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10+Easy Ways To Earn Money Online In India

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How to earn money online in India?? is the most search query on internet and that’s why i am here to share with you 10+ easy way that Is going to definitely help you.

Are you looking for different ways to earn money online from home?? so that you can earn a good income online, then! you have landed on the right page. In this blog post, I am going to discuss 10+ ways to earn money online from home & along with this, I am also going to show you how to earn money online as a student.

All of you know that this is a digital era & there are lots of opportunities in this online world. most of the things have become online & there is a huge demand in the digital marketing field.

There are some genuine ways to earn money online from home & that I am going to show you in this blog post. you can also start this business part-time or can also do it full time.

It has become easy to make money online as there are lots of resources through which you can earn money online. Earning money online requires some skills which you already have, just you want to identify your hidden skills & have to make your skill perfect by practicing it.

 For Example: Here I will take my example. In beginning after completing graduation I came to know about blogging and when I started it, I was not so perfect at writing articles but with time I learn a lot of things and after that, I started writing regularly and my skill improved. In the same way, you have to identify your skill which you are good in. whether it may be selling products online, blogging, video making, freelancing, etc.

But what if you don’t have any skills?? That also I am going to discuss at the end of this article so keep reading.

So without wasting your valuable time let’s discuss the various ways through which you can earn money online. this method will also be helpful for students to make money online.

How To Earn Money Online In India

  1.  Products Reselling(only for Indian)(no investment require)
  2. Middle man(no investment needed)
  3. Freelancing(no investment require)
  4. Blogging(no & very less investment require)
  5. YouTube (initially on investment require)
  6. Drop-shipping(requires investment)
  7. Earn through mobile apps(no investment require)
  8. Domain buying & selling(very less investment require)
  9. Online teaching
  10. Online selling
  11. Website making
  12. Digital marketing institute
  13. Digital marketing agency
  14. Job consultant

how to earn money online in india
earn money by reselling products.

#1 Reselling(only in India)

  • This type of business requires zero investment. You can start making money online from first day; what is reselling?? Reselling means you sell company products to other people through whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc. after that you add your margin to the total of product and this margin you added is your earning.

  • This is the easiest way to make money online as you just need to sell products to other people and the shipping of product is done by company itself. You can start it by downloading reselling meesho app

you can download the app. it is the most trusted app & it is genuine.

Note: the above-given link is my referral link & if you will use it then you will get a good discount on your first order.

  • The good thing about meesho is that you don’t need to put or store the products anywhere just you need to only order the product on the app & it will be directly delivered to your customer. i can tell you more about meesho because i am personally using this app & i have earned a good source of income through this app. i have developed a good skill on how to sell products online. if you want to know more about meesho then you can ask me through the contact form which i have provided in this blog.

You need to only focus on selling products to other people. You can do this by learning some online selling skills. there are lots of free resources available through which you can learn online selling and start making money online from the first day.

This type of business is easy to start & it does not require any investment, just you need to sell the products to other people and by adding margin you can earn money online easily.

freelancing business
earn money through freelancing

#2 Freelancing– 

it does not require any investment to start. you can earn money online by becoming a freelancer. What is a freelancer?? It requires some skills to start. You need to just complete the work and after completing work you get paid. it may be different works like translating, writing content, video editing, website designing, web developer, website creating, etc. there are different websites for freelancing work from home like fiveer.com, upwork.com, etc.

want to learn visually then click below image

If you are a good content writer then you can earn good money through freelancing. You just need to make a good profile and select the work; complete it and you get paid through these different websites.

As to become a freelancer you need to learn some skills and after that, you can start making money online with the above websites just you need to sign up & search for different work on the website & complete the work of different clients and you get paid.

Start a blog
earn money through blogging

#3 Blogging–  how to earn money online by writing articles in india

you can become a blogger, by making your own blog and writing content which you are passionate about or good at. you can select a niche(topic)- for example, my blog is about blogging tips & business ideas. Just like me you can select any topic and can start writing on your own blog. the blog may be a cooking blog, business blog, traveling blog, digital marketing blog, fashion blog, etc.

In simple words blogging means writing pieces of content for your audience through which they get the solution of the problem which they are searching for.

Easy way to understand blogging is whenever you search on google about different things like it may be review, questions, problems, queries, the search engine display the result to you and show you highly ranked blog or articles, these articles are written by the blogger on their blog. just like I am doing now. I am writing this article so that you can learn about different ways to earn money online.

Blogging requires patience, Nothing will happen overnight. You need to regularly write content and need to create high-quality content and problem-solving content for your audience.

This requires some investment to start you need to buy a domain(.com,.in,.net) & hosting(space require to store blog data) to start a blog. if you are a beginner then you can go with free blogging platform but if you are really serious and want to earn from blogging for a long time then I strongly recommend you to buy your own hosting & domain. if you want to know the whole process on how to buy a domain name & hosting then you can read my detailed guide on how to start a blog in 2021

Start an youtube channel
start your own youtube channel

#4 YouTube:

starting a YouTube channel does not require any investment. you can earn money by creating your own YouTube channel. You just need to select one topic which you are an expert in. it may be a blogging channel, cooking channel, gaming channel, etc. it totally depends on your interest and experience. As videos are more seen by people nowadays; it’s good to create your own YouTube channel.

To start making money through your YouTube channel will take time as there are some criteria to monetize your channel you need more subscribers, views & watch time.

