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15 Blogging Mistakes That You Must Avoid In 2022

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Hey! Do you blog or are thinking to start a blog? Do you know why bloggers fail?? What are the common blogging mistakes to avoid as a beginner, want to know?? Then this is the right place you have landed on because in this blog post I am going to talk about 15 blogging mistakes that you must avoid to become successful in blogging.

Even if you are an intermediate this blog is going to help you a lot.

When I started blogging; I have done lots of mistakes and even my first blog fail as the most important thing which you should remember is having proper planning & consistency.

If you are very new to blogging then you must also read my detailed guide on what is blogging?? what are its advantages and disadvantages

While blogging you should mainly focus on your audience about what they like to read and how you can solve their problem through your content.

So are you ready! Come let’s discuss 15 blogging mistakes that you should not do;

To become successful in blogging you need to consider all factors and you must treat your blog as a business. As you know that No business will grow overnight, you need to keep patience and have to work consistently.

15 blogging mistakes

common blogging mistake

#1 lack of knowledge

Before starting blogging you must know basic things about it. Don’t jump directly in the ocean without knowing swimming. First, decide the right platform, and before starting blogging decide the proper niche (topic), don’t select multiple topics which will not only confuse you but also will confuse your audience.

Learn some basic things about blogging & then start a blog. Select a niche that has demand. What most beginners do is that they start blogging without knowing it and seeing other people.

It is not bad to start a blog but you should gain some knowledge about it and have to do proper planning. You should select such topic in which you have experience & on which you can write for a long time.

Helpful guide: 60+ blog niche list for beginners

lack of consistency.

#2 Lack of consistency

Consistency is the key. To become successful not only in blogging but in any field even in your job, any business you need to be consistent. You need to work daily to achieve your goal.

Blogging is a business you need to write daily new blog posts and have to improve your writing skills. Due to lack of consistency bloggers fails and they leave blogging.

As a blogger, you should also need to upgrade yourself day by day. Consistency matters a lot in blogging; so always try to be consistent. Even I have done this blogging mistake and my first blog fail.

#3 Not setting goals

It is necessary to set a goal; I remember when I was in college I use to set goals that I will complete 1 chapter or lesson in 1 day and this way I achieve the goal. The same thing is in blogging also you need to set goals. Don’t make imaginary goals; make goals based on reality.

Ex: some people make an unrealistic goal and at the end of the day they achieve nothing. Make a goal that you think you can complete. Don’t make a big goal first start with small goals as I have listened a lot of times people saying that an ocean is filled with small drops. So first start with small goals.

Setting a goal is very important before starting any work. Here many people make these blogging mistakes they don’t set goals & try to achieve all things in one day but they get fail.

Daily goal setting can make you successful in blogging in less time. Try to make a goal to write at least 3-4 blog posts in 1 week. In starting it may look difficult but the habit of writing will improve your writing skills & you will be able to write blog posts in less time.

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#4  Focus on earning not on learning

Many people start a blog to earn money it is not bad, it is a good thing to think about earning from your blog but at the same time, you should first focus on learning.

Try to learn daily something new about blogging & also share it with other people, As by sharing you will develop skills and your communication skills will also improve time by time.

#5 Not selecting proper hosting & domain

It is necessary to buy a good and short domain(web address) name which is easy to remember.

For example, my domain name is, here I have used proper keywords in a domain name as my main focus is on blogging & it is also easy to remember. In the same way, you have to select the proper domain name as it will also help you in SEO (Search engine optimization).

Selecting proper hosting(space) is also very important as there are lots of hosting providers which provide hosting at less price but their service is not good.

You need to select proper hosting so that you can solve any problem related to your blog easily with the help of the service which is provided by the hosting. Before buying hosting from any provider you must look at their service 24/7, uptime, phone call support, chat support, etc.

blogging mistakes

#6 Not doing proper keywords research

keyword research is the most important part of blogging. Before writing any blog post you must do keywords research as you need to find keywords that people search more for.

For Example: if you want any information or have any queries or problems then what do you do?? You search it on Google and for the search, you enter keywords suppose here I want to know how to write a first blog post then I go to Google and search for “how to write a blog post” and different results are shown by Google.

Different people search for different solutions and they enter queries in form of questions, phrases, reviews, etc. so you should always do keywords research before writing any blog post. How you will find it??

There are several tools available for keyword research some are free & also some are paid.

some of the easy-to-use free keywords research tools are Ubbersuggest,, answerthepublic,, Google keyword planner, etc. I have also done this mistake and in starting I write a blog post without doing keywords research.

Keyword research tool shows you the volume of a keyword, competition of keywords, CPC(cost per click) of a keyword.

If you are a beginner then you should first go with long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords ex: how to create a blog for free. The example I used here is of long-tail keywords which are very important for beginners. So before writing any blog post, you should do proper keywords research especially if you are a beginner as to rank your blog on a search engine it is very necessary to include keywords in blog posts.

helpful guide: 6+ best free keywords research tools

#7 Doing hard work not smart work

To become successful in blogging you must do smart work not hard work. You need to do work in the right direction.

