how to add email subscription to wordpress blog

How to add email subscription to wordpress blog

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Do you want to add subscription form your blog?? what is a subscription form?? Step-by-step guide on how to create a subscribe us form for your wordpress blog.

In this blog post I am going to discuss about what is email subscription form, how to create it & also how you can integrate this form with email marketing tool.

What is email subscription form

it is type of form which you can see in most of blog & which allows your blog reader to subscribe to your blog. the subscription form or box is use to collect details of your reader or audience like their email. A person who subscribe to your blog allows you to send further messages on new updates or new blog post to their email.

Subscription form helps you to connect with your audience as when they subscribe to your blog you get email of that person & you can connect with your subscriber for longer time & can send mail on their email about your new updates or new blog post.

If you have a blog or website then you must have an subscription form on your blog. subscription form allows your audience to subscribe to your blog.

After a person subscribe to your blog you get their email details in email marketing tool. Then further you can send new updates or promotional email to that person.

You can also design you email subscription form & can also add new fields to it like first name, last name, email, contact etc. so that when people will subscribe to your blog they need to enter all this fields.

Subscription form are the best way to collect email of your audience as when they subscribe to your blog they need to enter email & some details.

Adding a subscription form is easy & if you are using wordpress then it become very easy as there are lots of plugin which you can use to create a subscription form for your blog.

If you are using google blogger platform then you can use feedburner to add subscription form to your blogger blog.

How to create a subscription form for your blog- now you know about subscription form lets discuss about how you can create it for your own blog.

Here I am talking about wordpress blog. we will create a form using a nice plugin mailoptin.

As I discuss above that there are lots of plugins which you can use to create subscription form you can also use icegram plugin.

How to add email subscription to wordpress blog

So lets start. Before creating a form first lets understand about mailoption  as we will use this plugin to only create a form as this plugin allows us to create 2 free forms for our blog if we want more forms or we want some more features like analytics & more information about subscribers then we need to upgrade it. Here I am only using this plugin to create a subscription form& then I will intergrate it with mailchimp. I am using mailchimp so that I can receive subscribers detail like their email in mailchimp.

As through mailchimp free plan we can collect up to 2000 email & can send email to 10,000 people.

If you don’t have an mailchimp account then you can create it for free to know how to create a mailchimp account you can read how to setup mailchimp account

First step- go to your wordpress dashboard there on left section click on plugins>addplugin> search for mailoptin> click on install> click on activate. after installing plugin you can see it in wordpress dasdboard in left section “mailoptin”

Here I will integrate mailoptin with mailchimp so that any one when subscribe to my blog then their information will be collected in my mailchimp tool.

After installing plugin it will appear on your dashboard left side just click on optinmail>intergrations.

how install mailoptin
integrate mailoptin with mailchimp account

after clicking on intergration there will be various email service provider just click on mailchimp. as shown above.

now on right side there will be a box where you need to enter Api key. To get api key click on the link login to mailchimp account. as shown below. if you dont have an mailchimp account then you can sign up for it. above i have discuss how you can create mailchimp account.

how to integrate mailoptin with mailchimp

Step2-After login you will get an api key from mailchimp account just copy it & come back to wordpress & paste it in box> click on save changes just below the box as shown above & now it will show connected.

Now after intergration of mailoptin with mailchimp its time to create a subscription form on mailoptin.

To create subscription form using mailoption just follow the given below steps.

In dashboard go to mailoptin tab>click on optincampaign as shown below.

create an email subscription

.On the top of the page click on add new tab as shown below.

 Then you need to enter optin campaign title you can name it anything as shown below.

Step3-Here we want to add it in sidebar so we will select sidebar/widget and click on it.

add different subcription box in wordpress

Now select any one of the theme. After select theme a new page will open where we can optimize form. We can change its design, colour, text etc. just play around it and customize it according to you.

Now on left side panel there will be an integration option just click on it & select>mailchimp>in it select your list of mailchimp.

Now Click on the switch which is just besides of save changes button you can locate it in top side. Turn on the switch & just click on save. Ok we have created a form using mailoptin. After creating a form now we need to add it to our blog sidebar widget for that follow the given below steps.

Go to your wordpress dashboard on left section click on appereance>widget.

go to widgets

in widgets just search for mailoptin>after that just drag the mailoptin widget in sidebar enter the title & select the optin as shown below in figure & after that just click on done or save.  

select list

Now you can visit your site and you will see that the subscription form is added. With mailoptin you can also create different types of forms as per your requirement.  You can create in-post form which means this subscription form will appear within your article. You can create popup form for that you need to select lightbox tab. by using optinmaillite you can create 2 forms for free but if you want to create more forms & need more services provided by mailoptin then you need to upgrade your plan.

what’s your next step-  now you have seen How to add email subscription to wordpress blog ; free subscription form for your blog. As subscription form allows the person to subscribe your blog & it is very helpful to build an Email list.

Does this blog post helped you to know about what is subscription form and how you can create it.

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