Creating high-quality video content will really help to grow your youtube channels fastly.

start an online store

#5 Dropshipping

this type of business requires investment But the best thing about dropshipping is that it is easy to start. You just need to create an online store using shopify, magento, etc. in this type of business you do not require any inventory(space) for your products. You don’t need to worry about the shipping process. It’s just like reselling as I discuss above. You can easily import products to your store. Even you can put your own products on your store. you just need to focus on marketing & selling of products.

earn money through appfor students

#6 Earn through mobile apps

it’s an easy way to make money online and no investment is required just you need to download the app on your android mobile & start earning by filling surveys, playing games, captcha, reading articles, etc. this app is best to earn money online for students.

below are some app through which you can earn online money

    google opinion rewards

  roz dhan (Indian app)

cash karma

loco app

Swag bucks

#7 domain buying and selling

this is also a good way to earn money online. As you just need to buy a domain(website address) and need to put that domain on sale. You can earn a lot by selling domains by keeping domain prices high. The price of the domain starts from 199rs for a top-level domain like .com, .in, etc. the price of the domain keeps changing.

you can buy a domain name from a trusted website like Namecheap at a cheap price & can further you can sell this bought domain at a high price.

By buying a domain at a lower price and selling it at a high price will give you a high profit.

Where to sell a domain: below are some websites on which you can put your domain name for sale.





#8 Online teaching

You can earn money by teaching online. You can also open your YouTube channel & put videos related to your field. As there is more scope in teaching online and more students like to learn online nowadays. So it will be a better way to teach online & earn money through it.

What type of content you can create online.

  • You can create content in the form of PDF & can sell that PDF to students and can earn through it.
  • You can create content in the form of videos lesson & further can sell it and earn money through it.
  • You can create e-book and sell it on platform like amazon kindle.
  • You can sell your course on udemy, ruzuka.

#9 Online selling

if you have your own products then you can sell it online on various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart. To sell your products online on amazon & Flipkart you will need a GST number.

        If you don’t have a GST number then you can start selling products on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, on your own blog, etc.

Online selling is not easy stuff you need to make a proper strategy and have to plan properly. You need to target the right customer & also need to understand your audience.

#10 Website-making business

if you know how to make a website then you can easily start a website-making business. You can make a website for your clients and can earn a good income. nowadays it has become easy to make a website just you need to buy hosting & domain and need to know how to customize a website.

Many people make websites for their clients and earn a good income through it. As today every small business also requires a website so it is a great opportunity to start a website-making business. But what if you don’t know how to make a website?? That I will be discussing at the end of the blog post.

#11 Digital marketing institute

to start this business and make money from it requires investment. You need some space, computers, digital marketing trainer. You can earn a high profit by starting your own digital marketing institute as there is more market demand most people want to learn digital marketing skills, as all the things are becoming digital it’s the best business to start if you have investment . If you don’t have investment but have digital marketing knowledge and skills then you can start your own blog and can earn a good income through it. I know a lot of people who have superb skills in digital marketing & they are earning a lot from it.

#12 Digital marketing agency

you can open your own digital marketing agency and can earn high profit through it. But it also requires investment to start; you need to have superb skills to start a digital marketing agency. You will need a team to become successful in such a type of business. You will require investment for the marketing of your services on different platforms.

#13 Job consultancy

you can open your own job consultancy and can earn a high profit from it. To start such type of consultancy you will require space, investment, laptop, own website.

If you don’t have investment then in starting you can also start from your home. some licenses are required to start such type of business.

Even to start this type of business you will require a strong network & connection with some companies & students.

#14 Middle man

I think this is the simplest & easy way to earn money online. what is the middle man?? The middle man is just like an agent who acts as a middle to fulfill demand. Let’s understand it by an example1: suppose A(PERSON) landlord wants to give his house on rent where he will go to search it?? he will go to an agent(middle man) & the middle man will complete the task as he has some clients already who are searching for a house.

  • Middle man will earn from both the side from landlord & from their client also. By becoming middle man you can earn high profit. As I have discuss above that what if you  don’t have any skills?? How you will earn money online?? It’s the answer you can become a middle man and can earn a lot of profit through it. I know many people who are working as an middle man and even they don’t have any skills they are earning good source of income from this way.

To clearly understand this let’s take an example of how you can earn money online by using this method. Ex-2: suppose you want to start an online business, here we will take website making business & you don’t know about how to create website & have no skill then also you can start it by becoming a middle person.

What you can do; you need to find some persons who want to create a website and want to search for 2-3 web developers who will make a website for this person you don’t need any skill & tension of creating a website just you need to create the website from this web developer & you will earn from both side from web developer & from the person who wants to create a website. This way without having any skills you can make online money easily.

There are different places through which you can search for clients from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, fiver.com, upwork.com, etc. you will just need good communication & a strong network. This type of business will take some time but it will give you a high return.

which business you have tried?? or are going to start?? let me know in the comment box.

what’s your next step-

Read the entire blog post and select the best way which you think you are good in & start making money online. does this post help you to know the different ways to earn money online; which way you are going to select to earn money online?? let me know in the comment box.

If you think this blog post is helpful then you can also share it with your friends.


How can i make money on my phone without investment??

There are some apps through which you can make money online & some are shown below

  1. Meesho
  2. SquadRun
  3. Roz dhan
  4. Cash karma
  5. Swag bucks


how can i earn money on whatsapp ??

There are various ways to earn money through WhatsApp, you can sell your courses, you can resell products through WhatsApp, etc.

How can I earn online in india??

there are various ways through which you can earn money online in India & that exact thing i have shown you in this article.

Which apps give you real money??

There are lots of genuine apps available in the market through which you can earn real money.


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