how to delete a blog on blogger.

how to delete a blog on blogger in seconds

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You are here, that means, you need to know the exact steps on how to delete a blog on blogger?? No worries in this blog post i am going to show you how to do that in seconds.

The reason may be, you want to move to WordPress or don’t want your blog anymore.

So without any more add-on lets directly perform the action.

Let me tell you that blogger is a very nice platform for beginners & its interface is very easy to use. As it is google product it has high security. Want to know more about blogger then you can also read what is blogger & how to create a blog on blogger

Here is exact steps to delete a blog on blogger.(Note- I’m going to show you how you can delete a blog on blogger new interface that they have recently updated)

How to delete a blog on blogger

Step 1) login to,

Step 2) after login on left section of dashboard navigate to “setting”

Step 3) click on setting> after that there will be different options just scroll down at the end.

Step 4) after scrolling there will be an option manage blog.

Step 5) in manage blog > “click on remove your blog” as shown below.

how to delete a blog on blogger

Step 6) you will be ask; are you sure just click OK or yes & your blog will be deleted from blogger permanently & that’s it, I hope now you know how to delete a blog on blogger.

If you are a newbie then the below additional content will be like icing on the cake for you.

How to delete a blog post in blogger.

Blog post are the post which you write for your blog. you can create as many as blog post you want.

If you want to delete a particular blog post of your blog in blogger then follow the given below steps.

  • Go to
  • On dashboard you will see different blog posts that you have created now to delete a particular blog post just move your mouse to that post & there will be an 3dot click on it > and then click on discard or delete option.
blogger dashboard
  • Its very easy to delete a blog post in blogger.

How to delete a particular page in blogger.

Pages are most important for any blog or website. Its simple to add or delete a page in blogger. sometimes what happen that we create some pages whithout thinking & you need to delete that unwanted pages. Here I will show you both the process 1) how to create a pages & how you can delete a particular pages form blog.

To delete a page on blog just follow the given below steps.

  1. Go to
  2. On dashboard in left section as shown below click on pages.

how to delete page in blogger

  • After clicking on pages you will see your different pages which you have created.
  • Now move your mouse to that page which you have to delete & click on three dot & click delete

To create a new page in blog just go the the page section located left side on your dashboard & then click on the +sign & then a new page will open there enter the title & add information about that page & just click on publish on right side or click on an arrow to publish your page; if you don’t want to publish you can also save is as draft.

How to change a theme of a blog.

Blogger has their own theme which are responsive & very nice looking you can change your current theme if you want to make your blog look more nice.

1)To change theme go to blogger dashboard

2) click on theme option in left side section.

3) now you will see different themes scroll down & select any one of the theme which you need.

4)click on the theme and just click on activate.

How to delete an comment of your particular blog.

Comments are the most important for any blog but since nowadays there are lots of spammy comments. Some people comment & leave urls & which may affect your ranking in search engine. So for that you need to delete some comments of your blog.

To delete comments on your blog  go to blogger dashboard.

Click on comment section in left side & move your mouse on the comment which you have to delete.

Click on 3dots & there will be an delete option just click on it & the comment will be deleted.

How to add or remove gadgets in blogger

Gadgets are very useful to add some extra function in your blog.

There are more then 25+ gadgets which you can use in blogger.

Blogger Gadget includes.

Featured post- through this gadget you can add featured post to your blog. you can use this gadget in sidebar, cross columb etc.

 Blog search- this is a search box which you can add to your blog.

Profile- through this gadget you can add a profile, Page header, Followers, Labels, texts, popular posts, blog stats, follow by email, feed, translate etc.

To add a gadget in blog just go to dashboard of blogger on left side section there will a layout option.

Click on the layout> and now you can add or remove a gadget.  

I hope that this information has helped you to know about how to delete a blog on blogger & some more important information about blogger. if you like this information then you can share it with your friends also.

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