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how to create a blog on blogger

how to create a blog on blogger
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Hey friends, do you want to start a free blog?? Want to know how to create a blog?? You are at right place. In this blog post I am going to guide you step-by-step on how to start a blog using blogger. I’m going to discuss how to start a blog using blogger new interface which blogger has recently updated.

It is a complete blogger tutorial on new interface.

At the end of this blog post you will get to learn

What is blogger??

How to create a blog on blogger

How to do seo of BlogSpot blog & How to customize your blog


What is blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform on which you can create a blog for free. It is a good platform & most trusted platform as it is Google product. It is very easy to use platform & you can create a blog easily using this platform.

Recently blogger has updated its interface & it’s better than older interface.

To start a blog domain (web address) & hosting (space) are basic requirement.

 Blogger offers you free hosting(space) & a sub domain(web address). Blogger interface is easy to use & it also offers you a free ssl(secure socket layer) that is https for your blog

Blogger is based on html. It is good for beginners.

When you create a blog using blogger your blog URL will be The good thing is that you can also connect a custom domain to blogger. You can buy custom domain from trusted domain register site like godaddy, name cheap etc. after connecting custom domain with blogger your site URL will be instead of

It is easy to add custom domain to blogger just you need to add 2cname & 4Arecord in dns setting of domain where you have purchase from. So let’s move ahead to our next step that is how to start a blog on blogger.

How to create a blog on blogger (note- I’m going to guide you on how to create blog on blogger new interface)

Step1) go to

Step2) as blogger is Google product you can login in with your g-mail account. Just click on sign in option located on right side corner & login in with your Gmail account as show below.

Step3) on left side or on that page there will be a “create a blog” option just click on it.

Step4) a new page will open where you need to enter a title of your blog. Just enter a title which you want for a blog & click on Next as shown below.

write title for your blog.
blog title

Step5) after that a new page will open where you need to enter your blog address; the blog address will be as Just enter your own blog address whichever you want & click on save as shown below. Note-after these steps you may be ask to buy a domain name just skip that option.

enter blog address.
enter blog address

Hey! Congratulation you have created your blog on blogger. Now the next step is to do some basic setting of your blog. Just follow the given below steps.

i hope that you came to know about how to create a blog on blogger. now lets move ahead an lets see how to do some most imoprtant settings of your blog on blogger.

Below I will discuss a complete setting of your blog which is very necessary after creating your blog. Just follow the given steps. It is also a part of Seo(search engine optimization). To get traffic to your blog you need to do proper seo of your blog. Below are some settings which I have discussed step-by-step. And this are some points which are necessary but by only doing this your blog will not rank in search engine for that you need to do proper on page & off page seo of your blog. To know more about seo you can read how to do seo of blog

After creating blog your screen will look like this as shown below.

Now we have to do some setting of blog for that click on> “setting” on left side.

After clicking on setting there are different option available just follow steps as shown below

change title of blog

First section is title of your blog & you can also change title of your blog.

Then another section is description of blog just click on it and write a nice description for your blog as it will describe your blog & it is also important from seo point of view. After writing description just click on save.

write blog description

You can also add favicon for your blog that is something that will appear in starting of your blog it’s just like a logo. You can use various tool to create a favicon for your blog.

Next section is privacy just enable it as shown below & your blog will be visible to search engine.

enable options in blogger blog

Next section is https that you have to enable just toggle it. After enabling now when you visit your site it will be https(secure) website and it is very necessary to enable it from security point of view it’s free. As above I have discuss that blogger offers you a free ssl certificate for your blog.

enable https in blogger

You can enable image light box also if you want.

You have to do a one setting that is very important just follow the given below step & only enable what is shown below as if you do any mistake than your blog may affect. So please follow the given below step without any mistake. As by doing this setting you tell search engine about what to index or not to index in search engine.

In setting> just enable custom robots header tags. Now just enable the setting as shown below

seo settings of blogger blog

First is home page tag just click on it. Now enable two setting as shown below 1) enable>all   2)enable>noodp please do this carefully you can also see it below. & after that click on save.

custom robot tags setting

Second is archive and search pages tags click on it. Now enable two settings 1) enable>noindex 2)enable>noodp and click on save. As shown below.

Third is custom robot tags for posts & pages click on it. Now enable two settings1) enable>all 2)enable>noodp and click on save. As shown below.

Now we have done some basic & important setting of the blog above. Now let’s move ahead & learn how you can customize your theme.

How to customize your blog

Customizing your blog will give a nice look to your blog & it will also look professional.

Now let’s customize theme. You can customize your theme according to you; to customize your blog theme go to theme section in home page as shown below.

customize blog theme in blogger

Click on customize & now you can customize theme according to your need.

You can also further set user profile which will display on your blog. To set user profile go to setting> scroll down & there will be a user profile option.

Want to know some more platforms on which you can create a blog for free then you can also read free blogging tips

Now you can start writing your first blog post. to create a new blog post in blogger just click on new post in blogger dashboard as shown below.

create new post

after that a new page will open where you can start writing your first blog post. you can also switch to older interface of blogger as shown below.

how to go to the old interface of blogger

i will keep updating this blog post. does this blog post helped you to know about what is blogger & how to create a blog on blogger. if this content helped you then you can share it with your friends also.

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