cpc is (cost per click) – this is the amount per click an advertiser pay. Suppose an advertiser run campaign and he pays $200 for that campaign & he receives 50 clicks on ads then the cpc will be 200/50= $4 so an advertiser has spend $4 per click. when some one click on ads then on 1click how much you spend is known as cpc.

cpm formula

Cpm- full form of cpm is cost per mille means total cost spend by advertiser/impressions*1000. Lets take an example suppose an advertiser pay $50 for a campaign & the impression generated by campaign is 10000 then cpm= 50/10000*1000= 5$

cpa formula

CPA- full form of cpa is cost per action lets take an ex: an campaign ads has 2000 view & 200 click now out of 200 click  50 are positive conversion. Means 50 people converted then & the advertiser has spend $200 then the Cpa= 200/50= $4 

cr formula

Cr- full form of cr is conversion rate. Suppose a advertiser run campaign now 30 is conversion out of 1000 ads clickes, the cr= 30/1000*100= 3%

Some more important terms which are used in analytics & digital marketing are shown below.

Impression- it is total number of people who has seen ads but not click on ads then it is known as impressions. You can also see the term in google search console in which when a people sees your blog page but not click on that page then it is known as impressions.

Lets understand it by one more example: suppose you have youtube channel now you upload a new video & also a nice thumbnail for your video; when people will come across your video they will see thumbnail & now most of people don’t click on it  & only saw your thumbnail & leave whithout clicking on it then the people who has not click on you our thumbnail are counted as impression & it is known as impression. You can see the no of impression in analytics section also in youtube.

Clicks- suppose 1000 people seen and ads & out of which 200 people click on that ads then it is known as click. The click will be calculated As 200. Same way when people visit to your blog some of them only click on blog post that counts of person is known as clicks.

Page view- when some one visit to your blog page then it is counted as views & it is known as page view. someone when view your blog page then it is counted as page view.

Sessions- when a person visits your blog & after some time he leaves your blog now suppose he again visits your blog within an time period of half an hour then the session is calculated as 1 but if he visits after half & hour or in one hour then it is calculated as new session.the session term is used in google analytics. You can also set the session time in google analytics.

To set session time in google analytics go to google analytics>admin section>click on property>tracking info> session setting. This way you can change session time in google analytics. I will make a separate blog post for it.

Lets understand it by another ex: suppose person A visits your site & read article but he could not read entire article as it was his lunch time & he leave your website now after lunch time he came back to your website after 30 minute or after 1 hour then the session is calculated as a new session that is 2 sessions; but if he has visited your website within 30 minutes then it is calucated as 1 sessions only. I will create a seprate blog post on sessions.

Users- it is an unique visitor & calculated as no of visitors.

Bounce rate- when a person or user enters a web page & without interaction or engaging he leaves that web page means he does not click on the menu or he does not went to any page of website then it is known as bounce rate.

Ex: if you have an blog now  suppose a person visits your blog now he does not engage with your content & does not read any article & doesn’t interact with any of the page ; just he came to blog & leave blog then it is calculated as bounce rate.  

If  bounce rate is high that means visitors visiting your site are not engaging more with your content.

Along with this there are more terms which are necessary to know as a digital marketer or a blogger that I will be discussing in some another blog post.

The above terms are mostly used in analytics & if you run an campaign online that means you run ads then you must know the above terms.

this are the terms which are used in google analytics, digitalmarketing etc. so friends does this information helped you if yes then you can also share it with your friends.

Conclusion- if you use analytics & run an campaign online then you must know about ctr,cpc,cpa,cpm etc. What’s your opinion about this blog post does it help you to know about full of ctr,cpc etc. & their importance. If  it helped you then you can also share it with your friends.

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