I have seen a lot of people even myself in begging, who do hard work they do a lot of work but they don’t get success what’s the reason?? The reason is that they don’t do work in the right direction

For Example: Here I will take my example when I was in college, In 1 semester there were 6-7 subjects when it was exam time I studied a lot and for a long time and try to cover all chapters & lessons after getting exam result of my 1semester, I was very shocked! I have 3KTS means I Failed in 3 subjects.

Then in the next semester, I changed my way of studying; I studied the most asked questions in exams by referring to previous questions papers & also instead of completing all lessons I have completed fewer lessons that were most important.

I also try to complete lessons in very little time instead of sitting and studying the whole day.  And after that, I have seen some improvement.

Are you getting it, So I am not saying that you should not do hard work you should do hard work because there is no shortcut but You should do hard work in the right direction

For Example, You want to reach a destination & the road to the destination is straight and you don’t know your destination and you went to the right instead of going straight then what will happen?? You will not able to reach your destination. In the same way, you have to do work in the right direction and have to do smart work.

#8 Not understanding market demand

Before starting a blog you should first understand the market demand if you are selecting a topic that does not have any market demand means people are not searching more about that topic and don’t are interested in learning some topics then you should not select such a niche(topic).

You should select a topic which people are most interested in knowing & learning and which provides solutions to the problems. You should consider 3 things that is your talent, your passion & market demand.

#9 Grammar mistakes

when I started writing a blog, I have also done lots of grammatical mistakes which is not good. You should not do more grammar mistakes while writing online blog posts.

To ensure that your blog post doesn’t have grammatical mistakes you can use amazing tools which correct your grammar mistakes. The tools which you can use for correcting your grammatical mistakes are cliché finder,

#10 Not creating value adding content

It is necessary to create content that adds value to people’s life; also content must be such that which solves people’s problems.

Quantity of content does not matter that much but quality matters a lot. You should make content based on your experience & knowledge

Try to make content more than 500 words. In my first blog, I did this mistake by not creating value-added content. So always try to create content that adds value to the people and which is problem-solving content. Content must be such that it inspires the people to take action.

#11 Not understanding your audience:

This is the most important thing to grow your blog. You should know your targeted audience. Before writing a blog post you should understand and know about your audience.

As not all will read your blog post; As they may not be interested in reading your blog post. So you should focus only on your targeted audience and should create high-quality content blog posts. try to make unique content that is loved by search engines like Google.

#12 Not using images, info graphics, videos in blog

You should always add images, infographics, videos in your blog post; it creates the visual effects and you may rank high in search engines. Images speak more than text.

By using infographics, images, videos in your blog your audience will get more engaged with your blog and you will get a boost in search engines also.

There are lots of free websites from where you can download free non-copyright images and videos. You should take care of not using copyright images in your blog as it may get you in trouble. You can also embed your own YouTube channel video in your blog post.

#13 Not creating proper headlines & titles

This is very necessary from an SEO point of view. You should create killing headlines that encourage people to read your blog post. You should include keywords in both title and headline of your blog post.

There are lots of tools that help to know the score of your headlines. The tools like case title, portrait helps for creating amazing headlines for your blog. So always remember to add good & amazing titles & headlines for your blog post.

#14 Not doing proper SEO(search engine optimization) of your blog

To get traffic to your blog you need to do proper Seo of your blog; you must add proper title, meta description, meta tags, proper keywords, short paragraphs, quality content, give alt name to images, use videos, optimize your content.

Use a responsive theme, add proper navigation, DA(domain authority), PA(page authority), important pages like about us, privacy policy, disclaimer, creating a high-quality blog post, writing guest posts, etc.

These are all factors you should consider while doing SEO for your blog. Google considers more than 200+ factors to rank a website on search engine. So you should always try to do proper SEO of your blog.

not doing proper marketing.

#15 Not doing proper marketing:

Marketing is most important as to grow the blog, you need to make proper planning & have to consider various factors.

You can share your blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, whats-app, etc. you can also run an online campaign but it requires some investment.

You need to regularly post new blog posts and need to share them on social media platforms by doing this you will get a boost and more people will be able to read your blog post.

The best free way to get traffic to your blog is by using quora. It’s really an amazing platform where people ask questions & also write answers in this platform. I have been using quora for a long time and it gives me an amazing results.

You just need to write a detailed answer and you can then add your blog post link there. You can get high-quality traffic from quora by writing engaging content.

The most important thing is to learn from mistakes and not repeat the mistakes again and again.


Before starting a blog you must consider some factors like the right niche(topic) selection, proper domain & hosting selection, proper keywords research, proper marketing, etc. the most important thing in blogging is consistency and quality content creation along with this setting a goal is also an important thing to become successful in blogging.

What’s your next step:

Read the entire blog post and point out which mistake you are currently doing; this is for both beginners and those who have already started blogging.

So I hope that this blog post has helped you & if you think it can also help others then don’t forget to share it.

See you again in another blog post.

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