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How to create categories in blogger

how to create categories in blogger
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If you are on Blogger BlogSpot platform then there is no such direct option to add Categories on your blog but there is one easy way out there & that is exactly what I am going to show you in this blog post.

Adding categories helps people to recognize your content in a systematic way on your blog & if you have multiple niches on a single blog then you must add categories.

By adding categories you can give a proper structure to every blog post that you have written on your blog.

In this blog post, I will not only show you how to create categories but also going to show you how to add categories to your blog sidebar & in the menu also step-by-step.

So now without wasting your precious time let’s dive in.

How to add categories in blogger

Step 1) Login into blogger dashboard

login to blogger dashboard

Step 2)  You need to just open a blog post in which you want to add a category as shown below in the figure.

Step 3) On the right side of the editor you will find a Label option & in that you just need to add a category for that blog post & you can name that category according to you, After that you just need to update that blog post.

Note: if you have already created categories then it will show your entire categories list & from there you can directly select.

Here to show you I have added a category “blogging” in a particular blog post.

how to create categories in blogger

This way you can easily add categories to every blog post & now let’s see how to add categories in the sidebar of your blog.

If you have installed free seo friendly blogger templates then also you need to follow the same procedure that I have shown you in this article.

How to add categories in sidebar of blog

If you want to add categories on the sidebar of your blog as shown below in the figure then just follow below steps

>>Go to layout section on blogger dashboard & there at the sidebar you just need to add a new gadget.

Now you will find a label gadget there, just click on it & you can change the title & can give it a name as categories

After doing this don’t forget to click on save & that’s it.

How to add categories in menu

It’s simple to add your created categories to the menu, you need to just remember this string

>> Yourblogname/search/label /label name

For example:

Now to add the categories to the menu you need to just copy the above string & have to add it to your menu.

Go to layout>navigational menu> click on edit> add a new item.

The next step is to give a name to the category & just add the URL of your particular label as shown below in the figure.

If you are using WordPress then it is quite easy to add categories to your blog as there are widgets available & you can easily create unlimited categories for your blog.

So, friend, I hope now know how to create categories in blogger

If you think this blog post had helped you then please don’t forget to share it with others & see you again in another blog post.


What is label on blogger??

Through labels, you can categorize every blog post.

How do you add labels to blogger??

it’s easy, you will find that option within the editor while writing a blog post.

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